Gifts for Men for Birthday - 25 Self-Making Ideas

"Was my donation just for my birthday? ”We stand before this question all at once. Whether friend, fiancé, husband or even dad, grandpa and brother - giving a man a big challenge is, we say, honestly, for a lady you find a much easier gift! Flowers, perfumes, chocolates, plastic animals and every woman are delighted, but a man usually does nothing out of scents or ostriches. Who is still in inspiration for DIY Bastelideen missing out, this post is in the right place! We also provide 25 craft ideas for Gifts for Men for Birthday! This will definitely surprise you somewhere! From champagne pineapples, over Star Wars flower heads, to a DIY tie holder - we have the 25 best ideas collected for you!

Gifts for Men for Birthday - 25 Ideas for Homemade

Ggift for men for birthday - birthday box

For this gift, a lid with a lid is needed, which can be a cardboard box or a package. Stick the underside of the cover with patterned cardboard. Stick to your favorite photos. Next, tighten three strings from one side of the cover to the other. Stick small paper squares with paper letters, then clamp them with braces and cords. Stick the cover with wide adhesive film in the tray, so that it reads up folding. Fill the drawer with knickknacks, small gifts, framed photos and a map.

Gifts for Men for Birthday - Birthday Box

Champagne pineapple - Sect bottles creative packaging

Would you like to donate a bottle of sect to your birthday? We also say who can pack your bottle cleverly and appealingly: wrap the bottle up to the bottleneck with yellow wrapping paper and stick it with adhesive film. Now with the hot-stick gun pralines on the yellow part of the pineapple. At the bottom of the bottle, the pralines are sticking together nicely. Adhere to the bottle neck's green artificial leaves. Wrap the finished pineapple in clear-sight foil and grind with a sling.

Champagne pineapple - Sect bottles creative packaging

Bottle with birthday message - outstanding gifts for men

This cute bottle post is a pretty, small attention and birthday! For this, a bottle of cork, paper, pen, scissors, wire and small decorative items is needed. Cut out a very small piece of paper and write it with a congratulations. Now insert a hole in the seat. Next, a piece of wire passes through the hole and the other wire ends into the underside of the corks of the bottle. Fill the bottle with small decoration boxes or candies, then gently insert the seat and press the corks.

Birthday Message Bottle - Fallen Gift for Men

Leather headphones - Birthday gifts for men

Gifts for Men for Birthday who these are not just hübsch, but also practical! Cut a long rectangle from one piece of leather. Cut a half circle in the short sides of the rectangle. With a leather needle and thick yarn, the long sides with a decorative seam. Only cut a long strip of leather. Attach one end of the strip to the back of the other part, then apply a push button.

Leather Headphones - Birthday Gifts for Men

Message light box - Gift ideas for men for birthday

First, devise a pattern, for example, big hearts or stars and a writing train. Then draw the desired design on paper and cut it out. To use the letters of the writing best used lettering templates. Take one square box and transfer the stencils on the sides. With a scalpel, cut out the motif. There is a flame-free LED light or other LED lamp in the box.

For Mama only the Best! Who is looking for great gift ideas for mom, for us 40 homemade gifts for mom Gesammelte!

Message light box - men's gift ideas for birthday

Star Wars Blumentopf - Ggive men a birthday

Is there a War of the Stars fan though? Then surely this flower sacrifice will fall! This is a great project for anyone who wants to work with tone! Who has no great experience with peacocks, who can also acquire a finished bag in trade. Simply put a small plant in a flower pot and put it in the bag. Done is the flower offering for all Science Fiction fans!

Still not the right idea for your partner, father or brother with them? Then lie down again! We still have many great ideas for you! From tie-in hangers from nails, over streaky wood trays with good luck, to a cardboard film-making equipment we have the best gift ideas for you!

Star Wars Flower Head - Gifts for Men for Birthday

Tie Suspenders - Outstanding Gifts for Men

Does anyone have many ties that don't fit into the cabinet anymore? Then this power suspension is just the right gift for you! Take one board and one last ankle. Take a plug table to help and mark even points on the bed at equal distances. Next time, you will hit beautiful nails in these markings and be ready for the power suspension!

Tie Suspenders - Missed Gifts for Men

Our Adventure Book - Birthday Gift Ideas

The movie above! from Disney and Pixar you just have to see! Particularly moving was the short film about Carl's shared life and his wife Ellie. The adventure book has played a major role in the film. Darin had the couple plant everything they wanted to experience together. Also for your partner and you, such an adventure book is a big deal! The album with maps, photos, tickets and many more.

Looking for gift ideas for Dad? Here we say 30 homemade gifts for Dad, which is not only creative, but also very easy to create!

Our Adventure Book - Birthday Gift Ideas

Open, when - enclosures - gift ideas

This gift simply requires stationery, envelopes and some time for reflection. Each cover contains a letter containing anecdotes, reminders, lyrics, or loving words and instructions when it is open.

Open, if…

  • you sad beast
  • you are sour
  • you are angry with me
  • you missed me
  • you have a heavy day
  • etc.

Open, when - Umschläge - Gift ideas

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