Even beginners can get close to this autumnal décor - simple DIY projects with fall fabrics & felt

Are you eager to get a few beautiful decorations yourself in the fall? Then you landed right here. With our instructions, you do not necessarily have to be a professional. Instead, newcomers must also venture there and approach a favorite autumn deco. Whether translators, exact images or mushrooms to compile, we have put together some great ideas. For many of them you can even use fabric residue.

Close autumn deco - guide for interpreters in squirrel form

Autumn deco sewing from fabric debris and using as substitutes

  • Fabric residue in suitable autumn colors or with autumn motifs
  • self-adhesive fleece
  • Dishwasher for the back side
  • Template for squirrel
  • Bundle band, 6 mm wide
  • Stecknadeln
  • Stoffschere
  • Nähmaschine

Autumn deco closer - DIY guide for investigators with patchwork

Beginner's Guidance: To get this simple fall decor close, you need to cut your fabric back. They need 15 approximately 5 cm wide strips, which you can then sew together to five. Book the patchwork sets. To obtain a square pattern only, cut the three strip sets again into 5 cm strips. This is easiest if you fold a set along the seam and then cut it into 5 cm squares. If you fold these squares apart, you get strips from 5 different fabric squares. These strips are again close to five.

Alternatively, you can cut out 25 squares and then sew them together to create the patchwork pattern.

Autumn deco close with fleece and remnants of fabric with stencils

Now you need the template in the shape of a hearty squirrel that you cut out. Stitch them with sewing needles on one of the patchwork fabrics and cut them out with a pair of scissors. Then, in the same way, cut out the squirrels from the selected fabric (best dark brown). Laying the hats on the left side of the squirrel like to see in the picture, you stick with the needles and close both fabrics together, leaving a distance of approx. Weld 5 to 6 mm from edge. Then fold the hats on and bend the seam.

Autumn deco is even close

Eichel as a suggestion for interesting top flaps with Henkel

If you are able to approach translators as an autumn deco, you still have to work on the fleece, which serves as a thermal insulation. Stick the acorn on the fleece and cut off the excess fleece along the edge with a scissors. Fix it, as you build it. Now lie down the squirrel with the fleece on top of the kitchen towel and stick the edges. Cut out the shape. Sew them together along the edge with a distance of about 6 mm. Leave it open before turning.

Use fabric in hearty colors and patterns for sewing projects

Turn to the translators and approach the opening. They can then easily add one slot to the suspension. They can close this autumn decoration and give it or give it for themselves. She is also suitable as a top flap. For the latter, you could even add more fleece or thicker for all cases.

Template here.

Autumn deco close with knitting frame

Autumn deco sew on linen in a wooden frame

  • Filz
  • Karton
  • Mark
  • Stoffschere
  • Stickrahmen
  • Lein Fabric
  • Stick Yarn
  • Stick Adel
  • Knöpfe

If you do not have a sewing machine and prefer to work with your hand, you can work with felt and close this autumn deco before using even a beautiful knitting frame. Cut free-hand or with the help of a stencil sheet from the felt and clamp the fabric in the knitting frames. Now lie the sheets on the linen fabric and try out which positions you like most. Then you easily attach the leaves along the edge of the felt.

Hübsche Autumn deco close with felt and linen - instructions for beginners

At the end, tie a knot on the back side and cut off the excess yarn. You can still attach a few decorative knots in your favorite designs and already have the autumnal decoration set up or hung on the wall.

Like mushroom deco mushrooms

Close mushrooms as autumn decoration and on wooden boards

  • Stoffreste
  • Vorlage
  • Stick Yarn
  • Füllwatte
  • Füllgranulat
  • Holzscheiben
  • general sewing materials: needle and thread, scissors, sewing machine

If you are close to mushrooms as an autumn deco, you can use this simple instruction with prints for expression. If you approach the autumn deco, you can make your home with your next wonderfully wonderful stay. First, print out the link at the bottom first and cut out the elements. You need the circle twice, but you only cut and lift the inner circle in both. Transfer all elements to the fabrics (or stick and cut them out directly).

Beautiful autumnal mushrooms with filling wadding and granules on wood stands

Fold the rectangle along the right to the right and close the two sides together, leaving a 6 mm seam. They get a hose. Turn the fabric over and bow it. Also, lie both circles right to right and close them along the edge (again with 6 mm spacing). Through this hole in the middle of a circle you can now turn the fabric. Book again.

Fill the mushroom cap with filling wool. The small circle you previously cut out of one of the circles is now fastening to one side of the vessel. Fill the so-obtained stem of the mushrooms to one size with the filling granule and the rest with the filling wool. Fold in about 6 mm from the open edge and press with your fingers. With the yarn you can now attach the stems in the mushroom cap.

Decorate house in autumn with homemade decorations

After approaching the Autumn Deco, you can place them on the wood discs. Should they not want to stand, they will also fix with adhesive. Make the best difference here by simply changing the size of the stencil and placing the finished mushrooms in groups (e.g. on a large wooden disc). Then your Autumn decoration with wood slabs and mushrooms looks even more beautiful.

Tipp: If you are using longer mushrooms as an autumn decoration, simply extend the rectangle. For larger mushroom screens, choose a larger diameter for the circles of the template.

Templates for printing here.

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