Laser hair removal: interesting facts, risks and side effects

Laser hair removal is currently the most popular method that most people prefer. Women and men use this opportunity to enjoy smooth and flawless skin not only in summer but all year round. However, what should you know about such permanent hair removal and are there any health risks?

Interesting facts about laser hair removal

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Since its appearance a decade ago, the laser has revolutionized the world of hair removal. This technology is much faster than its predecessor in electrolysis. Beauticians particularly appreciate this for their ability to treat large areas of the body with satisfactory results. Your goal is to have the hair follicles destroyed by a beam of light that the hair absorbs. This method prevents new hair growth.

For your information, laser hair removal is especially effective on white skin with black hair. With matt or black skin types there is a risk of depigmentation. However, with the advancement of new technologies, there are ultra-modern lasers that are equipped with a cooled tip. These do not touch the skin and should therefore be more suitable for darker skin.

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In addition, however, we have to make it clear that a single session cannot eliminate all hair. You cannot get rid of your body's hair synchronously with one procedure. During the first treatment, only the hair in the final phase is removed. For the others, you have to wait about two months before starting a new session. The number of these procedures depends on the area treated. However, at least six of them are required for a satisfactory effect.

Although the results of this procedure are undoubtedly impressive, the laser cannot guarantee complete and permanent hair removal. In the best case, 80% of the hair does not grow back after the treatment has been completed. You must also take into account the menopause and hormonal changes that can also affect hair growth.

Possible risks and side effects

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In general, laser hair removal does not pose any serious risks to human health. However, a side effect can lead to complaints in the people treated. These are burns that can cause permanent depigmentation. This is mainly due to the sun, which is an enemy of the laser.

Specialists therefore advise against intervening in the summer or on tanned skin. Once the procedures are complete, you will have to wait at least a month before exposing yourself to the sun. Rash and mild inflammation are also normal side effects that go away within a few days of treatment. However, also note that skin treatment should be done by a doctor or professional in this area.

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