Lindsay Lohan: Are you friends with the Saudi Crown Prince?

Lindsay Lohan Crown Prince no friends

Are the US actress Lindsay Lohan befriended the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman? In the past week, US media reported that they know each other and that they are allegedly friends. The Crown Prince should have them gifted. Rumor has it that they both spent time together. Inside, the American magazine Page Six should have informed Mohammed bin Salman that he had even given him a credit card. Do the rumors really matter?

Lindsay Lohan under the Saudi Crown Prince: Are they really friends?

An actor's spokesman dismissed the rumors. He explained that they hardly know each other and have only met once in a Formula 1 race. It simply does not agree that you have received from Crown Prince gifts or a credit card.

At time, Lindsay Lohan spends her time in Dubai. Dort applies paparazzi photos as a breach of privacy. Finally, the actress was able to recover and have time just for herself. She said in a two-year interview that she felt very well in Dubai. Finally, they are not more public, she was paranoid in the US. In the United Arab Emirates, they feel secure, do not need to close their home at all. Now, they also do not have to turn on the TV and see the Kardashians.

Lindsay Lohan: The actress has new plans

Lindsay Lohan Rumors Saudi Arabia

Lindsay is obviously feeling good and might be starting her career again. For example, she had a movie in Saudi Arabia with only actresses playing. In the United States, the actress is best known for her roles in comedies. She is also a gifted singer and has released two albums.

Saudi Arabia used to be considered ultra-conservative, the Crown Prince had granted women many freedoms in the past few years. For example, they are required to drive cars, work and carry out travel passports and travel freely. As good as anyone heard, the Crown Prince made negative headlines in the past few years. Mohammed bin Salman is accused of having the journalists assigned to the task of assassinating a journalist last year.

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