Jonah Hill will play the villain in the new Batman movie

Jonah Hill play new Batman movie villain

Two months ago Warner Bros. announced that British actor Robert Pattinson will be taking over the star-studded role of Batman by Ben Affleck. Even then, the fans of the comic films were waiting for news. Then director Matt Reeves can choose between a colorful gallery and villains. Now, US magazines say that actor Jonah Hill said in conversation, to play an iconic villain. Rumor has it he'll play either Riddle or Penguin. But there is a problem.

Jonah Hill: Will he play the villain in the new Batman movie?


The US media reports that Jonah is ready to receive the screenplay for the new Batman movie one month ago. Originally, the Riddler Role (the Riddle Knacker) was offered. In the comics, the crazy criminal is one of Bruce Wayne's arch-enemies. He leaves behind a mystery, which contains important clues to Batman. Damit wants to prove to Gegner that he is intellectually inferior. It still gives one more role that Jonah Hill could slip into. The perhaps most iconic opponent of the Dark Knight - the Penguin is one of the most interesting comic characters of all time. Apparently the offer for both roles should stand on the table and Hill should now decide. One problem arises anyway, which is the time when negotiations are stalling. Hill is demanding a $ 10 million reward. By comparison, Pattinson is expected to get $ 5 million.

Jonah Hill: The actor is working on new Instagram series

Jonah Hill Batman villain new role Gage

Also, if negotiations fail, Jonah Hill's career will hardly lead. Currently, the actor is working on a new Instagram series. In the framework of several short films, he wants to expose himself in the schools on the topic of "bullying". In private, the actor is also very happy. A couple of months ago, his friend Freundin Gianna Santos made a marriage proposal, both of which will give them Ja-Wort next summer. The screenplay in the new Batman movie is set to begin next year.

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