Garden Party in late summer - The best ideas for a successful celebration

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In summer, this year is particularly long and with its warm days it ends in a cozy garden party in late summer in a cozy round. Because this is something that many people have noticed, such an event will be well organized. The following tips will lend your garden party some originals and specials.

Garden party in late summer: Washing and nursing are not lacking

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Essen is undoubtedly a very important component of a garden party. Eventually, the empty and grumpy stomach only comes to a solemn mood. And was it a beautiful late-night beauty, as with family and good friends to roast on holiday? Grilling makes it simpler and is a much simpler preparation than cooking with an oven, countless pots and further kitchen utensils. For many guests this is nothing about a hearty, crisp grilled steak. Where grease should be allowed to be served on poultry sausage or putty steak. Expected as a vegetarian guest, meatless alternatives should not be lacking. Particularly delicious are prepared on the grilled foil potato with spicy herb squash, tomatoes with herbs and feta, marinated vegetable soup or corn on the cob.

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When you have to make a grill, it is important to consider the shape, size and functions of the grill, which influence the taste of the barbecue. Also light salads (e.g. with couscous) were seen again and again. Believe in the same buffet and finger foods: This one is particularly handy and also for the small hunger in between. And you don't even need any exotic, flame, scallops or white sausage saltimbocca. In addition to classic beverages such as water, spirits and beer, sweet fruit bowls and cocktails provide a fruity highlight.

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You should think about this beforehand:

- Send charges in a timely manner
- Create shopping list and focus on guest numbers (Observations and allergies to guests!)
- Inform your baby
- Provide sufficient seating facilities
- Organize barbecue hearings
- Prepare enough glasses, cutlery and counter
- Marinate meat in the pre-day
- Refrigerate drinks early
- Prepare sauces, garlic butter and dips
- Prepare ice cube
- Sun and rain protection plans (sun screen, planes, sun screen)
- Music system delivered

Planning a garden party in late summer: garden accessories for a moderate sample person

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Because the party with the reception does not end and the dancing goes on and again requires a break, the seating is unforgettable. If you are not equipped with an additional seat, you may be able to provide a seat for your neighbor. Alternatively, you can still supply some beer tents to a retailer. If you already find the garden suitable for the purchase, for example, the purchase offers stable leisure chairs in a uniform look. It is particularly comfortable with an outdoor armchair or sofa, of course with weather-resistant touch and rugged feel. With the right couch, you get a very attractive garden furniture, which entails the gentle indulgence.

Garden party in late summer: Tischdeko creates a festive ambience

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With a few simple gadgets, your garden becomes the real eye-catcher. Begin best with the discs. In the dishwasher and table linen you can later do the further garden decoration. Your natural, the more beautiful the table deco falls into. Especially fresh flower paths emphasize the fire in the natural ambience. You can pick colorful flowers and grasses directly in your garden: In this way, the wildflower meadow is reflected on the animals. Porcelain crockery and real glass look in combination with the natural table setting and in the outdoors are high-value and beautiful. And when you give up on dishwashers, you also make the environment a joy. Later, when hunger is over, candles in old disposable glasses or windlights should be on the table. They will be in the twilight for a relaxed atmosphere.

Garden in late summer

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Before decorating the table, you should think about giving your garden a firm note as well. As one garden party per se falls apart as other festivals, it offers to put on a natural and imperfect decoration. Lampions and garlands bring color to the green, just like coat balls, pumpkins or pennants. Distribute these in tall shrubs and trees or hang them in the roof of a garden pavilion. On long summer evenings, lamps, lanterns, garden torches, fire bowls or swimming candles also provide you with a water-filled bowl for a cuddly feeling of well-being.

Schedule a garden party in late summer: No party without musical accompaniment

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The party pay also depends on the music. The corresponding technique should be prepared and tested at least in the morning hours. Simply equipping a radio or a sound system with batteries and tuning out in the middle of the garden is for many in-between old-school. It is said to have many wireless speakers that connect via Bluetooth to a notebook or smartphone. This solution has the advantage that no unnecessary wiring and consequent crashes occur. For a particular anlass, it would be an absolute highlight to engage a band for one to two hours. Or is your guest particularly familiar with the guitar and willing to tune in some songs? Those who like to swing the dance leg would be more confident about a small dance area.

Garden party in late summer: Conclusion

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Garden parties also remain listed in late summer. If the fire is around, she wants to be well organized anyway. From dining and trinkets about the appropriate seating and table decoration to the festively landscaped garden, there was plenty to think about in advance. If you have mastered the aforementioned advice and let yourself be inspired, the perfect garden party is not always on the way.

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