Hope in the fight against HIV: Implantat on the World AIDS Conference

PrEP HIV Medicament in Form eine's Implant

The International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Research in Mexico City is in Ende. There is a lot of positive news, which is the reason for the hope of fighting HIV. The Pharmaunternehmen Merck has created a new drug in the form of an implant. The implant contains the antiretroviral Mittel MK-8591 (Islatravir), the humans who have nailed the virus for a long time to protect our HIV. The soul is that the implant requires a long-term protection against HIV infection, which is, of course, an effect. Es will have to be annoyed every year and has many common neighbors.

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Our one-year-old scientist developed a medication in pill form, the most likely to be the HIV risk a person perceived about 99 percent. This drug is known as HIV-Prophylaxis "PrEP" (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) and, as an answer to that obstruction, is once preceded by HIV proliferation. Signal potential is not fully developed.

Guardian of the Pharmacy Merck - and furthermore need other experts in this area - however, the latest research concerns, which are being brought to the fore today, are strong genius, about the PrEP Middle as a potential "Game Changer" in the fight against HIV. The implant has troublesome experience with kidney problems and afflictions, and is among 12 volunteers at least six months at a time.

A more important factor was the lack of content or content. Those with all medications, which have to be hard-pressed, especially in healthy people, have been studying that patients who do not have the scarred arthritis and therapy pledge were left alone. befolgen.

Anton Pozniak President of the International Aids Society

"One implant provides a different opportunity for those who want an alternative to pills and boils. One could also say a spooky solution for those who confronted with a convincing PrEP therapy plan, "said Anton Pozniak, President of the International Aids Society in a statement.

Though it still does not work well, if the implantable device is worn well, and Merck's replacement needs to be reminded that it is safe for people and that their effect is still one year.

Here you can read more about this study: Press release from Merck

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