Lily Collins is happily in love: Who is your new friend?

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The actress Lily Collins is happily in love! She has hinted on her Instagram posts many times that she is not very single. Those fans were wondering where your new friend is. None other than director Charlie McDowell, who plays a new TV show with Kirsten Dunst. Rumors have ensured that both will know each other for several months. Now they spend a romantic weekend together in Paris. Lily, who also had a new TV role, was working on turning. She received a visit from her new friend, who documented it with an adorable photo on Instagram.

Lily Collins is with director Charlie McDowell


35-year-old Charlie McDowell is the son of English actor Malcolm McDowell and Oscar-winning actress Mary Steenburgen. The red-haired director has been with Rooney Mara for five years (she is now joined by Joaquin Phoenix and they both should be engaged recently) and then sought out with actress Emilia Clarke. Prepare for three months in the United States rumors that between Charlie and Emilia finally said. In July, Lily and Charlie were spotted together in a Los Angeles restaurant and also in Paris. They both obviously enjoyed the crowd, Charlie then had to fly back to the United States. Lily then reported to Wort on Instagram, stating that he hardly said he was going away and was not ready to miss.

Lily Collins on lathes in Paris

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The beautiful actress has remained in France for the work of "Emily in Paris". The action of the new TV series revolves around the life of a young American who goes to Paris to take on a management job. Lily pointed out in the set in several outfits, which also revealed that Fashion will play a major role in the show. Stylishly, the actress in the morning berets, Karo shorts and jacket and then looks around in a yellow spaghetti wicker dress in the afternoon.

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