Garten schönstalten - 10 practical ideas for your own landscaping

Chinese snowball plant for the year-round garden plant

Your home may be your castle, but instead of surrounding it with a water trench, you can already design your garden. Discover our useful tips on giving the place you love, warmth, color and texture. From flowering shrubs over the plants from year-round to the protection of your garden for pests, it offers many beautiful and wonderful possibilities, inviting and appealing to your home.

Who can design a small garden?

small garden looks beautiful in the courtyard compact with stairs and garden furniture

Among the best ideas for landscaping are working with plant vessels and basins to create more heights and spaces in which to sit, relax and enjoy drinks and society. Each of these suggestions for garden design is both attractive as well as functional.

position a woman figure as a centerpiece in the garden next to stones

So let your imagination come true. Then use our best landscaping ideas to create and admire stunning small gardens for years to come. Regardless of whether it is in a small courtyard or a larger garden area, you will find useful tips here.

with little money favorable to the garden, beautifully designed with garden path

Try to greet your guests with flowers first. The flowers make your home appear more inviting. You can create your garden beautifully by first decorating the entrance with various yearlings and perennials. Sometimes you keep your home colorful and pleasant throughout the year. Petunias, lion cubs, African blue lilies and roses are great additions for their entry into the scene.

combine antique varieties with plants in the garden and leave rustic effects

When you have just a short distance between your house and the street, you build a low fence in front of the courtyard. This little trick gives the illusion that your home is further away from the road than it really is. It also possesses the planting of flowers and vines. Maybe there is something in the idea of ​​a white palisade fence.

Creeping plants were planting vines

colorful colored flowers bloom out of roses and others grown in gardens

Another opportunity to make the best out of your garden landscape is to grow, produce beautiful, extensive vineyards. It gives no lordship or romanticism as deep green branches that wind themselves around the columns and columns, especially if you have chosen a delicate, flowering vine variety. Clematis or Waldrebe is one of the most striking varieties of grapes that it gives, and they would look great if you could make your garden beautiful. The variety offers flowers in blue, purple, red, pink or white. We recommend, however, to mount these versatile vines in a fence, in a column or in a container. Otherwise, you can do this for a Laissez-fair garden style over your shrubs and perennials and leave it scribbled.

weinrebe as hanging plants for the garden beautifully designed

Clematis can be planted in the fall and spring, because of the good times with cooler weather. Who are you looking for? These plants thrive mainly on fertile, luscious and good transparent soil with a lot of organic matter. It is allowed to cool roots, so you plant the Waldrebe where the leafy sun arrives, but the roots remain shaded. Who do you call the Clematis?

noble design for small loved ones beautifully designed with couch and candles

Feed your crop monthly during spring and summer with an organic fertilizer for roses or tomatoes. When is Waldrebe covered? Some species thrive on new growth and some on all growth. When you buy, ask what type you have and if you should trim it. Local garden centers usually have a large selection in the spring.

Make garage parking great

garage entrance in the garden beautifully designed with succulent and climbing plants and house facade

Do you live in a garage home? Then you can decorate your driveway if you want to easily and beautifully create a garden. By carefully modeling the landscape and choosing the right plants and materials, you can hide an unattractive ride. With just a few steps, you can turn this seemingly shared home into a paradise for gardeners. First, create a slightly elevated lawn island in the middle of the foliage.

unconventional wooden seat cushions and stones integrated into modern garden design

Sometimes it also looks like a garden slope. Then add a low book tree hedge towards the back of the island. These can be beautified with roses, locals and perennials that rise above the hedge. Combine a variety of colors, textures and heights for a great look. Try roses for the slope, donkey ears for the texture and French rose for the color.

Stress-free the garden looks beautiful

unusual plant holder with plant barrels for gardens

When we speak of a restless, resilient plant, we think of the Asian hook lilies. They withstand dryness, need no fertilizer and thrive during hot, humid summers with lily-like blooms that pleasantly perfume the air. As they grow into huge onions at the time, they are virtually indestructible. If you need a carefree, impactful flower, this kind of lily is just the right thing for you. They come in a variety of rainbow colors and make sure that your garden is adorned in your vibrant favorite colors.

magical garden with house covered with flowers

These plants are capable of sunlight and do not care about the species of earth in which they grow. We wish for more plants that are so poor. So why did you love Asian Lily? In spring, summer or autumn, fragrant, trumpet-shaped blushes appear in many colors. Who can look for these plant species? Most people prefer at least five hours of sun per day. They are not selective in the soil. Most of them own the best for suburban areas, such as coasts and tropical south. Some of them can be planted further north.

Keep rodents or deer away

protect gardens against deer or other rodents

To prevent your flowers from being killed by rain or other rodents, was one of the most heartbreaking of all garden accidents, choosing flowers that were kept by humans for wonderful and for animals for disgust. This is actually not as heavy as you can imagine.

orange-colored butterfly landed on a yellow flower in the garden

We recommend that you choose perennials such as tuberous silk plants, marine thistle, summer flies or even purple cornflowers. They do not touch the skulls, and at the end of the day you still have a flowerbed full of beautiful leaves and blooms. You can find any of these varieties in garden centers, but make sure you plant them in well-transparent soil.

Vertical mini garden beautifully shaped

garden with vertical plant wall and wood furniture

They are likely to create beautiful multi-dimensional small gardens as well. Why not satisfy yourself with one-dimensional landscape design? Add to your garden simply beautiful, striking layers with vertically elevated plant vessels and hanging baskets. This strategy creates a spacious, visual effect with minimal effort. Adding wonderful elements and hanging flower openings creates a more beautiful color from high to low.

colorful landscaping with tall and low-lying plants on the garden path

The visual effect conveys the impression as ascending and descending blurry waves in your garden. If you want to make an immersive escape, this is a kinder step. As an added bonus, plants love the good drainage and aeration that offer plant danger. Each basket should contain a maximum of three species of plants, for example, hanging over the edges. Such are the begonia and the colorful sage. A denser plant is as it was, which is often rigid and filling, as appropriate. Colorful and a great and striking variant for the center, such as purple Cologne lily, are good options.

Planting flowering shrubs

Chinese snowball plant for the year-round garden plant

If you ask someone who can easily change the appearance of your residential landscape, in any case, you will experience with bliss. Flowering flowers, shrubs and trees provide an incredible effect in a yard, and you can add color in just one step. For a larger effect we recommend the Chinese snowball, which is ours one of the most striking strands of the spring. White flowerbugs, which have a diameter of 15 to 20 cm, adorn the branches later in the spring.

landscaping with water play for the garden with race and tree

It is a pleasure for the eye to see this. The plant grows and you can observe how it grows from 3 to 6 meters tall and wide. Incidentally, although this one looks like a hydrangea, it is actually another plant species. As a place for the plant, you are best looking for a prominent location, and the place for growth is available. Position these fully sun-drenched and fertile, well-transparent soil. If necessary, cut back shortly after the bloom in the spring.

Blend outside structures in the garden area

blend outdoor structures in the garden with hanging plants

Shopping, garages and workplaces in the outdoors are not always the most attractive accents for your carefully landscaped garden landscape. Hide these structures at the same time and make the most of their space by using it as a backdrop for a wonderful presentation of plants and flowers. Add brackets and a wooden board to create a shelf on the outside of a structure over the entrance or window.

combine old ceramic figures for garden design with plants

Imagine, for example, light-colored plant fibers made of glass fibers with flowers, to conceal the structure and to give the entrance a natural ambience. Indigenous ferns are great additions to the basic structure and give a strong accent. If you place plants closer to the walls of the building, this will also appear as a seamless addition to the green space.

Midpoint in the garden plan

refuge in the garden with lying plants and relaxation area work

At the same time, create a garden paradise, an escape as well as an oasis in your garden, by creating a crossing path, striking streams, inspiring views and hidden spaces. Design small places of refuge in which people can meet for a drink, and try, formally and informally, to encourage visual excitement. With every move that the vignettes in the garden seemed and favorable.

interesting design with stones and rocks, as well as garden for guests

They can also get creative and the biggest centerpiece, such as a plant wall, a fountain, a statue or a bench for the remote place in your garden, rather than place it right next to the house. Sometimes you create your own secret garden with only a few eyes away from your front door.

Enjoy colors over the whole year

flowering perennials and flowers for colorful garden plants throughout the year

At the moment, blooming in the flower with your glowing blooms, is one of the most exciting times for gardeners, or for anyone who has a garden or in such a garden. One of the great things about gardening is that we are treated to colorful flowers, leaves or berries at any time of year.

garden hanging beautiful figure with plants and plants

We cultivate plants that live during the summer, or in mild winter and look great throughout the year. They are fantastic additions for our flower beds, and we love the accent they offer for our porches, our letter boxes, our flower beds and our backyard. For this reason, look for the following plants for each season:

Seasonal blooms

man likes to plant a bucket full of flowers to plant

Plant: Azaleen, Daffodil, Forsythien, Mandevilla, Cardiac Growth, Glycine, Sword Lilies, Pfingstrose.
Summer: Hydrangea, Taglilien, Gardenie, Asian Hook Lilies, Handelröschen, Kreppmyrten, Springkraut, Zinnien.
Autumn: stepmother, aster, sugar horn, autumn-flowering camelia, palm trees, autumn timeless, chrysanthemums.
Winter: coral sleeve, blueberry, amaryllis growth, lentil rose, rosemary, magnolia, ornamental quince, crocus.

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