Hairstyle with barrette: simple ideas for hairstyling with the trendy accessory!

The trends from the 90s will continue to conquer our shoe and wardrobes this year. But even in the world of hairstyles this season is all about a long forgotten hair accessory that is making a big comeback – the hair clip! The trendy parts have conquered the catwalks as well as all social networks and there is no way around them. Whether in gold, glittering, with pearls and butterflies or classic – the hair clips give every hair a very special touch. But how can you best style the trendy accessory? In this article we have put together many great and elegant ideas for a hairstyle with a hair clip. Short, medium-long or long hair – there is a suitable look for everyone!

Hairstyle with barrette updo medium length hair quickly

Are you in a hurry in the morning but still want to look good and well-groomed? Then you are in good hands with the trendy accessories! Hair clips in all possible sizes, colors and designs even make a classic ponytail look fresh and cool. Designer Alexander Wangs is responsible for the revival of the 90s hair clips. The heads of all models from his last fashion show were adorned with the chic parts and have caused a stir everywhere since then.

Hairstyle with barrette – Wear the hair half open for an elegant look

Hairstyle with barrette fast hairstyle ideas for long hair

There is hardly a better way to style your hair quickly and still totally stylish. The nicest thing about this hairstyle with a barrette is not only its simplicity, but also that it is wonderful for all hair lengths. Simply take the front strands and pin them with the hair clip. Give your hair a few gentle waves with the curling iron or flat iron for a romantic, slightly playful look. Or provide some variety by weaving the front strands into small braids.

Casual and trendy at the same time – the Messy Bun hairstyle

Hair accessories trends hairstyle with hair clip

The Messy Bun hairstyle is undoubtedly the classic among quick and easy updos for medium and long hair. Sure, a hair tie can hold your hair together – but why not add cool hair accessories and spice up the look a little? In order to get this hairstyle to the point and put it on the scene, it is important to develop your creativity. Create a messy “bun” and tie it either with a hair tie first or directly with the hair clip. Then pluck out a few strands with a fine comb, apply hairspray and you're done!

Deep ponytails or buns are the perfect choice for the office

Ponytails style medium length hair hair accessories trend

The classic ponytail and the deep bun are two very popular hairstyles that can be styled very versatile depending on the occasion. For the bun, the first thing you need to do is tie the hair into a ponytail deep at the nape of your neck and then twist it and make a simple loop knot. So that the hairstyle lasts longer, we recommend that you additionally fasten the knot with a few hair clips. For a more casual touch, you can easily drop a few strands around the front of your face.

Spice up the classic braid with hair clips for a boho touch

Braided hairstyles for long hair mini hair clip trend

Playful braided hairstyles are an excellent option, especially for festivals or a party. The trendy hair accessories provide variety and give your look more dimension and charm. Tie the hair deep at the neck and braid it into a loose braid. Now fix the end of the braid with the hair accessories and you're ready to go. It looks even cuter if you decorate the braided hairstyle with a few small, decorative hair clips.

Small 90s hair clips for a fun, girlish hairstyle

quick hairstyles with mini hair clips 90s hairstyle ideas long hair

We are sure that you have a few pieces of the cute pieces lying around in your drawer somewhere. If you haven't got it out yet, now is the time to do it! For anyone looking for a fun and cute hairstyle with a barrette – this look is for you! Pull a center parting and split the hair in half. Now only brush well backwards and attach a small strand of hair on each side with mini hair clips.

Bela Hadid hairstyles simply style long hair

Even the stars can't get enough of the new trend. Bela Hadid is one of the women who most often uses the cute hair clips to pin her hair with it.

Hairstyle with barrette – more cool ideas and looks to imitate

quick updos hair accessories trend hairstyle with hair clip

Small butterfly hair clips were a hit in the 90s and are making a big comeback this year.

90s hair clip simple hairstyles for medium length hair

Decorate your braids with hair accessories in the form of shells to achieve the perfect casual beach look.

Braid hairstyles medium length hair hair accessories trend

What could be easier than taking a few highlights and then attaching them to the back of your head with a hair clip?

Hair half open wearing hairstyle with hair clip simple

Not a fan of the classic, boring 90s hair clips? Then choose one with pearls or other decorations.

Hair accessories Trend style hair clip with pearls long hair

Long hair often becomes a burden in summer. An oversized hair clip is the perfect accessory to brave the heat and stay on trend.

Hairstyle with barrette quick updos for long hair

Use mini hair clips for a classic 90s look.

Hairstyle with barrette long hair style quickly

Whether for short, medium-long or long hair – a hairstyle with a barrette always works!

Short hair quickly styles trends in hair accessories

90s hair clips feel fresh and modern and give the classic updos more charm.

Messy Bun hairstyle with barrette quick updos medium length hair

The hair accessories are now available in all possible colors and shapes and are a cool addition to any outfit.

Mini hair clip hair accessories trend fast hairstyles long hair

And why not give a classic wedding hairstyle with the trendy particles a modern touch?

quick wedding hairstyles mini hair clip trend

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