Heart rate while running: Standard values ​​and tips in heart rate zones

Determine your maximum heart rate while running HF Max formula

Whether pro or beginner jogging - if you measure your average heart rate while running, you can adjust the intensity of the physical effort and either increase or decrease it accordingly. Although the person-to-person norms are different - typically between 80 and 170 BPM (beats per minute) - you can determine your average heart rate while running as you calculate your target heart rate. This is especially important for runners, who are starting to get intense at first. This leads to high heart rate and poor physical and motivational results. On the other side, if you do not strenuous enough, you will not tell the desired results.

Determine Your Maximum Heart Rate (HF Max Formula)

Know and track heart rate as you run adult values

The maximum heart rate is the highest number of heartbeats per minute at maximum activity. It is important to know this value, as your target heart rate during training is a percentage of this number.

To calculate your maximum heart rate, subtract your age of 220. This would look like this:

20 year total: 200 BPM
25 years: 195 BPM
30 year total: 190 BPM
35 year total: 185 BPM
40 year total: 180 BPM
45 year total: 175 BPM
50 year total: 170 BPM
55 year total: 165 BPM
60 year total: 160 BPM
65 year total: 155 BPM

Calculate your heart rate zones

Detect heart rate while running to high HFmax

Depending on your goals, you can use heart rate zones in different ways. If you can train with intense intensity, you aim for a heart rate between 50 and 70 percent of your HFmax. If you opt for intense training, your target heart rate zone should generally say between 70 and 85 percent of your HFmax.

Very fit people and athletes can exceed this limit value and achieve high-intensity training to increase their anaerobic threshold and VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake). However, it is not recommended that the average person exceed 85 percent of his HFmax. For some population groups, even a physical performance of less than 50 percent can be recommended.

Determine heart rate bpm when running measuring zones

As an example, we are a 32-year-old man who trained with a high intensity:

220 - 32 = 188 (maximum heart rate / HFmax)
188 x 0.70 = 132 (70% of HFmax)
188 x 0.85 = 160 (85% of HFmax)

Its target heart rate is between 132 and 160 BPM.

Do you think that the formula "220 minus age" is only an estimate. To obtain an accurate measurement of your maximum heart rate and thus your target heart rate, you can undergo a stress test at a physician.

Measure your heart rate with a smart watch

Measure heart rate with a smart watch smartwatch

Measuring steps and measuring calorie consumption up to sleep quality - Fitness trackers and smart watches are today's favorite. Most models feature a built-in heart rate sensor that senses the heart rate. When paired with the smartphone, you can enter your age, weight and gender. The app then uses the data to detect and display your heart rate zones in which zone you should be in during training. For example, the Garmin watches at uhrcenter.de offer even more cool features such as 24/7 stress-level measurement, monitoring of blood oxygen saturation, timer with breathing exercises, body battery™ (Energy level of the body) and many more.

What heart rate while running is normal for you?

Heart rate when jogging Heart rate zones calculate by age

When you are in a position to comfortably run a conversation, you are in the lower range of the heart rate zone. According to experts, you train with great intensity if you can talk, but no song can be sung. If you breathe very fast and fast and it is difficult for you to say more than a few words at the same time, you will run with great intensity.

Determining your heart rate zones and their subsequent optimization to reach different goals requires time and exercise. Since everyone is different, you can only determine your average heart rate through regular running and monitoring your heart rate. The most important thing, though, is to have fun in jogging, to further improve and avoid injuries.

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