Gas barbecue exterior kitchen with modern construction - ideas for kitchen design in the outdoor area

noble design for open kitchen next to pool in garden area

When your dream is to have a gas grill outside kitchen, we present you with some modern designs. In the warmer months, you are most likely to stay with friends or family on vacation. An outdoor kitchen is also perfect for summer parties, grills in the garden and even for intimate dinners with the whole family. Of course, it can be very expensive if a professional construction contractor comes out and builds a gas grill outside kitchen. For this reason, they can draw inspiration from the many examples in this post. We have found suitable suggestions that you can create or design for yourself in a few days.

Installation gas grill outdoor kitchen

elegant narrow gas grill exterior kitchen with wood and concrete construction

Whether you have a patio or courtyard, you can make the ultimate outdoor area with a grill out there. So they can catch all of them and find the perfect outdoor kitchen for your needs in the summer. All this is relatively easy to build and many can be done in just one weekend or less. It even gives examples for many gas grills outdoor kitchens in compact format that you can build in a few hours. And you can customize these plans by adding a gas grill, sink, and even a mini-fridge. Just look at our suggestions for the construction of your outdoor kitchen, which you can make to your favorite host.

a rustic gas grill outside kitchen in the backyard looks rustic

Some of these were a bit more expensive than others and some were demanding more time to build them. However, if they are all cheaper to self-make than to buy, and you can repair some of them with recycled wood and other natural materials, the construction was really cost-effective. So if you have always wanted your own gas grill outside kitchen, now is the time to realize your dream. So make sure you add some practical ideas, even more fun this summer, every year.

Modern and practical workspace

Practical kitchen made of stainless steel on roof terrace with modern design and plant-tops as well as sun screen

Almost everything is possible when it comes to kitchen workplaces. Do you ever realize that each surface requires a certain amount of care and care, so that you have to weigh the pre and night depending on location and lifestyle. Then you can make a picture, grind tiles, or be sealed with a granite for example. If you have children, you may be able to see a lightweight artificial stone or stainless steel. Today's workplaces can look so cool that many people may be able to provide these options to others. Tiles are invasive to the ablution of the wood in your outdoor kitchen. It is a very versatile material and you can find it quite beneficial when you buy in your very own tree market. Your kitchen reads to build stainless steel and tile anyway. Simply frame this and then add your stove as a cover.

Creative designs with kitchen backsplash

green kitchen backscatter and aesthetic and wood chairs

If you put a barbecue in the open air and a wall, you can get creative with the kitchen backside. While many people choose to knit, you should consider that these can be stained in bright colors by smoke. Tiles, although expensive for the installation, can be easily washed off, yet you have intensively used your gas grill exterior kitchens. Extraction heads are for the aeration in outdoor areas in which smoke cannot escape from self, as required. They can still fit through the entire outer space. The outdoor kitchen island at the top of the photo would be without the specially painted wood-paneled hooves, which fit the floor, did not look so impressive elsewhere.

outdoor kitchen made of concrete and pizza oven green planting

A closed concrete design can be said to be modern and functional for a gas grill outdoor kitchen. Many kitchen islands have many options and there are many things to consider. Of course, you can build an enviable pizza oven, modern lighting as well as a truly noble work surface and kitchen backsplash. However, many homeowners prefer to create their gas grill exterior kitchens with similar colors and cost-effective materials that can be adaptively adapted to the environment. Small potted plants also help to combine the existing landscape and the rest of the design.

use natural stone as a kitchen wall and integrate it into the kitchen design in the outside area

This is a kitchen hidden in an enclave, surrounded by natural rocks. These could include, for example, a pool, a garden or another part of the outdoor kitchen. Stein makes this otherwise quite typical design seem more interesting and unique and keeps the kitchen likely from home, was a surprising element.

Gas grill outside kitchen with pergola

small building with summer kitchen and pergola rug and seating possibilities design

Do you have a large garden? They were able to make the most of the space by giving the grill their own structure. Those guests were loved there, gathering in a separate oasis for free. The building could have been a dressing room for the pool, a bath in the open, or a place to be stored in the old objects or vehicles. A wonderful running course can be the appropriate element and although it takes about a week to build, it is not a difficult project at all. The pergola can be really relaxing and caribbean, don't you find it? You can even put this on the end of your outdoor terrace or build it as a freestanding kitchen.

open kitchen made of wood with thick kitchen worktop and space for storage separately

Speaking of upkeep: The open shelves in an outdoor kitchen contribute to their airy ambience and offer visual centerpieces, as they give the homeowner the opportunity to easily exhibit things to members. We also find that an elevated theke can perfectly attain as a field for the preparation of drinks and cocktails. This will take a little longer, but you still have as much more space than in a traditional outdoor kitchen with multiple cabinets. It even offers a bar on one side that offers seating and the perfect place to enjoy your summer evenings while eating.

Headlights for gas grill outdoor kitchen

thoughtful outdoor kitchen with light window built-in refrigerator and aesthetically-pleasing pizza oven

So if your grill is under such a cute construction on your outdoor terrace, the upper light window is the right solution. An overhead light reads as well during the day as also light in the evening or night, and dissolves simultaneously a monotony on a blanket. Besides, it looks fantastic in most kitchen areas.

Pendulum door for kitchen grills

pendulum door or swing tower for kitchen grills in garden or outdoor wood and concrete

Grilling outdoors is very attractive nowadays. If you want to completely cover the barbecue station, if you have a good idea about climate and proximity to the sea, give yourself a wonderful swinging garage style garage. Open it in use and close it while preparing food with strong flavors. Those guests love the surprise element, while it is important to highlight the outdoor area as well.

outdoor kitchen with gas grill and integrated radiator for more entertainment during grilling and braided bar stools

Don't miss a minute of football with a waterproof LED TV on your gas grill outside kitchen. Today's technology is being improved so that these televisions can process glare seamlessly through direct sun, wind and rain. The manufacturer even sells various models, after all, what kind of sunlight falls in that region.

Decent lighting with LED strips or light chains

dense lighting with LED strip in the outside area with gas grill outside kitchen

LED strips or lighting in bottom seams are not for any practical purpose, as they light up otherwise dark areas, but are also decorative, as you can see above. The orange light is in any case modern and draws attention to itself. Blue lights tend to work, though, and there are quieter atmospheres to work. With a remote control you can also change the color depending on mood or annoyance.

lighter chain and appropriate lighting for barbecue in the backyard and romantic ambience

Lighter chains can be heard by a short retailer at a few retailers. You have a great opportunity, a space or a garden area with the added advantage of being available to any weather, if you have been able to carry it out for the whole year. So, decorate your gas grill outside kitchen, while evoking a romantic ambience with the appropriate lights.

Furniture and technology in retro style

vintage look garden furniture and retro style refrigerator in green combine for rustic atmosphere

If you really want to build an outdoor kitchen with a small budget, you can check in second-hand stores or scraps if you can keep up with old kitchen cabinets. Then you just have to do this once and let them fit in your kitchen area. Add a few stones to make the whole look even more rustic. This is a truly cost-effective and easy way to create an outdoor kitchen that you can easily complete in one weekend. The colorful vintage look of retro cooling cabinets fits in both rustic and modern designs. Such refrigerators are mostly new to finding, conveying but the same atmosphere, if it is too difficult to find a true 1950s version.

Small appliances and accessories for gas grill outdoor kitchens

modern design for stainless steel gas grill and small appliances

It is not necessary to prepare a Margarita inside. Just set up a blender for that on the kitchen island. Or, better yet, you can build one into the workspace, if you can. This is true for bar mixers, kitchen appliances or other appliances that facilitate your meal preparation in one place. Don't forget, too, a free barbecue area with decoration that includes these little lanterns, pillows, vases, patterns and other works of art, to make the space even more inviting, if it were otherwise.

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