Garden Furniture Trends: These are the Highlights for 2020

Enjoy the warm sunbeams on a lounge bed, let the evening out with friends while grilling, or relax with a book in hand in the sun: garden furniture expanding the living space. Liege, espresso and lounge groups make the terrace or balcony a favorite retreat, where the whole family wants to stay.

Garden furniture trends for the terrace colors and materials at a glance Design ideas and furniture sets

It is all the more important that the balcony the terrace design is functional and also stylish. We provide you with an overview of the latest garden furniture trends for the next summer season 2020, decaying them, which you should consider when purchasing and explain who can effectively insert the outdoor sets.

Garden Furniture Trends for Season 2020: How to Experience Vacation Feeling in the Outside Area

Lounge furniture for the outdoor area Wooden armchair with upholstery

In the next year, focus will be on focus. Convince rattan or teak garden furniture with clear shapes and a plain silhouette. The naturally acting material combinations create the charm of the furniture sets in the modern country house style. Thanks to your neutral color, they prove to be real multi-talents and offer numerous opportunities for freedom. The plain furniture lets the accessories play the main role in shaping. Glass vases and rustic deco shells bring a Mediterranean touch to the garden, colorful layouts for the chairs and laying accents and small statues made of multi-glass evoke holiday feeling in the outdoor area.

This piece of furniture come to a patio design in a country house style in question: Esstischgruppen, who assemble from a wooden and wooden chairs or rattan armchairs, sturdy hammocks in a powerful color, as well as garden benches made of exotic woods bring some charm to the garden.

The color scheme: Mostly gray furniture is standing in the background, beaming Accessories in luminous yellow, blue and snow white.

Garden Furniture Trends for Season 2020: Higher Lounge Furniture

Lounge furniture set from a modular sofa and stool or coffee table and a Hollywood swing on the spacious wood terrace

For the next year, the manufacturer will add extra value to the comfort. Both of these are the sofas with bottom seating areas. In that year, the living room furniture is higher, so you can get up and sit more comfortably. By 2020, the emphasis is not on more opulent lounge landscapes that work on the small balcony or on the small terrace over-dimensionally, but on space-saving two and three-seater sofas. Together with lying and stools, they allow themselves to combine comfortable living landscapes or seating groups and make them softening in the joy of joy.

Garden Furniture Trends Located near the Pool Terrace Design in the Mediterranean Country House Style

The trendy lounge furniture are compact, have a sturdy frame made of stainless steel, rattan or aluminum and can withstand rain, wind and even snow. Thick upholstery pillows ensure more seating and lying comfort. With a seat height of 50 cm - 60 cm the sofas resemble a daybed as a residential landscape.

Die Farben: The upholstery pillows in gray fit perfectly with the minimalist metal frame. Designed for the lounge furniture, a purist, at the very least, reduced construction lies strongly on trend. There were also various possibilities in the residential area, which attract the strict optics of the sofa. Garden rugs are a very effective example of a sleek lounge group.

Garden furniture trends for the 2020 season: "Mix and match" dining groups

Garden Furniture Trends Winter Garden Design Cozy Seating Group With Garden Table And Chairs

In 2020, the Essplatz will be free for you. Chairs in various colors and shapes were boldly combined according to the "Mix and Match" trend. The trendy nuances of Signal Yellow, Moose Green and Fire Red give the colorway to the terrace. In the end, an exciting espresso group is created, which lends additional flavor to the modern terrace.

So it ends colorist Stuhlmix: Six armchairs can provide color pairs in vigorous red or yellow, expressive dark blue or grassy green and distinct gray or cream around the garden table.

Buying garden furniture: When is the right time for the purchase of new garden furniture

Garden Furniture Trends for 2020 Lounge Group on Terrace with Rattan Furniture and Outdoor Carpet

In the beginning we do not think about garden furniture. However, now is actually the right time to buy new furniture sets. For one thing, while the Cologne Garden Fair is showing the latest trends for the next year, the second, reasonably priced, many high-quality products at reduced prices are reasonably available.

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