Insect spray against coronavirus: Citriodiol kills the virus strain

Researchers from the British Ministry of Defense have tested an insect spray against coronavirus in the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL). The chemical used in insect repellants called citriodiol can also kill the strain of virus that causes COVID-19. This emerges from a preliminary study by the UK Defense Laboratory published on Wednesday.

How does an insect spray work against coronavirus?

young woman in library uses disinfection or insect spray against coronavirus

The scientists at the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory found that citriodiol, the active ingredient in repellants like Mosi Guard, has antiviral properties. However, this only happens when it is mixed with the virus in the liquid phase and on a test surface. Mixing a suspension of the virus strain with the spray or selected ingredients thus led to a reduction in SARS-CoV-2. This is what the study says.

The researchers add that Mosi Guard at a high concentration gave a significant decrease, resulting in no recoverable virus. Citriodiol is made from oil in the leaves and branches of the eucalyptus citriodora tree. This grows in Asia, South America and Africa and can already kill other types of coronavirus. However, the team has not yet subjected the work to an external review. The Department of Defense said the experiment would serve as a basis for other scientific institutions studying the virus and possible solutions. The DSTL scientists also hope that the results of this research can serve as a stepping stone for other organizations. Thus, the research can expand and evolve to confirm the findings of this publication.

man with protective clothing during disinfection during covid 19 pandemic

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in May the country’s armed forces were getting the insect repellent to provide potential protection against possible infections from COVID-19. He also announced that the staff had been given an insect spray against coronavirus based on citriodiol. This happened after the surgeon general advised it would do no harm. In addition, after the study, the insect repellent should be used as an additional protective layer against exposure to the virus.

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