Industrial charm in matt black, gray and wood – penthouse with roof terrace in Barcelona

Neutral colors, including matt black, gray and light wood color, but which have been put together in a variety of ways and harmonize spectacularly with each other are the hallmarks of this impressive penthouse in Barcelona. The designers from Egue y Seta undoubtedly used the relatively small living space of 97 m2 to combine modern living comfort with the charm of an industrial style loft apartment.

Matt black, gray and wood for the charm of a loft apartment

Open living spaces, which are extended to the outside on the two spacious roof terraces, large window fronts and skilfully used small details, which are real eye-catchers here and there, make up the modern apartment and not only invite you to relax, but also to have fun evenings Friends outdoors. There is no lack of the necessary luxury and comfort both inside and outside. Find out more below and take a closer look at the apartment with details in matt black using the picture gallery.

Matt black and gray in the kitchen

Matt black in the kitchen for kitchen island and tall cabinet

The first thing we notice is the minimalist, open kitchen, which impresses with its matt finish in elegant black. Combined with the white wall and the light laminate floor, the matt black is particularly effective in the kitchen. In addition, there is the indirect lighting that adorns the kitchen island and not only gives the design of the kitchen another modern accent, but also gives it a certain warmth and creates the impression that the island is floating. However, the kitchen is not completely black. One also discovers light gray cupboards, so that here is the first representative of another main color of the penthouse.

Matt black adorns the ceiling of the kitchen

Kitchen with the charm of industrial style

Chic matt black in the open kitchen of a penthouse in Barcelona

Open living room with dining area

Open living spaces - living room, kitchen and dining area with a cozy atmosphere

Matt black is not missing in the living room with seating and dining area. There you can find the elegant color in the form of a sideboard and a built-in wall unit in matt black. Behind the light gray sofa, a black matt sideboard creates additional storage space. All these elements perfectly complement the matt black kitchen and form a smooth transition to the other areas.

Sideboard in matt black behind the light gray sofa in the living room

To create a too dark atmosphere and a certain balance, a lot of light wood was used, which can be found in the floor and an accent wall. The dining table is also made of solid wood and is illuminated by a pendant lamp in black matt.

The combination of wood and metal creates the look of a loft

You cannot miss the brick wall, which separates the inside and outside areas and gives the room additional charm. Decorations are used extensively for living comfort without making the room appear overloaded. Instead, a tasteful interplay of colors and accessories is created.

Concrete look for an accent wall with television and matt black sideboard

Slanted wooden accent wall with built-in black sideboard

Accent wall made of wood and large window fronts for a bright and cozy living space

Dining area with built-in closet in a wall niche

Black built-in closet in a wall niche in the dining area with a chic dining table

Modern and cozy at the same time

Tasteful decorations make the rooms even more homely and charming

Two bedrooms with a remarkable design

Bright accent wall decoration made of golden lines and wooden floor and ceiling

The penthouse has two bedrooms, both of which impress with their design. The master bedroom not only has ample elements in matt black (bed, wardrobe with a lattice look and framing the sliding door to the terrace), but also an extremely attractive accent wall in a light, gray concrete look and with delicate and elegant lines in gold and geometric patterns. The floor and ceiling in turn provide the necessary warmth and are made of wood.

Wardrobe in matt black with a grid look in the bedroom

View of the terrace

Bedroom overlooks the terrace through large windows

Attractive color and material mix

Accent wall in concrete look and black sliding windows

The second bedroom is no less inviting. Wood and textiles in warm colors create a cozy atmosphere, while large mirrors and lots of natural light make the room appear more spacious.

Cozy bedroom with wooden accent wall

Warm colors for the textiles

Sliding windows lead to the small roof terrace of the second bedroom

Open bathroom with blue hexagon tiles

Bathroom with vanity in concrete look and indirect lighting

Bathroom in matt black, gray and blue

Matt black for the Metro tiles in the bathroom

Both bedrooms have their own bathroom and there is of course no lack of elements made of black matt. In the first bathroom there are tiles in black matt, which are reminiscent of the trendy Subway tiles. A modern wash cabinet, the round mirror and the attractive wallpaper with feathers also represent the elegant color. There is also a tub for relaxing here. The bathroom leads to the bedroom.

Elegant black bathroom with bathtub

The other bathroom, on the other hand, is more colorful and impresses with its blue and patterned tiles in a hexagonal shape, which are reminiscent of the accent wall in the master bedroom. Here are only the bathroom accessories in black matt, as well as the base.

Separate toilet with matt black door and wooden sculptures in the bathroom

Attractive lighting and modern patterns

Open bathroom with blue hexagon tiles

Black matt on the roof terraces

Inviting outdoor area from the penthouse with modern design

Of course, the aforementioned colors are not lacking in the outdoor area either. But these are far from everything that impresses here. A comfortable seating area, a cozy dining area with bar (both with modern pergolas) and a small pool compete with the interior without question and invite you to cozy evenings outdoors with friends and family.

Matt black metal on the large roof terrace with bar

Modern pergolas for shade

Dining area with wooden table and pool view

You can also sit comfortably on the second and more private roof terrace, which also has a whirlpool and a vertical garden. Gray wood is the main material on both terraces and serves not only as a floor covering, but also as a privacy screen in addition to plants.

Small roof terrace with gray wood and whirlpool

Design by Egue y Seta.

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