Katy Perry: Your hit "Dark Horse" was copied, sentenced singer to high injury rate

Katy Perry christian song rapper flame

Spend six years here, as the song "Dark Horse" conquered the charts in the United States. This song earned Katy Perry a Grammy nomination and was one of the most beloved of her album "Prism". However, a rapper recently complained that Teile is copying his Christian songs "Joyful Noise". Five years later the court declared the singer, the producers and the songwriter guilty. The Perry team will be sentenced to a high penalty: $ 2.5 million to pay them now.

Katy Perry had copied songs from a Christian song for their song

The process was very complicated. Both the singer, as well as the producers and the songwriters said before the court. The team claimed that they had never heard the Christian song of the rappers Flame. However, the plaintiff's lawyers were able to prove unequivocally that this song was very popular. On Youtube alone, there are more than millions of clicks. Katy Perry herself had sung in her Gospel Choir for the start of her career. The jury has therefore assumed that they identify with the Christian songs. It was possible that they and their producers had already heard the song and wanted to inspire it.

Katy Perry's Christian Song Inspires Dark Horse

Copyright lawsuits are not a rarity in the United States: George Harris, Michael Bolton, Pharrel and Robin Thicke were all sentenced to one fine. Ed Sheeran also arranged a similar copyright dispute. It is problematic, first of all, to establish similarities between the two songs. After all, in the United States, a jury decides, and it knows with certainty only with notes and songs. Therefore, experts in the court say.

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