Fleur Strike: 45 Ideas for Stylish Wall Design with Color

Small fleur strikes ideas for modern narrow spaces optically far

The first impression reads: Welcome your guests in a stylish flurry. With a successful color scheme, the narrow entrance area becomes an inviting, bright and generous working space. We explain to you, where to look at the floral design and how to achieve a harmonious color effect. The smallest space in the house often turns out to be the biggest challenge in the design. The colors of the entrance door, the room doors and the furniture will surely influence the room feel and therefore play a crucial role for the final result. Our tips will help you choose the right wall color! Let yourself be inspired by the ideas in the photo shoot and experience how you can strike an effective flurry.

Streaky narrow stripe: Green shades for a natural look

Strips in Tujagrün and white green wall design ideas for the entrance area

Bring a touch of nature into the entrance area and strike the walls in the green color family. Strike the upper wall area in a bright neutral hue like ivory or white green and cover the lower wall area with a darker shade. If the flur is long and narrow, you can visually enlarge it with a simple trick. Strike the dark wall darker than the side walls. Horizontal stripes may appear at once large and bring alternation. On a green wall, dark wood furniture in vintage or country style looks particularly beautiful. Golden accessories, vases in shimmering metal colors and hand-woven baskets give the room the last fine finish.

Small flurry half strikes: Beer tones and nude nuances give a moody living image

Ideas for bear shades in the wall and combinations with ivory in the entrance area

They convey comfort and warmth and even create the smallest space for the experience. No wonder that today's trade gives a great selection of beer tones. Together with warm neutral shades such as nude, bright pink or pastel violet, they provide a particularly moody living image. The color combination fits wonderfully to bright oak furniture. By the way, if you are ready to stroke the walls in a colorful way and miss the new look, you can also protect the wall through a floor covering for dirt and scratches. The design reads to paint or streak, and is the perfect variant for families with grandchildren or for singles who store their vehicles in the entrance area.

Fleur Strike: The combination of gray and brown adds exotic flair

Choose exotic decor and decorate matte wall colors

Who says that those walls in Flur had to be lightly ironed? Wear a darker wall color and bring a brown exotic with brown in your own four walls. Stroke the narrowest wall or bring niches and corners to matte brown to apply. The gray sidewalls step into the background and let the warm hue play the leading role in the entrance area. Damit the wall design does not work boring and come home accessories in play. Golden vases, patterned deco pillows and sacks in gold, petrol and chocolate brown complete the exotic color scheme.

Schmalen Flur gray streaks: The classic monochrome wall design

Flur gray stripes light gray chest of drawers and white sofa in flur in niche colors

Niche colors such as White, Gray and Black are considered boring and are their favorite Kombi partners as soloists in the interior. In the end, gray should eventually enter the front ground. Just when the space is small, let it work chaotically in many colors. If you strike the wall in Hellgrau and the coat rack and the shelves of a shade of darkness, all the design elements harmonize with each other. Perfect for this: Seat sofa in Altweiß and smaller Beistelltisch in Creme

Colors for the Flur in Gray: Set accents with cornflower blue

Entrance area in yellow and blue ideas for modern interior decoration

The trendy color of cornflower blue, a sweet and vigorous blue, was seen in this year on the most numerous fashion designers. The blue hue does not lie but only when the hearts of the trendsetters strike higher, and also that the interior architects were enthusiastic about it and have successfully integrated it into your space concept. The color tone works best as an accent in the small flurry. Together with gray, it is modern and makes the cool corridor character disappear instantly. If the color scheme does not work in sterile, yellow comes into play. A comfortable couch with upholstery in bright yellow gives the room a comfortable touch.

Strike: The timeless elegant color duo Gray and White

Wall in gray and white stripe cold colors combine design ideas for elegant entrance

Small, but fine: A gray and white flurry works timelessly elegant. Especially it looks like if you strike the wall in gray and then all the furniture, doors and finishing strips in snow white. Their reduced design guarantees compliments and leaves a positive impression on the friends. So if the color palette can unfold in your effect, you prefer to keep the decoration and decoration to the minimum: high-gloss floor furniture with graceful fronts, a pair of flower pots with orchids and a photo in the wall round off the purist residential program. Otherwise looks pretty at home entrance.

Flour strike: Walls, floors and blankets in white

Stretch in snow white and put royal blue armchair as color tufts pictures green color tents

Small spaces or spaces with many corners and niches work harmoniously when you strike the walls, the floors and the blankets white. So the Flur looks more spacious automatically. At first glance, looking sterile and cool-looking, is actually the best background for a creative wall design and colorful décor. Your imagination has no boundaries. Experiment with colors, shapes and living styles. With black they tell a dramatic effect, Königsblau adds colorful accents and reads the entrance area much more vividly. Grass green gives the room character and freshness.

Flur strike: What color for the summer doors?

What color for the room-to-door floral design in white and azure wall shades combine

Do they have a long, slim and dark skirt? Strike all the bedroom doors in one accent color. The compilation game of cream white and azure blue brings a Mediterranean touch in its own four walls and power in a small flur a strong statement. This makes the hue of the white color the difference: cream white contains a proportion of beige, which is why the space is inviting and warm.

Flur half-strikes: Farbideen ton in ton

Flur half-streaked pastel colors from the same color family ton in tone peach and pink and white and nude

Do you want to bring structure into the entrance area? Then you can strike your flur halfway up. For a harmonious effect, choose covered shades from the same color family. Nude shades offer a wide range of intensely color tones and combine well with many natural wood masks. The lighter color also mitigates the contrast to the white entrance door and the ceiling.

Strike: Creative ideas with black

Anthracite and red and white combine Altbau's stylishly designed modern design

Is Schwarz im Flur considered absolute no-go? Don't vote. If your entrance area is large-cut and bright, then you can experiment with color. As daylight comes abundantly through the window, you can afford a dark look and boldly combine red and black. The white towers and railings, the bright runners and the console in Altweiß attract the strict minimalist look and the vintage statues, picture frames and seat booths created modern and traditional.

Optically enlarge narrow flur: Stretch the blanket

Fleur stripe yellow blanket and black interior door with red paint accents

Do you need to narrow your optic flare optically? Emphasize the ceiling with a luminous color and add depth with a clever space design. Strike the wall in ivory or pearl white. These warm neutral shades provide the perfect backdrop and create a seamless transition between the different areas. Bedroom doors, a seat couch and an industrial blackout lamp in black put dramatic accents and multiple abstract images in the wall giving the room color. The yellow blanket adds the last fine slip to a bold and contrasting design.

Stretch Flur: Apply pattern to the wall

    Flur patterns strike yellow and ivory in front of the woodcarving in Camel Farbe im Flur

Geometric shapes and patterns bring alternation to the wall. Anyway, if you don't trust those who wrap walls with intricate caskets, triangles and stripes, you can achieve the same effect with a simple trick. A triangle in large format separates the wall, the doors and even the picture in two and gives the Flur unchangeable character. Especially charming is the Wall in bright pastel shades. A yellow hue in combination with the soft ivory presents itself cheerfully and now creates a pleasant ambience.

Purple wall paint in flur: Glamor pure design

matte purple stylish accent wall and decorate with mirror with gold frame

Matte purple hue in the narrow wall, combined with a mirror with gold-plated frames and a vintage console, make the small fleur look glamorous. The longer walls are apparently kept in a neutral shade and allow the darker wall color to apply better. Purple and violet are best suited for old building and mid-century fixtures.

Creative ideas for wall design in flur

Flee striking ombre color for the blankets and choose the walls

A longer, narrower floor with high ceilings can work uncomfortably. The popular Ombre wall, where the colors are seamlessly interlaced, gives you a nice touch and fresh look too. Although this blanket does not look so high, it is knit in the darkest shade and the color scheme is still brighter. The entrance door in cornflower blue automatically links the gaze and accents. It is an eclectic mural that fits the eclectic floor design at best. If, in a small space, a visible brick wall, dividing floors and dark natural stone tiles are combined, then nothing else remains to be emphasized as the eclectic character of the room.

Pastel-colored transition from flur to garden create ideas for color scheme in pink and peach and yellow and sky blue

Pastel colors require a great deal of exposure. They are interconnected, relaxing the eyes and can add subtle accents, as well as step into the background. Complete beginners can do nothing wrong with pastel colors, as long as all possible combinations are allowed, as long as the soil coating is uniform.

Entrance area with stripes in orange and patina green and gray and white

Strips in the wall: Different broad vertical stripes bring alternation to the floor. What is special about the stripes is that they bring dynamics into their own four walls and still ensure order in the fly. Round vases counteract the optical strands of the geometric pattern and loosen the living image.

Whether pretty neutral shades or even more vibrant colors: Almost all colors are applied to the wall. In the right combination they can unfold their complete effect and give the flur the certain etwas.

Incorporated ideas for natural green color scheme and wood furniture

Flur strike two tiled walls in steel blue and gold and emerald green

Entrance in Rosa strikes classically aligned ideas for mural design

Pink and lavender with warm natural shades combine ideas

Flur streak in pastel-colored dresser in peach and always white with red lace

Streak in petrol and wood furniture with accents in gray oak furniture

Walls and ceilings in lemon yellow and untreated concrete floors

Natural shades could combine which color suits Olive Green

Combine wall in two divided moss green and white and set yellow color

Entrance area with table work brings up practical decorations for large families

Black door and wall in ivory and beistelltisch with gold legs

    red sofa and black railings as accents in front of the gray wall and the white wall shelves

Orange wall and vintage Shabby Schick device yellow porcelain vase and bird cage and rat basket as decoration

Color scheme for the entrance area Pastel colors such as green and sand color and dark wood furniture

Olive wall strike ideas for industrial chic in the apartment

neutral colors nude shades warm and cold combine

Purple and violet and altrose and black railing modern color scheme tone in tone

powerful red and azure blue and white contrasting exotic color scheme

sky blue entrance door and blue wall and door frames in yellow form a travel color scheme in flur

Strip green walls and accentuate golden decoration

Gray wallpaper in the wall with classic patterns and narrow black beistell table in front of the stairs

Ideas for multi-colored wall design in yellow streaks down stairs

Stretch in berry tones and combine with purple and gray

    Bear shades in the wall in flur and comfortable wardrobe in white

anthracite wall as accent and light gray wall as background ideas for color design with color

All-white walls and dark blue rugs in Scandinavian style

Entrance to modern designed patina wall and oak wood wardrobe

Entrance to royal blue wooden shelves and floor tiles in Weiß

Entrance in gold and green vintage decor ideas

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