It's time to watch! The Summer Gewinnspiel 2019 by "Deavita" captures!

There is urlubszeit and finally catches the clear summer win, and you are ready to prepare! Those lovely prizes have also been prepared, monks could be their winner? Being able to play winning game is actually very easy. Everything was ready for you to subscribe to our Youtube channel and for the comments on the winning video "Top 5 Things for the Beach + New Advance" switchboards were ever included! The winning game is 21.07 and ends in 31.07 by 10 hours. For the complete coverage, click here. Don't even shoot the video!

  • Nun is really close by, so as to replace his cool Strandtasche argue, wo man can pack everything else! Either way, if fake or not - it's just a mouse!
  • Im urlaub you like to spend more time in the beach. If not burnt before, it would be necessary for you Sonnenschutzcreme. In the best case, the sun protection factor should fit in between the type of heat and the duration of the sunbathing.
  • Either way, on a lie or right on the sand - alone Strandtücher needed in both cases. We also recommend a model of natural materials, such as barefoot or leather.
  • There beach hut also protects the sunlight and has become the most popular fashion accessories for the summer over the last few years.
  • The Sunglasses belongs to things that you should always take to the beach. You can most likely get one UV protection available - which cheaper models can use every time.

Sachen for the beach

These were the things, the more fun they ever had with the beach. We also have 3 more advanced locations, which can easily be said.

  • These insecticides can trigger allergic reactions to people. Daher once on every field antiallergic Mittel have fun.
  • Ein Luftkissen is easy to transport and provides for more comfort in the beach.
  • Thanks to the Hitze we learn Handy Battery Accelerator as probe. Once you have said this, any one of them is available Power Bank no bad idea.

A natural challenge is to forget that the beach is a place where you should have a lot of fun. From this ground up yet again, customs for video - even if many cool activities were made, the Langeweile could be designed as such.

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