Hairstyles with scrunchies: the most beautiful looks with the 90s hair trend for re-styling!

Without a doubt, retro hairstyles are all the rage in the fashion world this year. Playful braids and elegant 70s hairstyles are on the advance for summer and give our look a touch of nostalgia and romance. And while hair clips and hair scarves are still very popular, the humble and often mocked scrunchie is actually the biggest hair trend for 2020. Hair accessories from the 90s are making a big comeback and are fancier than ever. If you have no idea how to style the trendy pieces without looking out of date, you’ve come to the right place! Make a bit of a change in your hair routine and be inspired by our ideas for hairstyles with scrunchies!

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If you put your hair away in the summer and still want to look chic, then you definitely need a scrunchie. On the social platform “Pinterest”, the search for scrunchies hairstyles has increased by an astonishing 6309% and we are not surprised. The scrunchies covered with fabric are gentle on the hair, available in a variety of colors and materials and give even the simplest hairstyle a fresh touch. Whether updos, braids or half-open hairstyles – with a scrunchie, all hairstyles are possible for which you would otherwise use a normal hair band. The difference is really only in the accessory.

Hairstyles with scrunchies ensure a playful and romantic look

quick updos for long hair hairstyles with scrunchie

Cool hairstyles with scrunchies are a great way to have some fun with your hair. Whether made of silk, corduroy or velvet, plain or with playful patterns – the small, cute pieces are available in all imaginable variants, so there is something for every taste. There is hardly an easier way to keep hair away from your face than the classic high braid. With this look, your new favorite accessory comes into its own and the hairstyle becomes a real eye-catcher. To do this, you simply have to tie the hair together with a thin hair tie into a high ponytail – this ensures more hold. Then tie the scrunchie over and you’re done!

Half-open hairstyles are very trendy this season

Half-open hairstyles scrunchies hair hair accessories trends summer

Incredibly practical against the heat and totally hip – semi-open hairstyles are ideal for those days when things just have to be quick. The “undone look” provides a fine boho touch and gives your hair a refreshing and modern twist. For this scrunchie hairstyle, the hair is first tied into a loose high braid. Then twist the braid into a bun and fix it with the hair accessory.

Whether casual or elegant – the classic bun is always possible

Quick updos hairstyles with scrunchies hair accessories trends

The classic low bun is one of those hairstyles with scrunchies that are perfect for any occasion. In a matching color, the hair accessory gives your outfit the finishing touch and completes the look completely.

The scrunchie hairstyle with a difference – Space Buns are the ultimate hair trend of the summer

quick updos for long hair double bun hairstyle scrunchies hair

Space buns, also known as double buns, can be styled at lightning speed and incredibly. This carefree, playful look gives your mane a happy touch in a few minutes. While deep-seated space buns look chic and elegant, high or half-open buns with scrunchies are the ultimate festival hairstyle for the summer.

Braided hairstyles are a timeless classic that will never go out of style

Style cool hairstyles with medium length scrunchies

Whether a French, Dutch or herringbone braid – braided hairstyles in all imaginable variations are perfect for all hair lengths and always ensure an effortless yet well-groomed look. With a colored scrunchie you put your braids in the spotlight and your hairstyle will be a real eye-catcher in no time.

Hairstyles with scrunchies for short hair

Styling hairstyles with scrunchies for short hair bob haircut

If you thought that the trend accessory from the 90s only works with long or shoulder-length hair, then you have made a huge mistake. The ways to wear the trendy pieces seem endless, and scrunchies hairstyles look just as stunning and glamorous on short hair. Create a small messy bun and then secure it with a smaller scrunchie voilà! Have some fun and grab models in bright colors or with fun patterns to give the look a girlish touch.

Hairstyles with scrunchies – other great looks and inspiration for re-styling

Scrunchie hairstyle Messy Bun updos for long hair

An elegant velvet scrunchie is the easiest way to spice up a bun

Quick updos for working scrunchies hair

Put your wild curls in the limelight by tying the hair into a high ponytail and prettily with a nice scrunchie

Updos for curly hair hairstyles with scrunchie

Give your go-to updo a refreshing and modern touch

Messy Bun hairstyle scrunchies hair quick updos

Sometimes it takes no more than a scrunchie and a classic low ponytail to get a polished and effortless look

quick hairstyles for long hair accessories style trends 90s scrunchies

XXL scrunchies are THE hair trend of the year and make a real statement

Scrunchie hairstyles for short hair hair trends 90s trends

Do you want a fresh and uncomplicated look for summer? Then this semi-open hairstyle with scrunchie is your salvation.

Updos for short hair cool hairstyles with scrunchies

Gentle curls give your hairstyle a unique retro flair

Half-open hair wear hairstyles with scrunchie

The nicest thing about hairstyles with scrunchies is that they are perfect for any length of hair

Hairstyles with scrunchies updos for long hair hairstyle trends

Do you feel creative and adventurous? Then this scrunchie hairstyle would be just the thing for you!

Hairstyle scrunchie long hair style summer hairstyle trends

Half-open hairstyles become an eye-catcher with a scrunchie

Hair Accessories Trends Half-open hairstyles for long hair

Don’t be afraid to have some fun and try out new looks – anything you like is allowed with the scrunchie hairstyle!

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