Hiking outfit: Helpful tips and the most beautiful looks for every season at a glance!

Fresh air, wonderful panoramas and landscapes and of course a lot of fun – nature trips are not only good for our souls, they are a wonderful way to burn a few calories and improve our endurance. Regardless of whether you go on a sweaty, full-day hike through the mountains or simply plan a relaxed walk with friends – the right clothing is definitely a requirement. Would you like to wear something cozy and stylish on your hiking tour? Then you are exactly right with us! In this article we have put together many great ideas for a hiking outfit for every season!

Hiking outfit ladies rain jacket combine women

Now that spring is just around the corner, it's the perfect time to organize a nice trip with friends. It is not for nothing that hiking is one of the most beautiful and popular outdoor activities. It has a very positive effect on our mental and physical health.

Hiking outfit women – what should you pay special attention to when choosing?

Hiking backpack for women what to wear for hiking ladies

Before deciding on a particular hiking outfit, there are a few things you should consider first.

  • Check the hiking route and the weather conditions – the weather and the route play a very important role in choosing the right clothing. It must be of high quality, functional and serve its purpose. Because even the most beautiful outfit for hiking does not help if you are soaked or frozen at the end of the tour. Whether in summer or winter – a windproof rain jacket is always an absolute must.
  • Above all, the shoes have to be comfortable and offer good support. In addition, they have to be adapted to the planned route.Waterproof, breathable hiking shoes with solid soles are the best choice for strenuous, multi-day mountain tours. For a tour through the forest or along the seashore you can also cope with robust sneakers.
  • Make sure you have adequate sun protection and don't forget your sunglasses.

What could you wear to go hiking in summer?

Hiking outfit ladies summer hiking shoes women summer hat

Lush green forests, landscapes and promenades – summer is the perfect time for a nice hike. A hiking outfit for the warm season should protect you from the heat. Be sure to wear a sunscreen with SPF 50 and protect your eyes with high-quality sunglasses. Dressing black from head to toe wouldn't be a good idea either. Instead, opt for breathable and functional T-shirts and tops in bright colors. Short shorts are an excellent option for the hot months. They keep you cool and provide more freedom of movement. However, be aware that you don't offer much protection for your legs. If you want to protect yourself from insect bites, wear long leggings. If you are in a rainy area, be sure to pack a chic rain jacket or vest. After all, you don't want to walk around wet all day, do you? Complete your look with matching shoes and a cool hat.

The right clothing is all the more important for a hike in winter

Combine winter outfit hiking ladies down jacket

Cold, ice and maybe some snow are not reasons why you shouldn't go hiking? Now that most of the trails are much more difficult to walk in winter than in summer, it is very important to get dressed properly and to be well equipped. Thick pants made of a suitable material such as nylon, polyester and spandex, a warm top and a thick jacket keep you warm and dry and protect you from hypothermia. A high-quality functional underwear that wicks sweat to the outside is also a prerequisite. The hiking shoes should be comfortable and keep your feet from the cold and wet. Choose a robust model with non-slip soles that provide more grip in the snow. When going uphill in winter, sticks with snow plates are an indispensable part of a hiking outfit.

Wear leggings for a comfortable and modern hiking outfit

Women's outfit hiking leggings trends hiking shoes women

During a mountain tour you should feel comfortable in your clothes. High-quality leggings offer greater freedom of movement than some hiking pants and fit like a second skin. In addition, the thin, breathable materials ensure that they usually dry faster when it rains. Due to the tight fit on the leg, leggings are an excellent protection against insects or ticks. Nowadays, many well-known sports brands offer models that are not only perfect for hiking, but also look really cool. For a chic hiking outfit, choose leggings with a pattern and combine them with a matching t-shirt and an elegant sports jacket.

Casual and cute hiking outfits are real eye-catchers

Hiking outfit ladies summer sweatpants combine trends

If you are just planning a one-day hiking tour to relax and calm down, then you can go for fashion and style rather than functionality. For a cute hiking outfit that is also practical, grab cool sweatpants and wear a matching crop top. A fashionable vest or jacket and cool sneakers round off your look wonderfully. Accessories such as a hat, sunglasses or even jewelry add a playful touch.

Combine jeans hiking outfit women summer check shirt

For shorter walks in autumn or spring, you can even wear your favorite jeans. They not only look stylish, they also keep you warm and offer sufficient protection for your legs. Complete your hiking outfit with chic and comfortable leather boots, a warm top and a jacket.

More great looks and inspiration for the perfect hiking outfit for women

Winter outfit for hiking women hiking shoes trends down jacket

An oversized shirt and comfortable leggings are the perfect combination for a hiking tour in autumn

Walking shoes women fleece jacket combine women's braided hairstyles with long hair

Only with a cute knitted hat is a winter look really complete.

What to wear for hiking Knit hat combine hiking outfit women

Even in winter you don't have to do without your favorite leggings

Hiking outfit women winter hiking shoes women winter jacket

Small details and accessories such as bandanas turn your hiking outfit into a real eye-catcher

Wander outfit ladies winter fleece jacket combine fashion trends jackets

Black from head to toe is a popular classic that will never go out of style

Wander outfit women summer leather leggings combine fashion trends

Chic sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun in summer

Combine hiking outfit women summer shorts

Without a stylish backpack where you can pack your gear, you can't go hiking.

Outfit hiking ladies summer sports backpack women

Combine black leggings with a white top for a minimalist, stylish look

Leggings outfit ladies fitness clothing trends women

Down jackets are very trendy and keep you warm in winter

Down jacket combine women hiking tours outfit ladies

Chic and comfortable – biker shorts are an excellent option for summer hiking outfits

Biker shorts combine summer hiking outft ladies

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