Grill tips and tricks – Clever methods that will quickly make you a grill master

The grill season is just around the corner, and if you want to prepare for it, here are some creative grill tips and tricks. If you want to organize your barbeque evenings like a professional, it can make planning easier and save you a lot of time. Discover simple techniques and sophisticated ways to give your meat a smoky taste on a daily grill or to make cleaning the grill easier. Grilling doesn't have to be overwhelming or feel like a chore, especially if you know some helpful grilling tips. So light the grill, have a cold drink and let yourself be inspired by these creative ideas.

Grill tips and tricks for beginners

friends and family having a barbecue in the garden

For such an otherwise simple cooking technique, there are many pitfalls even for the most experienced cooks. The basics seem to be very simple – grill and enjoy the meat. There's more to it than just that, though. So help yourself get the most out of your skills by using a few simple methods. First, make sure you have the fuel you want to use in advance. For example, if you choose a charcoal grill, wood is a great fuel for this because it gives your food a smoky taste and creates an inviting ambience. However, better coals are made from the hardwood. If you can't get your hands on good grilled wood, charcoal can also make such a successful fire. No matter what fuel you use, you should light a sufficiently large fire. If necessary, you can refill coal a second time to increase the burning.

grilled lemon with tongs hold over burning charcoal

If you want to master taste and texture, there are grill tips and tricks to help you become a king in your field. Impress your guests with hatching on the steaks, surprise your vegetarian friend with an alternative and even learn new ways to serve spices by using other cooking utensils. If you are using a charcoal grill, you should wait until the coals turn gray and glow a little. Also, always leave the meat to rest for a few minutes before cutting it to keep it juicy. There are several scientific reasons for this: When meat meets the heat, liquid and juices flow towards the center. These are stored there until you cut the grilled meat into it. So if you want to have these juices marinated internally, they should stay in it for a while.

Preparation and cleaning of the grill

egg box to light as a grill use tips and tricks with charcoal

If you want to easily light your grill like a campfire, take an empty egg carton and fill it with charcoal. This saves you a mess and it's really easy to light the box. Once you do that, the charcoal will start to burn. This is particularly suitable for hiking and camping. If you need suitable grill cleaning tips because you don't have a grill brush at hand, you can use aluminum foil. Make a ball of it and use pliers to grab it. Before cooling the grill, run the aluminum foil over the grate to remove all the mass and residues.

Use a fork and clean the grill with halved onions

Another option is to cut an onion in half and simply grate the grill grate with it. However, if you clean the grill rack before you start grilling, the acidity of the onion will also create a non-stick surface for your meat. For best results, marinate your meat in the evening before grilling to make the meat tender and tasty. This will also leave less to your cooking skills during the day and make everyone think you are a grill master.

ignite glowing charcoal in the fire grill tips and tricks

The most important aspect when lighting your grill is to take your time. It can take between 30 minutes and an hour for the fire to be ready to cook. It is also worth noting that the easiest way to control the amount of heat your meat reaches is to simply raise or lower the grid. You can also throw a few small pieces of wood into the charcoal for that authentic smoky taste.

Prepare grill accessories

grill accessories such as spatula tongs and a sharp knife on a wooden table with sausage and tomatoes

Every expert needs his craft tools, and if you want to be a grill master, you need to have your grill supplies ready. We recommend that you invest in two sets of grill tongs, a good pair with a good grip to turn the meat. You can use the other pair to position hot coals. All grills have a grid in which you place the food. However, if you want to reduce the work involved in rotating several pieces of meat at the same time, you should use a folding grate. This not only saves time and prevents the meat from burning, but is also very suitable for sensitive foods such as fish. Also, don't forget to get the necessary sharp knife that you may need to use to remove excess fat from the meat.

Grill vegetarian

Vegetarian grilling with vegetables on the grill rack

Grilling mushrooms and zucchini with garlic, salt and pepper can be a very tasty option for your vegetarian guests. However, you can also put everything in foil and let it cook on the fire. Corn on the cob and sweet potatoes also work quite well. Another way to cook vegetables is to put them in a cast iron pan directly on the fire. The vegetables can steam as you devote all your time to the meat and entertain your guests.

Grill red peppers in charcoal directly

So there are countless meatless alternatives, and you can also prepare such sandwiches on the grill. These can be put on the grill when all dishes are cooked. However, you need to grill bread at low temperatures and very slowly so that it does not burn. Later in the evening, you can offer them to your guests as supplies or keep them for lunch or a picnic for the next day. In any case, the smoky taste of the bread is delicious.

Use a double skewer to grill and avoid falling of individual pieces

Vegetables roasted on an open fire are a simple and satisfying side dish. Throw tomatoes, onions, peppers and anything with thin skin that can be peeled off directly onto hot coals or wood and blacken the skin. Roasting with fire enhances the natural flavors and is an easy way to impress the vegetarians among the guests with some variety. When it comes to meat or vegetable skewers, using two or double skewers instead of just one is a clever trick. This prevents individual pieces from falling into the fire when they are turned.

Grill tips and tricks for meat preparation

Pork steaks grilled on grill rack under fire

Not sure what the differences between smoking and grilling meat are? The former is a slow process, which usually takes hours to cook. Smoking meat is a delicious alternative to grilling if you have the time and resources, and there are tons of fun ways to experiment with different flavors. There are many relatively affordable options that are great for beginners. If you prefer this smoky grill flavor, throw a few small pieces of wood into the charcoal. Add the wood to the coal once the initial fire has gone out. Instead of a marinade, you can also use an embrocation. Dab the meat in it about an hour before cooking. When grilling burgers, you can press a hole on each meatball with your finger and put an ice cube in it. So they stay nice and juicy even after grilling.

Spray grill meat with apple juice in a spray bottle as grill tips and tricks during the barbecue season

If you are a true grill lover, it should be important to you to achieve the juiciness and taste that you cannot achieve with any other cooking product. For this reason, avoid using chemical fire boosters on your grill, otherwise you could get involved in a strange-tasting dinner. Also, take the steaks out of the fridge 20 minutes before grilling. This brings the meat to room temperature and you can grill it evenly. During the process, you can also use a spray bottle of apple juice to spray the grilled meat with it. Thus you intensify the taste and get the popular tanned color after grilling. And to get the aesthetic crisscross markings, grill the meat about halfway, then turn it over and counterclockwise.

Use lemon slices as a non-stick coating

Grill salmon on a bed of lemon wedges and use as an anti-hat coating

No matter what grill tips and tricks you use, stuck foods can be a big problem. Fortunately, there is an easy and delicious way to prevent lemon slices. Just grill your food, such as salmon, on top of a layer of sliced ​​lemon. Fish is a particularly suitable option. If you've tried grilling a piece of fish before, you know how difficult it is to flip it over without tearing it up. Oiling the grates helps but does not always correct the problem. So one way to get around this is to grill your fish directly on a bed of lemon wedges. This gives it a subtle citrus taste and prevents it from sticking. When your grill is clean at the start of the cooking process, you can use these grilled lemon slices to serve with your dishes.

Serve spices and sauces in muffin cases

Fill muffin cups with sauces such as ketchup and mayonaise to serve as grill tips and tricks

This not only saves you the hassle of having to lug out umpteen bottles, but also ensures that your table stays tidy. This is not exactly a tip for grilling, but it is a relief technique to taste the grilled food. For burgers and sausages, there are not only spices such as mustard, ketchup and spices, but also onions, cucumbers and cheese as additional toppings. All of that in bottles and bowls around the table takes up a lot of space, so you can just use metal muffin cases instead for everything.

Grill tips and tricks for smoking

Measure temperature while grilling steak meat with tongs

  • Soak the skewers in water for at least two hours or overnight before grilling to avoid burns. Depending on the length of time your food smokes, you may need to add more soaked wooden skewers while grilling.
  • Follow the recipes for the right temperatures. Most of the time, you need to keep the indirect heat below 150 ° C, as the slow smoking of food, especially meat, makes it more tender. While this is easier with a gas grill with a built-in temperature sensor, it cannot be that easy with a charcoal grill. However, there are different types of external thermometers that you can buy in hardware stores.
  • Open the grill cover as far as possible and make sure that it is firmly seated. Removing the cover during smoking leads to temperature fluctuations and smoke loss.
  • Different foods may require different preparations before smoking. For example, thicker pieces of meat are generally easier to smoke because they are tender. For other foods, you can use a saline solution along with a tasty rub.
  • You can also use dry pieces of wood to create a sweeter smoke, but do so with a watchful eye to avoid flare-ups. Avoid using them on gas grills as they can scorch and affect taste.
  • Check smoked meat with a thermometer to ensure the degree of cooking.

You can discover more grill tips and tricks in the video above.

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