How to decorate cakes with piping bags and spouts – overview and instructions for beginners

As elaborate and complicated cakes decorated with creams look, the beautiful patterns are often made much easier than you think. As long as you have the necessary accessories and a relatively steady hand, you can decorate your cakes yourself with a piping bag. You don't believe us yet? Then read on, because on the one hand we would like to introduce you to the various piping bag attachments, called spouts, and explain what which shape is used for and on the other hand show you a few instructions for simple, but extremely impressive design ideas for the cake.

Decorate cakes with piping bags – what grommets are there and what are they used for?

Decorate cakes with piping bags - beautiful patterns and motifs for beginners

If you want to decorate cakes with piping bags, you will of course also need suitable spouts. These differ not only in their shapes, but also in their sizes. And of course, each sleeve shape also comes with a different decoration. We will now introduce you to you and explain what spout is suitable for when you decorate cakes with piping bags.

Different piping bag attachments and what patterns they make - examples with cupcakes

Tip: Before you design your decoration on the cake, a trial run is recommended so that you get an impression of the size and shape of the spout. For example, first sprinkle a few decorations on a piece of baking paper and practice.

The grommet

Decorate the cake with a spout with a piping bag - spray dots, drops and writing

Visually, the perforated spout is the simplest, but you shouldn't be led to believe that it is the most boring. Because its simplicity makes it possible to use it for different things. As the name suggests, it is a simple round hole that can vary in size. With it you can:

  • write (thin grommet, also called writing grommet, for fine lines)
  • draw filigree lines and patterns
  • Design dots, swabs (e.g. for the center of flowers or lined up dots for pearl optics) or for fillings with a larger perforated spout


Decorate cakes with piping bag – idea and instructions with perforated nozzle

Decorate cakes with piping bags, a large perforated spout and a spatula - simple decoration idea

This cake is proof that it doesn't have to be anything complicated for cakes to look stunning. In addition to a simple, large perforated nozzle, you only need a cake spatula. Start at the bottom, spray a dot on the side of the cake and pull it to the side with the spatula. Then repeat that with the next point and so on until you get back to the beginning. Then continue with the next row, which should slightly overlap the previous row.

Also start at the top of the cake and work your way inwards by arranging the dotted points in a circle. It is best to use a slightly softer cream when decorating the cakes with piping bags. Then it is easier to swipe to the side.

Use a piping bag with a star nozzle

Decorate cakes with piping bags - Open, closed and French star spout for patterns with grooves

Another classic among piping bag attachments, which is not missing in any piping bag set, is the star nozzle, because you can also use it to create great patterns. The opening at the bottom is equipped with serrations. There are two types of star grommets: the closed and the open star grommet. The difference is that when the star spout is closed, the prongs are slightly bent inwards, while when the star spout is open, they are straight. Piping bags are created with spout patterns with grooves that are more or less large depending on the size of the spout. With this type of spout, you can decorate cakes with piping bags in the following ways:

  • shell-like shapes
  • star-shaped “blobs”
  • Rose look from a continuous, spiral line with a closed star spout
  • Small flowers with a closed spout
  • Decorate cakes with cream tufts (spout with few spikes)

Example of Dek with an open spout with straight teeth

Decorate cakes with piping bags - rose-like flowers with open and large star spouts

Piping bag and spouts – French spout

In principle, the French spout is nothing more than a star spout, only that it is particularly finely serrated. Of course, this creates patterns with a particularly large number of grooves. Both star and perforated grommets are not only suitable for firmer, but also for softer creams. So if you want to decorate a cake and splash cream cream, for example, these attachments are ideal.

Decorate cakes with piping bags - Simple, yet impressive decoration for the edge of the cake


Decorate cakes with buttercream

Decorate cakes with piping bags - cacti with star spout and sand made from crumbled biscuits

Isn't this cake simply beautiful? You can design such cacti with a fine, open star spout (e.g. French spout). You get the flowers particularly well and quickly with a closed star spout. To do this, design a simple blob that you can easily turn at the end. But you can also use piping spouts that are used for petals (see below) and form your own flowers. For the sand, just crumble a few cookies.

Cake decoration in the form of garlands with star spout - Simple cake decoration for beginners

Decorate the flower spout with a piping bag

Flower spout for petals, flowers, ribbons and bows as a cake decoration

Sooner or later you will definitely want to decorate cakes with flowers using a piping bag. Then the petal spout can be useful. There are two models: one with a straight opening and then with an oval opening that resembles a drop. In both, however, many other variants are possible, such as with teeth or slightly indented on one side, which of course also affects the shape of the petals.

Instructions on how to inject a loop with the petal spout to decorate the cake

You can do that to her if you Decorate cakes with piping bags:

  • individual petals and whole flowers
  • Roses with piping bag
  • Ribbons and bows
  • Garlands like the cake in the example with star spout


Decorate cakes with piping bag with the leaf spout

Decorate cakes with leaves with piping bags - ideas with and without a leaf nozzle

Where there are flowers, the leaves are not far either. Flowers do not always have to be provided with leaves, but these spouts are a welcome addition if you want to design cake decorations with piping bags and special flowers. They are narrow like flower spouts, but usually have additional slots to imitate the leaf vein. Different leaf shapes are possible. You can spray them directly on the cake or on a cling film and spread them on the cake as soon as they are firm.


Leaves can also be made without a leaf nozzle and with a simple perforated nozzle. Here are a few ideas for decorating cakes with piping bags:


Basket Spout

Basket spout for designing braided patterns and basket look as an idea for Easter and Easter baskets

Basket spouts, like the flower spouts, are narrow in the opening, but have a smooth and a serrated side. They are often used to decorate the sides of cakes. Braided patterns for the look of baskets can also be made with this attachment.

Spaghetti spout

Decorate cakes with piping bags - spaghetti spouts are suitable for grass, fur and hair

The spaghetti spout is also very effective and a very simple piping bag technique. This attachment is not necessarily part of the standard for decorating cakes with piping bags, but it is practical if you decorate baked goods frequently and like to try out new things. The spout itself is round, but the opening is closed. There are only a few holes through which the cream can emerge in the form of threads. The number of holes varies, as does their shape. What is this piping bag attachment useful for?

  • spaghetti
  • threads
  • hide
  • grass
  • small dots / globules

Spaghetti spout for effective birthday cakes with a fluffy look

A few ideas on what you can do with this pattern attachment when decorating pies with piping bags can be found in the following video:


Russian grommet for effective motifs and more

Russian spouts with rose and other flowers for finished motifs

The Russian tips are intended to design a specific motif in one place. Accordingly, there are also a variety of motifs, including tulips, snowflakes, roses, Christmas motifs and more. The Russian tips also include the ruffled spouts and ball spouts. Solid butter cream is best suited for these attachments.

In the video you can see a few examples of this type of spout.


Decorate cakes with piping bags – ideas and quick instructions

The difference between the spouts at a glance

We have put together a few more suggestions on how to decorate simple cakes with piping bags and spouts. Of course, we also noted again which attachment is required for the respective cake decoration. Regardless of whether you pour simple cream into the piping bag (stabilized cream) or use any cupcake cream, butter cream, meringue, white chocolate butter cream or cream mascarpone, the decoration is guaranteed to be a real success even for beginners!

Dreamlike flower decoration

Design different flowers for the cake decoration with different spouts

  • open star spouts with many points (French) for the smaller white and pink flowers
  • Flower sleeves for the petals of the larger purple flowers with pearls and the orange flowers (or closed star sleeves)
  • large, closed star spout or ball spouts (Russian spouts) for the roses

Ornate spirals

Large, closed star spout for lush rings as a cake decoration

  • Large, closed star grommets or ball grommets – start along the edge and draw a line to the beginning without interruption, then repeat inside and form several circles to the middle

Decorate cakes with piping bags for cream tufts

Form pretty cream tuffs with closed star spouts

  • Place closed star grommet and pull upwards in circular movements to the desired height
  • You can add a little bit of spice, for example, by placing effective gelatin balls in bright colors on the cake

Large flowers with stabilized cream

Splash lush flowers with the ball spout and cream to decorate cakes

  • Russian ball spout
  • Place on baking paper in one place and squeeze out the cream; turn the piping bag back and forth until the desired number of layers has been created
  • pick up with a spatula and place on the cake

Lush and delicate at the same time

Maracuja cake with elaborate decoration with star spout

  • Small, closed star spout (this cake took 5 hours to decorate)

Polka dot cake

Polka dot cake for beginners - make balls with a grommet

  • Simple grommet in any size; you can also combine several sizes

Simple cake decoration with butter cream in a loop look

Romantic cake decoration with loops in a video instruction

  • smaller, open star spout – closed is also possible, but then the grooves do not come into their own so well
  • Work from top to bottom, making sure that the vertical line after each loop is at the same level as before the loop

Video instructions here.

Decorate cakes with a piping bag with simple hearts

Small hearts for beginners with a French spout as an attachment

  • french spout
  • neutral hearts are very effective and only here and there a colored accent

Make an ombre cake with a piping bag

Pink ombre cake with pink drops as decoration

  • Basket spout and perforated spout
  • Spray different colored “ribbons” along the sides (from light to dark or vice versa)
  • Smooth out the frosting with a spatula and create smooth transitions for the ombre look

Design a simple ombre cake with a large flower spout and spatula

  • spray drops with perforated nozzle as decoration for the cake edge; To do this, hold down the piping bag briefly so that the base of the drop forms and then pull up without splashing

Cactus cake

Funny cactus with a French spout for a Mexico party

  • open, French star spout
  • any spout for flowers (in the example for chrysanthemums)
  • Spray from bottom to top
  • Roll the green cake fondant between your hands for the “arms” of the cactus, put wooden skewers in it and then put it in the cake
  • Decorate with piping bag from the inside out like the cake
  • Design any flowers on the cake and with your own black fondant eyes and mouth

Decorate cakes with piping bags – beautiful cake with petals

Fantastic cake with petals, sprayed with a flower attachment

  • any petal spout (in the example Wilton # 104)
  • start below and design either a row of individual petals or a wavy “band” all around; the next row should overlap the previous one
  • Spray petals on the cake – from the outside in


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