Jennifer Aniston hairstyles – the most beautiful looks of the Hollywood star at a glance!

Talented actress, producer and successful business woman – Jennifer Aniston serves as inspiration for many women around the world. Since the debut of the cult series “Friends” in 1994, the Hollywood star has often been envied for her shiny, beautiful and always perfectly styled hair. From the world famous “Rachel Cut”, which is one of the most copied hairstyles of the 90s, to gentle beach waves and the classic ponytail – the Jennifer Aniston hairstyles are always a dream! The next hairdressing appointment is just around the corner and you are looking for ideas for elegant and trendy hairstyles? In this article we have put together some of the most beautiful and fascinating looks of the actress for you.

Blonde hair with dark streaks of hair colors trends 2020

Although the actress' style has evolved over the years, Jennifer Aniston knows exactly what works best for you. The Hollywood Star is known for her natural look and rarely makes major changes when it comes to her haircut and hair color. That the term “Jennifer Aniston hair” is googled every 0.62 seconds worldwide is clear evidence that the actress is a true style icon.

Jennifer Aniston hairstyles in the 80s

Jennifer Aniston natural hair color long hair with bangs

And of course we have to start with the actress' natural hair first. As you can see, Jennifer Aniston is naturally blessed with a shiny, thick and healthy mane.

The “Rachel” haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles worldwide

The Rachel Hairstyle Jennifer Anison Long Bob Haircut with Steps

Thanks to the “Friends” series, the so-called “Rachel” cut became a real cult hairstyle in 1995. Shoulder-length hair, blurry layers and golden highlights – even today there are only a few hairstyles that are so iconic. The look was developed by her longtime hairdresser and friend Chris McMillan. Even though the style icon herself admits in many interviews that “The Rachel” is the ugliest cut she would have ever seen, she has made the hairstyle the global trendsetter overnight.

In early 2000, the actress had extremely long hair

Jennifer Aniston hairstyles long hair style layered haircut

In March 2000, Jennifer Aniston let her hair grow super long, but here too she stayed true to her style. The sleek and slightly tiered hairstyle gives the fashion icon a boho touch. The gentle mixture of blonde and dark strands optically provide more volume and a beautiful structure.

Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles – the classic long bob

Long bob haircut style hair colors trends 2020 chestnut hair

From blonde and super long to dark brown and extremely short – at the end of 2000, the Hollywood Star opted for the classic long bob haircut with a center parting. And with this hairstyle she was once again a trendsetter and ahead of her time.

Delicate beach waves suit the actress just as well and flatteringly.

long hair with bangs style light brown hair color with highlights

Since the hair structure of the Hollywood star is naturally wavy, she can style her hair in absolutely every imaginable look. Due to the tiered cut, the delicate beach waves simply look fairytale. The side, half-length bangs play around her face and complete the whole look.

brown hair with blonde strands hairstyles for medium length hair

In late 2004, Jennifer Aniston thrilled everyone with a side parting and the nifty blonde strands. The actress likes to have the hair on the back of her head slightly topped up, which spices up the hairstyle and provides more volume.

Jennifer Aniston Looks up at the side

Jennifer Aniston is known for wearing her hair as classically as possible and this deep-seated chignon is clear proof of this. The light brown hair color sets her facial features wonderfully in the scene and the side bangs provide a slightly playful touch.

Jennifer Aniston hairstyles ponytail style for long hair

Whether smooth, curly or tied in a strict braid – the Jennifer Aniston hairstyles always look perfect and this high ponytail is just further proof of this. In 2005, the actress dyed her hair in honey blonde, and although she added a few strands every now and then, her hair color hasn't changed too much since then.

Hairstyles for medium length hair simple caramel blonde hair color

So simple and yet so effective – here the actress's hair is stuck to the side without losing its elegance. The slightly darker approach forms a great contrast to the honey blonde hair color and this makes her blue eyes look even better. The gentle waves bring extra zest to the look.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles Long Bob Haircut with Bangs

The same cut as a few years ago, only a little bit refreshed and modernized. The hair is cut a little shorter at the back and Jennifer Aniston looks through the highlights like she was kissed by the sun.

Jennifer Aniston hairstyles – more trendy ideas and inspirations to imitate

long hair with side bangs honey blonde hair color trend

The slightly layered hair in the elegant sleek look has become a trademark of the Hollywood Star

Jennifer Aniston hairstyles medium length hair simply style hair trends 2020

With her honey blonde hair, the actress remains a source of inspiration for all blondes worldwide.

Jennifer Aniston hairstyles style long hair quickly and easily

In 2019, the actress brightened her hair a little, which makes her look a few years younger.

The glamorous style of the fashion icon consists of layered beach waves and the typical center parting, which provides extra swing and volume.

Jennifer Aniston hairstyles 2019 dark blonde hair trend

The darker approach to this Jennifer Aniston hairstyle goes wonderfully with the dark blonde tips.

Honey blonde hair color brown hair with blonde strands

This is probably one of the most beautiful Jennifer Aniston hairstyles ever. The hair is perfectly styled and the color just couldn't be better.

Hairstyles by Jennifer Aniston trend colors 2020 light blonde

The lighter blonde strands and the side braid make for a cute, playful and girlish look.

Braided hairstyles medium length hair braided wreath hairstyle honey blonde hair color

The hair color always fits perfectly to the actress' complexion and sets her delicate facial features super in the scene.

Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles style long hair casually

While many actresses rely on complicated updos, Jennifer Aniston shows that a simple side braid can look just as beautiful and elegant.

Braided hairstyles for long hair Honey blonde hair color trends 2020

As always, incredibly refined and elegant – the lightened strands in this look are a great contrast to the rest of the top coat.

Bronde hair color with strands of hairstyles by Jennifer Aniston

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