How to Use the Food for Growth - Practical Tips & Ideas

Easily use food for growth and clean the environment - tips and ideas

Growers are practical and above all environmentally friendly, but you are sure they are ready. And whether you are doing the laundry yourself or prefer to buy a finished wax and work on it, the way and ways it can be utilized is probably more versatile than you might think. By letting the cloths fall off wonderfully and yet easily sticky, they are for the household and also for on the way really practical helpers. If you want to use the necessary food for growth, we can explain it to you today. And should you not yet be equipped with a decent amount of laundry, you will definitely be tuned in later.

Growth for food as a replacement for cover

Tips and Ideas on How to Use the Food Growth Growth

You are probably collecting regular disposable glasses because they are simply practical and, above all, environmentally and health friendly. But even though socks in the washing machine rarely disappear, so sometimes the lid in the air seems to fill. Instead of throwing away the glassless glasses, you can simply close them with a food-grade growth. This really sounds pathetic and does not support the normal cover at night.

Cover with leftovers with food wax cover

The similarity also applies to bowls, bowls and bottles. All of them can be covered with the growth for food, so the products stay fresh inside. Haven't you worked your evenings? Cover the bowl or counter with a cloth and place it in the refrigerator to add it on the next day. Or is your brain broken during corkscrew? And then you can take a small growth to help.

Close open bottles of food for a stay at a free stay

Also, if you spend time outdoors and are able to cover bottles or other precautions in advance, you can get quick and convenient cover with growth. Should the cloth not stick well enough, you can also wrap an additional rubber.

Freshly halved fruits

Growing food supplies virtually with these household and educational ideas

The recipe, which you can try out, requires a half lemon or lime. But were you going to make it with the other half? The food market growth comes back to you, where you can store your favorite fruits and vegetables, too. For this purpose, smaller growths are best suited. Simply place the fruit on the cloth and knead it together. This proves once again that it is advantageous to equip several growers in different sizes. The advantage of the fresh foil is that it is natural that the cloth is better for the environment and for others that it adheres better.

Wrapigami for a small box

Quickly and easily a tray with growers for storing fruit and nuts

The word "wrapigami" is a combination of "beeswax wraps" and "origami" and thus means that the growths can be folded into believable shapes and bodies, which they can then practically use. One good idea, for example, is to drop a small tray from a food waiting box into which you can store food. This is especially useful for those on the go, when you can quickly eat fruits, biscuits or other small things, but have no case or save space and weight in your luggage.


Even for the refrigerator, such a box is very practical. They can either create a proper tray as seen in the instructions or simply form just one kind of bowl to preserve the round food before rolling away. Both variants for the growth of food are made relatively quickly and are guaranteed to serve you well.

A bag of groceries for food is falling

Make or buy a stand for food and fold a bag

Just as practical as a box is also such a bag, which you can even make faster from a food store. There you can still find size nuts, as well as berries and other snacks. Especially practical is also that you read one such bag in the now closed, so it is also not moved in your handbag or backpack.


You can find another type of bag in the manual below. For this variant, you completely fold the growth for food first. Then you fold down the other side, laying on top of a 2.5 cm edge. Both sides you fall into twice and already the growth pocket is finished. The longer upper sides can be folded down to the bottom to close the bag.

Quick instructions for a lockable pocket from wax

If you like it, the bag can also be sealed with knob and cord to make the closure even more secure. Then the lunch package can be bundled, which was the ideal variant for sandwiches for the school or work. Since the cloth is also waterproof, nothing can run during the day. Then the growth pocket should then possibly be upright or hidden in a single dose of bread.

Freshly baked pastries

Bread and other pastries in the environmentally friendly growing and preserving

Mostly in bakeries, although paper is used for packaging bread and other treats, yes it was already much better than plastic packaging. They can avoid the waste completely, if you simply bring along vouchers and ask the seller, simply buy the pastries there. Even at home, you can pack the bread again after each use in the grocery store and keep it fresh for so long. And it also takes a lot less space than a crate box.

Soaps on travel

Idea for on the go and on the go - packing soap and saving space

Not only is the food-grade growth excellent, but can also be used for other purposes. For example, soap reads wonderfully with such a cloth wrapping, was even less space as a soap box and environmentally friendly as plastic bags. The main thing is that even damp soaps can be packed in these ways and thanks to the self-adhesive wax can be completely insulated and your bag can not be soiled. The similarity also applies to shampoo bottles, which are rarely included in the bag and run out.

Use play cards for playing cards

Store playing cards in a food truck growth instead of a tray

The cardboard shelves, in which the playing cards are usually sold, begin to rise rapidly and collapse. You can still hold the cards together and store them properly by simply wrapping them with a food-grade growth. Those cloths were more durable than those paper boxes, could be used again and even wanted to play children's games.

Blumenstrauß einwickeln

Beautiful gift idea with colorful growths - Develop a flower bouquet

Whether you are repairing or buying the wax, you can find it in the various designs with solid patterns and colors. Would you have come up with the idea of ​​giving a flower ostrich instead of foil in a food-grade vase? A great idea, isn't it? Simply take the chosen food for growers with the florists, if you can buy a flower ostrich for someone (or even assemble one from the garden) and ask them instead to use the cloth. The ostrich is guaranteed to look even better with the cloth. So you only make a joy with the ostrich. Also, the wax serves as a gift and can be recycled from gifts.

Use to open glasses

The sticky bee growth can help you unscrew the lid

Certainly you have always used an umbrella to open a tightly closed glass or pray your strong man for help. This makes the sticky property of the growth perfect when the lid is rubbing the last nerve. Try it out next time! They were stunned, who simply reads the glass open.

Straw straw from a food stand

Turn from growing rolls and use them as straw

Perhaps this would not necessarily be the best idea for home, as there are many reusable straws in metal, for example. But if you need one spontaneously and have no one at home or if you are on the go, you can simply roll in and use a very small food for growth. This is also very practical for a picnic. So best pack a cloth in your bag before leaving the house.

Growth for food as a funnel

Improvised funnels for kitchens from wax instead of paper

Do you have a funnel, need a straight one? Or is your time to disappear again and now you have to let go of something else? As you can already imagine, you read again how to use a food-service voucher, which you simply roll out, as you would with a sheet of paper. In this way, you can conveniently store any convenient dry foods such as nuts, meals, sugars or similar in a container without storing them. If it also flushes with liquid, you should try it carefully once again.

Empty the refrigerator

In the refrigerator counter laying out shelves and glass plates and keeping them clean

The refrigerator should be cleaned regularly, as you know. However, between the basic cleaning, the glass plates were constantly dirty and had to be washed in an intermittent manner in the meantime. Not to be outdone if you rent them out with growths. It should be noted that the inside of the refrigerator is color-changing in this way, they protect the glass plates from dirt as they adhere to the surface and are waterproof. Besides, you can easily remove the rugs and clean more easily than the large glass plates.

One quick bowl

Washers should only be washed with cold water

Whoever is able to create a tray on the way, while forming a bowl with the help of your arched hand. Simply finding yourself out there was the better technique for you. You can store such beloved things if you forget bowls and bowls for your camping trip, or use the food truck as an improvised water pickup to take care of your dog for longer walks with water. And it is completely unheard of that valuable space is being taken up in your backpack.

Using Grocery for Grocery - Tips

Use the food for growth and fall in love with these ideas

Even if you were able to use the food service voucher, there are several precautions that make it easier to operate:

  • Zum Developing food products, lay the cloth back with the back side folded out in front of you. Place the product in the middle. Still alive, you just fold the corners inside and over the product, form a ball or push all the corners up or down to a zipper, creating a kind of drop shape.
  • Zum Covering of containers such as bowls, bottles or glasses, you simply place the food for growth over the container. The cloth should be bigger than the diameter. Now, fold down the remaining strips and press them firmly into the container. Let yourself be at this time, for the warmth of your hands must once again make the cloth soft. If it's going to be faster, simply tie a rubber drum.

Achtung! The waitstaff is nicht suitable for the preservation of raw meat.

The bee growth can be used for the development of sandwiches and food for the school

  • Wasch They are the food for growth only with cold water and a mild organic dishwasher. As long as food is not contaminated with oil or grease, dishwashers are not necessary either.
  • Keep the waxes of warmth and alcohol away, as both of the wax dissolve ways of melting.
  • Growths are antibacterial and can be reused for a period of up to two years. An exchange is only then necessary, if you find that the cloth is not so much waterproof or that the wax is broken in many places. Then buy either new growths or freshen them up with new beeswax, as explained in the instructions.

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