History of the manicure - many interesting info at a glance!

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The nail trends have really changed over the years. From the classic red nails of the 50's housewives over the crazy striking acrylic nails with crazy designs in the 80's to the neon color trend this summer. Have you ever asked yourself when and where did the manicure come from? Apparently, the first manicures should have started about 5,000 years ago! Many more interesting facts and info about the story of the manicure we share in our article!

The history of the manicure at a glance

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The word "manicure" comes from a combination of the Latin words "manus", translated "hand" and "cura" - nursing.

  • 5000 - 3000 BC - Prepared 5000 BC, the Indian women have painted the nails with Henna. Cleopatra and Queen Nufretete have popularized manicures in ancient Egypt by dyeing their nails with the aid of various bear and plant juices in Rottönen. Cleopatra always preferred a bare-red hue, while Nofretete opted for Ruby. However, only the rich and powerful dare to wear this color - the higher the social status, the darker the nuance. The slaves were also, if only at very short nails, allowed and bright colors allowed. Prepared Cleopatra modeled nails of special porcelain powder, which they attached with a sticky liquid.
  • In the year 3200 BC a Babylon set of solid gold was found in Babylon. The nail care was also, however, no ladies' privilege - even the men had used dyed minerals to paint their fingernails.

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  • 2000 BC - Also in China, nails are being used for many years to demonstrate prosperity and social status. They therefore experienced their own "nail polish". It was all about a complex blend of beeswax, gelatine, egg white, gum arabic and leaf sprouts with an 8-9 hour effect time. Various colors are told by the addition of orchids, roses or other flowers. Most popular, however, were red and black.
  • 600 BC - Another Chinese nail trend was also to color the fingernails in the colors of the prevailing imperial dynasty. Yet it was only allowed to the higher men and women - for the lower strata of society the use of the colors of the ruler under the death penalty. During the Chou dynasty, the royal family decorated their nails with gold and silver dust.

Further interesting facts about the history of the manicure

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  • At the time of the Ming Dynasty in the years 1268-1644, in China the first artificial fingernails were created in the history of the manicure. One interesting fact is that these men were the ones who strengthened their nails with travel paper, porcelain powder or silk and not the women. The most famous nail designs and the most notable nail art at all were the so-called "nail guards" or "nail protector" of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). These look like finger cushions that hit the top and were very expensive. Some were made of silver and others even of pure gold and adorned with precious stones. The works of art were carried on the little finger in each hand and became a symbol of the social status of the bearer. Those people then said that they must not stir a single finger, but have a servant at all times for all interests.

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  • In 1800 words in many cookbooks that first opened recipes for their own repair of nail polishes. Damages may include those varieties of varnishes and the necessary ingredients such as the preferred exchange or payment agent.
  • 1830 - In the course of the year, it was not only the manicure that developed itself, but also the tools for the nail care. In the 1930's, a doctor in Europe used a doctor on behalf of Sits as the first orange tree to be found on the nails of his patients - he had already removed the raised nail skin. According to his invention, various devices made of metal or acid were used.
  • In the year 1878 the first manicure salon in the USA will be opened by Mary Cobb.
  • Dr. Sits's niece went one step further and reinvented 1892 a complete nail care system. Every woman, regardless of their income or social status, could afford the nursing kit, as it was quite cheap.

The exciting story of the manicure in the early 90's

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  • The first company that manufactures nail care products is called "Flowery Manicure Products" and was founded in New York in 1910.
  • 1914 the patent is filed for the very first fingernail protection. The niche that protects nails from discoloration by chemicals or other agents is being developed by Anna Kindred of North Dakota.
  • There is the nail polish comb in the year 1925 on the market. The color was a transparent, pale pink and was only worn in the nail center - the nail tip and the nail mouth remained colorless. The look is still known today as "Mond Manicure" and was developed by cosmetologist Beatrice Kaye, who was also responsible for the beautiful Manicure of the Stars at the time. In these years, the "decent" women are forbidden to paint their nails in bright or strong colors.

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  • 1932 the cosmetics brand "Revlon" was born. The brothers Charles and Joseph Revson have repaired the first color-intensive and coverage nail polish that looks extra streak-free. In contrast to the other products, there is nothing more based on dyes, except dyes, which allow for a wider selection and nuances. "Revlon" was the company that introduced the trend to embellish the lips and nails in the same hue. Most popular were pink and red, as well as gold and silver.
  • The acrylic nail extension, which is still modern today, owes its origin to the cosmetics industry, without a coincidence. The dentist Fred Slack from the United States broke a nail during the work, and once again stuck his finger with acrylic. As the fingernail quickly heals and becomes much harder and more durable, this non-solution has become one of the best inventions in the history of manicure.

The story of the manicure is becoming more colorful and interesting

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  • In the 50s, two nail trends could be observed: either pointed, long nails, painted in colors such as plum, dark blue or dark green or the wonderful almond shape in combination with bright and very delicate shades. In this period, it also provided the first nail modeling training and the company "Revlon" offered a training set and basic equipment.
  • In the year 1970 become the French Manicure.
  • The nail trends in the 80s did not limit themselves to more than just varnishes. These women have left their creativity a free leaf and their nails become through various decorations and jewelery into real works of art.

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  • The first nail polish pen and the first "fragrant" nail polish in the history of manicure came on the market in 1990. The scents that offered the company "Manhattan" a choice were vanilla and berries.
  • The movie "Pulp Fiction" is one of the films that you just have to see. Dort, the actress Uma Thurman wears Chanel's previously unknown nail polish "Rouge Noir". Until then, the almost black-and-dark dark red becomes the best-selling nail polish of the century within just one year.

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  • The small stones and crystal decorations have been among the most popular nail trends since the year 2007. The fashion wave was created by designers like Swarovski, who adorned the nails of the models with the glittering applications.
  • In the year 2011, the first exhibition for nail art "Nailphilia" was held in London.
  • Founded in 2014, "Nailpolis" - an online platform that offers artists a wide choice in various ideas and nail designs.

Which is the most expensive nail polish in the history of the manicure?

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The most expensive nail polish in the world is called "Black Diamond" and actually costs just as much as a brand new Ferrari, although 250 000 euros. It is brought to the market by the company "Azature" and contains a total of 267 carats of diamonds, which are made into a very fine dust. This nail design has already investigated singers Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne.

Who looks at the future of the manicure?

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Now, where do you know everything important about the history of the manicure, you may be wondering where the nail trends are going in the future? The designs and decorations are very versatile and the nail artists from all over the world surprise you with new and interesting ideas all over again. Once we arrive, we cannot know exactly - you just have to let yourself be surprised.

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