Hope for organ recipients: Scientists in Japan try to breed human organs in animals

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The topic of organ donation is very controversial. As is true in any case: Worldwide it lacks organ donors. Japanese researchers can solve the problem in an unconventional way. A team of science teachers in Tokyo obtained the brief approval to breed human organs in Turkish embryos and release the organisms after birth. The project is being promoted by the Ministry of Science in Japan. The goal of the research program is to breed organs for all organ recipients.

Japanese researchers were able to breed future human organs in swine

Until recently, it has been banned worldwide to breed animal embryos with human stem cells. Now, just try to find the Japanese government, a solution for all patients who need organ transplants. For this purpose, these embryos were first manipulated so that they could themselves form no pancreas from their own cells. Scientists assume that these organisms can build up a pancreas from human cells. The researchers may first experiment with mice to determine if the embryos remain healthy even after birth. They also have to research whether the human stem cells are spread into embryonic bodies and, for example, become nerve or brain cells. Should they succeed in the project, they could in the future retrieve organs from the stem cells of the organ recipient and in this way reduce the risk of a rejection reaction to the minimum.

Human organs in human beings: animal abuse or science?

human organs in animals mice Tokyo research team

The opposite of this method indicates that the mixed creatures could open the books of the Pandora. They represent the view that, in this case, it is about animal abuse. They also affirm that the effects of human stem cells in human beings are not yet sufficiently researched and that they could cause cancer or other diseases.

The controversial issue will certainly be discussed in the coming years, as it can take at least 10 years until the very first transplants.

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