If you want to go for a walk with children, you can make the excursion more interesting with these games

In general, children are very active and love to run, run and jump. It can look different on walks. It is not uncommon for the little ones to be too bored. But since walking is healthy and is a great activity for the whole family, including grandma and grandpa, you should try to make the walk a little more fun so that your children get more excited about going for a walk. We would like to help you with a few ideas for games that can motivate your children to go for a walk.

Go for a walk and play counting game

Go for a walk and play counting game - count objects and animals

If the kids are busy while running, the trip will be much more interesting. A counting game is perfect for this purpose. On a piece of paper, you simply make a list of things you might see walking – butterflies, flowers, birds, squirrels, stones, trees, houses, benches, puddles, etc. During the trip, the children must count the things listed and write it down.

If you like the design from the picture, you can find a printable template at the end of this article. But of course you can also put together an individual list.

scavenger hunt

Go for a walk with children and play a scavenger hunt - look for things from nature

A similar game is the scavenger hunt. However, this does not count, but the things written down must be found (or even collected) and ticked off. Small natural materials such as sticks, stones, acorns, chestnuts, leaves of certain tree species are just as suitable for this game as insects (bees, ladybugs, ants, grasshoppers etc.) or other animals. The first to discover all items wins.

Take a walk with children – listen to noises

Listen to noises as a game on walks and other excursions

Everyone who takes part in the walk runs in line in a row. Then a sound is made that can be heard in this area. In the city, for example, this could be the honking of a car, the chirping of birds in the forest or park, etc. As soon as the identified sound can be heard, the person leading the snake must return to the end of the queue. So keep playing until it is your turn.

Change the way you walk when you walk with children

Go for a walk with children and run or hop funny

Just go for a normal walk? Far too boring for the little bullies! Therefore, it is a good idea if you occasionally ask the children to change their gait while they are walking. For example, you can sometimes jump, sometimes take bigger steps, sometimes type, run, take lunges, hop on one leg and whatever else you can think of. The arms can also be used for new movements. Instead of just changing gears, the new ones can simply be added to the old ones.

Or how about imitating certain animals? How does the duck run, how does the elephant run, how does the cat sneak? It sure looks super fun and really fun!

Guess objects

Objects advise when walking - guess natural materials with questions

Hide an object in your hand and let the children guess what it is. You can take the item with you from home and take it out of your backpack or look for it in nature. So that guessing doesn't get too lengthy, the children have to ask questions such as “Is the object round / square / oval?” Etc. The game is more challenging if you limit the number of questions to 20, for example.

Practice spelling for school children

Spell Faced Objects - Learn to play with the kids

While walking with the children, you will see numerous objects. Perfect for a spontaneous spelling competition. Are you walking on a sidewalk? Let the word “walkway” spell it! Or have you seen a water tower, a raven or a squirrel? Depending on your age, you choose shorter and simpler or more difficult words.

Play with the ball while running

Go for a walk and throw the ball without falling on the floor

Take a ball with you when you go for a walk with the kids. This does not have to be large. A handball or tennis ball is also perfect. Throw the ball at you and the kids. The name of the person who is supposed to catch the ball can also be called. The game becomes even more interesting if you count how many throws you can make without the ball falling on the ground. With each lap you can then try to break the record.

Put (no) words together

Put words together for bigger children - Funny game for adults and children

Older children and adults can have fun with this game: everyone alternately names a letter that is strung together in the head like a word. Every next player has to try to add a letter to the word that is logical but does not end the word. For example, when it is your turn to “Natu”, you have no choice but to add an “r”. You lose the round and get a point. If you collect 5 points, you are eliminated from the game.

Go for a walk and search for objects in alphabetical order

Finding objects in alphabetical order promotes concentration in children

Walking can also make up. Not only when you are practicing the alphabet with your children, but also for alphabet professionals, this idea is great. While walking, try to find objects one after the other that begin with the letter, first with A, then with B and so on. You can of course omit some letters for which there are no objects, but still name them in the correct order. This game is particularly feasible in a city.

Template for counting game here.

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