Hairdressing salon Furnishing with modern and minimalist design

hairdressing salon design design modern minimalist in gray with decorative plaster

The architectural project with the name KULT is a hair salon facility in the old town of Odessa. The drawer is right in the center, next to the famous Deribasovskaya road. The architects came up with a space of 100 square meters in the building, of which there is only a downed facade. It was impossible to load wooden floors, even tiles, with some heavyweight. Somit had to choose the team between linoleum and shaking floors.

Hair salon salon with style

waiting room and living room with black sofa and vaulted ceiling with lighting in hairdressing

The customer did not want to see the air in the understanding of the style that is widely used today. The design of the skylight should therefore impress any old brick, poster with haircuts and most, for a typical hairdressing drawer typical features. For this reason, the room had to incorporate many additional functions. The client had added a tattoo studio and a pedicure for men and women. Moreover, there was no space for relaxation and waiting room, so that the designers could design an intermediate shot on which they could place sofas and an additional technical room.

plexiglass and black frame dividers and hanging lamps

The architectural firm Sivak & Partner therefore had very tight deadlines. These include only 1.5 months for the project itself and another two months for the construction of the entire construction. For this reason, the team chose the simplest solutions. It took no time to develop complex and experimental designs. This leaves no time for error. Therefore, they only have the walls aligned and covered with specially designed decorative plaster to save time.

Create large space with small budget

more spacious interior with mirrors and armchair for customers in the hairdressing shop

If you work in a very accelerated mode, it gives no time, and doubts yourself. You will see a clear line immediately, without sitting in your hand. For this reason, the color scheme and the design details were almost invented. One part of the project is created during the construction phase. All furniture, fixtures and plumber's work was restored after the design sketch. The walls are covered with coarse decorative plaster, as this solution saved the preparation of the wall time.

lying in the corner to wash out colored hair in the hairdresser

The budget was limited, which is why architects have been trying to create a unique space with simple materials. The building process was very stressful, but they could finish the construction on time and the customer was very satisfied. The main idea was to open a place in Odessa that distinguished itself from other hairdressers. Since then, the team has sought to strive for all the necessary details of the concept, to create pure minimalism and to shift the focus of the interior space on the people who work there, rather than the real professionals.

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access to the upper deck for the lounge waiting area with speaker

for clients in a barber shop with neon lights and shelters

room for pedicure in hairdressing salon device in black and gray colored wash basin

leather chair with leaning in light gray in hair salon for ladies and gentlemen

hanging lights with led lighting in the ceiling in the barbershop

reception area in marble optics and wall with cosmetic articles as well as two seats

large mirror in barber shop with gray leather gray chair and decorative wall cladding

3d basic view of the hairdresser with stairs to the waiting room

reach the base of the barber shop with three

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