Long Bob - 40+ Ideas You Can Wear Trend Hairstyle!

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Long Bob, also known as Lob, has for many years been one of the hottest and most beautiful hairstyles among many Hollywood stars, models and all fashion conscious women. The stylish hairstyle just looks elegant and stylish and looks different to your desires and moods. This, if the hair cut is so popular, is its versatility. Whether Beach Waves, Stages, Sleek Look or with a Pony - it just looks breathtaking. With so many variations, it can be very difficult to choose the perfect long bob hairstyle. Luckily we are here to help you in the election - in this article we have compiled for you the most beautiful ideas and many care tips. Let yourself be inspired!

Was Power Long Bob Out?

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They ask you, was that the Special in the Long Bob? The haircut is one of the medium haircuts, and the hair is longer and longer than most to the key leg. Hardly a hair cut is as versatile as the long bob - it stands up to any woman well, regardless of face shape and hair structure. It's the perfect transitional hairstyle and styled in just a few minutes. Do you have to attend a wedding or an official evening event? Then we have good news for you - Long Bob is long enough for many beautiful and elegant wedding hairstyles.

Who is the best Bob Long?

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The biggest advantage of the Long Bob hair cut is that it absolutely stands up to every woman! However, since there are infinitely many variants of stylish hairstyle, we give you a few more styling tips.

  • The women with one oval face can really appreciate it, because they can wear almost all hair cuts. A longer stiff Bob emphasizes even more the harmony of the head shape and converts your face into a reticent art. They can choose for a beautiful, long pony as well as for a trendy middle class.
  • If you have one round face shape then you will also have the perfect Long Bob for you. The French parts and the overlays provide more volume, stretch the face and look optically slimmer. For a still traveling look, you can combine a deep side skirt or a silky pony.
  • The women with one grim face need a soft contrast as compensation. A longer bob with a light, casual would fit perfectly in your eyes - it gives your face a very gentle frame.

Where should you go for hair care?

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You were prepared to cut a long bob and make sure you know how best to care for your hair? Also, if the hairstyle becomes quite uncomplicated, you should be aware of the care of hair tips. Due to the mounting on the shoulders, they are unfortunately subjected to permanent friction and could lead to an unpleasant split. Therefore, a hairdresser's visit would be highly recommended every 4 weeks. You should take good care of your hair with nutrients and moisture - make a hair cut at least once a week and think about the heat protection when styling!

Wonderful Long Bob with Beach Waves

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The so-called "Beach Waves" are the most popular variant to style a Long Bob. They provide a very natural and casual look that can be sucked in minutes. How did you achieve this cool effect? Wash your hair once you have washed your hair and wear a salt spray. Letting them dry either in the air or with a diffuser. Another option for beautiful and light waves is the use of a locking rod or a smoothie.

Smiles Long Bob

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Do you want an elegant styling variant? Then the smooth, long bob in sleek look is just the right thing for you! To do this, apply heat protection spray to your hair and blow it with a paddle or round brush. If you wish, you can then cut them into individual hair sections with a straightener. To give your hair even more shine, use some hair oil in the tips.

Cooler Long Bob with Pony

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For a cool and unique look, you combine the hair cut with a pony that is not quite in trend, but also walkable. Whether longer French pony, shorter Micro Pony, worn or classic straight cut - all variants look incredibly cool and look great!

Stufiger Long Bob Haircut

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In addition, this Bob variant can slow down steps very well and is among the most beautiful and flattering hairstyles at all. The cut gives your hair movement and texture and the beauty is that it is perfect for all face shapes and hair types. Whether you straighten your hair or wear it with curls, it is only your own.

Long bob too for curly hair?

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If you believe that a long bob is not for curly hair, then you are violent. But before the cut in your hair is not long, you should make sure to cut hair a few centimeters and cut it down a bit. Only then can you reach the correct length.

Wonderful Long Bob Hair Cut with a Medium Sheath

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If you want a little change, you simply try to lay the sheaf differently. After all, when you see it, your hairstyle gets a completely new look. For example, a centerpiece can look very elegant and noble. Simply place a fine comb in the center of the forehead and pull straight and carefully still.

Wasted sidebar

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A side skirt in combination with beautiful, casual waves creates a lost, powerful look and makes you look younger! You can either lay your hair on the narrow side either behind the ear or with a pair of trendy hair accessories.

Simpler asymmetrical Long Bob

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For those of you who like to experiment with your hairstyle, the asymmetrical longer Bob is the perfect choice! The haircut, with one side shorter than the other, is striking and chic, without much effect.

The "Calligraphy Cut" fits perfectly into a long bob

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"Callygraphy Cut" is a very new cutting technique that has become very popular in recent months. Then the hair was cut with a feather holder blade in a wuch direction and at a small angle. It gives your men more volume and is perfect for anyone who wants very fine hair. Because of this technique, the tips are not so much more splicing and you have to return to the barber in 6 to 8 weeks.

Who can best style your Long Bob?

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The Long Bob Hairstyle is definitely the perfect choice for all women, who do not have so much time for their hair. It reads very fast and versatile in style. If you prefer to wear your hair in the summer in particular, then you have good advice with this hair cut. Whether for a casual Half Bun or the classic, beloved ponytail - the hair length is perfect for many different hairstyles, if you want it to be pretty. Even elegant chignons or playful braid hairstyles look stunning in a long bob! With beautiful hair accessories like hair clips or straps, you can still style your hair even faster and look really good!

The Long Bob is also very popular with the Stars!

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Not sure if Bob's hair cut is for you? Then you still think about it - even the Stars are so obsessed and with the clear evidence that it really stands out for all women! Cara Delevingne is our first example - the model has recently decided to cut off her long hair and still look wonderful.

Selena Gomez

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The talented singer looks both good and long, as well as very short hair really good. But the long Bob, who has been here for a while, embraces your face in a wonderful way.

Nicole Kidman

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Actress Nicole Kidman proved this year that even a simple, smoother Bob is accessible to the Oscars.

Jessica Alba

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The long bob haircut in combination with an elegant and gentle ombre gives the look of the pretty actor the certain etwas.

Vanessa Hudgens

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Vanessa Hudgens' hairstyle is clear evidence of how stylish and elegant a long bob can be. This look is perfect for official evening events.

Leighton Master

Leighton Master Hairstyles Half Bun Hair Styling Guide Quickly

The actress from the "Gossip Girl" series Leighton Meester testifies to who looks and plays a long bob with Half Bun.

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