Get rid of neck pain: new training equipment quickly strengthens the neck muscles

More and more people spend countless hours every day on the computer or tablet. The majority adopts a posture with the head drooping. If you hold this position for a long time, you risk muscle tension. The wrong load can be corrected with gymnastics. A new training device should strengthen the back muscles and help that we finally get rid of the annoying neck pain.

Get rid of neck pain: strengthen your back muscles through exercises with a new training device

Device for exercising neck muscles to prevent back and shoulder pain

A stiff neck, severely restricted mobility in the neck and shoulder area: muscle tension can cause severe head and neck pain. The good news: you can steer against it. Exercises to strengthen the neck muscles have proven to be very helpful. But not everyone has access to special health centers and exercise equipment. Neck tension can be relieved with warmth, for example with a warm grain pillow. If the tense muscles press on the nerves, it can lead to nerve inflammation. In this case, treating the pain with a heating pad may make the pain worse. Massagers therefore prove to be the only way to relieve neck pain without medication for the majority of those affected.

Neck tension musculature illustrations and training programs

A new training device should change that. Because My Perfect Neck strengthens the muscles and alleviates the discomfort. Those who practice with it regularly can lead a pain-free life after just four weeks. At least that’s what the manufacturer of the first prototype promises. He himself suffered from neck pain for many years, which got so worse with age that doctors wanted to operate on him. So he was desperately looking for an alternative. One day he saw a man in the gym with a toned body and proper brace. That inspired her to start her project. In just a few weeks, she managed to produce the first prototype.

Foldable training device against neck pain and tension

The training device offers many advantages:

  • It corrects the head posture during exercise.
  • It scores with easy handling and can also be used by wheelchair users.
  • The device is very light and can be packed in a suitcase.
  • When folded, it takes up very little space and can easily be stored under the bed, in the wardrobe or in the dresser.
  • You can’t do anything wrong while exercising and potentially damage muscles.

The inventor of the training device is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. The interest seems to be very high at the moment, so that the training device will probably go into production faster than expected.

Get rid of neck pain: These preventive measures should help to prevent tension in the long term

Prevent neck pain and tension

Those who train their neck muscles every day ensure that the neck pain does not come back. It does not necessarily have to be a laborious exercise, it is often sufficient if you get up in between and slowly tilt your head first to the left and right and then back and forth.

Massage will help relax the hardened muscles. Simply massage the neck and shoulder gently with circular movements. Lightly press the trigger points. Make sure that the massage does not cause pain.

Most people are not aware that stress can cause neck pain. However, tension can lead to cramped muscles. That’s why you should try to reduce everyday stress.

Get rid of neck pain with the new training device with a blueprint

Get Rid of Neck Pain New Back Muscle Exercise Device

New training device for neck muscles tips

Training of the neck muscles

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