His neu named Spinnenart named Karl Lagerfeld

Found new spider species in Australia discovered and identified. This group also belongs to a remarkable copy, named after the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld (1933-2019) born in Hamburg. So the Australian Springs pin is officially classified under the names Jotus karllagerfeldi. The Hamburg-Brisbane-Melbourne team was focused on their distinctive black-and-white color and lightweight appearance with warehousing markups: say what her and what kind of calipers stand in contrast to the black sunglasses and gloves.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NbLBTiYNYI)

The research team embraced Dr. Danilo Harms of the Center for Natural Sciences at the University of Hamburg (CeNak), Dr. Barbara Baehr, Queensland Museum (Brisbane, Australia) and Joseph Schubert, Monash University (Melbourne).

Compared to other species of spider jotus, "Jotus karllagerfeldi" appears by black-and-white bone and key organs (Pedipalps), during the typical vertebrate this group of cute red or blue colors appears.

"The tiger has remembered until his color and the reduced style of Karl Lagerfeld. Associated with the gloomy Beinglieder with the gloves, which he always tights, and the giant black eyes with later sunglasses, "asserted Danilo Harms.

The typical outfit by Karl Lagerfeld in Black and White

Four of the new species originate from Queensland and a New South Wales. With a size of just millions of dollars, they can be said to recognize. Barbara Baehr, one more member of the team, said that more than 70% of Australian spiders are not classified as seven.

"Spiders belong to the most beautiful spiders in Australia, monkey over their fall and taxonomy is firmly known", soft Baehr. "These winning spins quickly capture the heroes of public affairs and nature conservation."

Interestingly, Gattung Jotus's mark is the great advancement, with those of their environment being dimensional. The Jotus-Arten builds no Fangnetze, except on the Jagd im Freien.

Also interesting is the fact that in the year 2017 the team named a water spinner after the reggae legend bob and later song "High Tide or Low Tide" - Desis bobmarleyi.

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