Furnish a 20 sqm apartment: When multifunctional furniture plays the main role in the interior

Australian architect Ashkan Mostaghim recently renovated a 20 sqm apartment. The interior project was designed and completed on behalf of UKO. The goal was to make a bright and cozy room as functional as possible. The apartment in Sydney is tailored to the needs of single life and offers everything you need in your hectic everyday life. The apartment has a small kitchenette and a loft bed that offers plenty of storage space. It is the perfect example of functionality paired with modern aesthetics. If you also want to furnish a 20 sqm apartment, let yourself be inspired by this excellent interior!

Furnish a 20 sqm apartment: The modular furniture plays the main role

20 sqm apartment with multifunctional furniture such as loft bed with storage space for table and wardrobe

Especially when space is limited, modular furniture offers a space-saving variant. The architect Ashkan Mostaghim decided to design a small kitchenette right next to the front door. It is equipped with everything that singles need in everyday life: a small refrigerator, a kitchen sink and two induction hobs offer the possibility to prepare something quick. Right next to the kitchen is the bathroom, which is quite spacious for a 20 sqm apartment. The highlight in the interior is then in a niche: the loft bed. Its green color automatically draws attention and visually separates the room from the bedroom and living area.

Furnish a 20 sqm apartment with bedroom and living room

Under the bed are a small sofa, a dining table with two stools and a wardrobe. So the resident can decide for himself what he needs. All furniture is on casters so that it can be easily moved back and forth in the room. The two-seater sofa glows in orange and has extra high armrests made of leather and backrests and seats padded with soft fabric. A dining table for six and two stools complete the furniture program. On the wall opposite the bed, several wall shelves offer storage space for small things. A TV at bed height offers the opportunity to watch your favorite TV series in bed.

A wooden staircase with storage space for shoes leads to the sleeping area. On the walls around the double bed, several clothes hooks offer the possibility to hang decorative pillows, pajamas and much more.

The loft bed is housed in a niche

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Extendable dining table for six

Set up one-room apartment to save space Dining table under loft bed

The wardrobe offers storage space for clothes, accessories and shoes

20 sqm apartment set up wardrobe under loft bed

A wooden staircase with drawers leads to the sleeping area

20 sqm apartment set up with loft bed with stairs with storage space

The bed is housed in a niche, leaving enough space for the dining table and sofa

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A project by Ashkan Mostaghim

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