Green wall in the living room – these are the best shades of green!

For a few years now, green has been totally trendy as a living color. The color is so interesting for furnishing not only because of the desire for more naturalness in the living area, but also because it is very varied. Especially as a wall color, green inspires with a strong pinch of nature and is particularly suitable for setting off individual walls and surfaces in color. We will show you how a single green wall in the living room can create a special touch.

It’s all about the right shade of green!

dark green wall of living room as an eye-catcher combined with yellow

Green is a very diverse color that can create very different moods depending on the facet. Muted nuances have a calming effect on the viewer, while light, radiant tones can convey a feeling of joie de vivre. A green wall should not only be an eye-catcher in the living room, but also bring out the furniture and home accessories in the facility. It should also be noted that colors can make rooms appear larger or smaller. So you should use the dark green sparingly. Here are a few examples of the best shades of green for the living room:

Wall color mint green

living room mint green, yellow and gray look modern

Pastel green conveys joie de vivre and provides a fresh touch in every room. The more extensive the wall paint is used, the more intense its lightening effect. In combination with a lot of white, the icy eye-catching tone shines even brighter. With yellow and pink, on the other hand, a cheerful atmosphere is created. In this article you can discover a lot of inspirations on how to combine mint green.

Wall color pistachio green

living room retro modern with wall paint in pistachio green and petrol sofa

Pistachio is a cheerful shade of green that is upbeat and uplifting. It scores with simple elegance and harmonizes perfectly with furniture made of medium-dark wood and a warm floor. Green and wood have a calming and balanced effect as nature’s color and material.

Wall color sage green

living room mint green combined with white and gray

Compared to mint green, sage green has a fine gray component, which makes it appear gentle and calming. In the living room, the color promotes relaxation and creates a feeling of security and security. Since it doesn’t seem too intrusive, you can paint all the walls sage green.

Wall color olive green

living room in mid century style - olive green combined with dark wood

Olive green can be cleverly and variedly used in retro interiors and can also be combined excellently with design classics. The yellow-tinged green is reminiscent of the green of young shoots and looks casually elegant thanks to its matt look. With the right elements such as smoked glass, marble and Viennese wickerwork, you get a classy mid-century modern style of the 50s.

Wall color emerald green

emerald green as a wall color comes into its own with black

Emerald green looks very noble and was chosen as a trend color in 2013. With a large proportion of blue, this dark shade of green stands for tradition and stability. Since such cool and dark tones seem to recede from the viewer, a dark green wall can make the living room look wider. If you want to break through the color surface optically, you can also attach pictures and other accessories so that the dark color tone does not appear oppressive.

Wall color forest green

Urban style boy in living room dark green wall, gray sofa and black elements

A dark green, such as fir green, is extremely tasteful and has its charm. Due to its connection to nature, it has a calming effect and ensures a balanced ambience in the living room. Many people are afraid of using dark tones as wall paint, but with the right partners, they appear incredibly sophisticated and calming.

Examples and inspiration for your green wall in the living room

dark green wall in the living room pine green and sapphire blue go well together

The sofa and armchair can pick up on the color of the wall to create a harmonious overall impression

living room dark nuance of olive green and white bookshelf combined with gold accents

Golden accents loosen up the atmosphere

living room wall color green combined with velvet sofa

The natural green harmonizes with warm woods and cognac brown

dark green wall in the living room as an eye catcher

Cushions and chairs nicely complement the wall design in green

dark green wall living room combined with brown sofa and black elements

The interplay of wall paint, furniture and home accessories looks beautifully harmonious

dark green wall living room with gray furniture and lots of plants

Dark green is particularly suitable for rooms with many and large windows

dark green wall of living room harmonizes with white furniture

The green wall color is a stylish eye-catcher

dark green wall living room behind gray sofa

The green wall color gives the white kitchen a cheerful and inviting look

green and white are a harmonious color duo in modern homes

The built-in wardrobe for TV is kept in the same shade of green

green wall and green built-in cabinet for tv

Modern matt black elements meet strong green

green wall in the open living room combined with light gray on the opposite gray

The Nordic style has been a favorite in the living room for years

Green-gray wall in the living room, dining table behind sofa

Apple green has a revitalizing and friendly effect

light green apple green as the wall color and white furniture

With grayish green tones you bring nature into the house

Mid century modern interior style in the living room

Fresh green exudes joy and goes perfectly with screed floors

pistachio green wall in the center of the room

Sage green and stone gray are an excellent combination

sage green as a wall color in the living room goes well with a gray sofa

The green wall color goes incredibly well with white cabinet fronts

sage green wall in contrast to light wood white and gray

Emerald green and white make the room appear spacious and open

living room wall color green repeated in the kitchen

If you combine the emerald green wall with nude and white tones, a very soft spatial effect is created

emerald green wall behind couch in cream

The warm green tone in combination with wood creates a cozy atmosphere

Wall design in green brings a fresh note into the living room

The green wall and ceiling divide the room into different areas

Living room color green and light furniture

Green and blue are an underrated pair

Living room in the style of glamor Art Deco - sapphire blue, emerald green and gold together

Cool mint green conveys calm and serenity

living room mint green combined with a gray couch and light wood

The mint green wall lets the emerald green sofa shine

living room mint green wall and dark green sofa

Matt, broken green tones reflect the light particularly softly

Living room with a sloping ceiling - paint the transverse wall in dark green

Olive green goes well with dark woods like walnut

living room olive green as a wall color for the fireplace wall

A green wall is the ideal background for art

living room olive green combined with light wood and white

Black elements and marble look particularly elegant

living room olive green wall behind beige sofa combined with black elements

The shelving system in wood and white stands out against the dark green wall

living room wall color green lets tv stand out

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