Eating while standing unhealthy or good for digestion?

The stressful everyday life at work leaves little time for a good lunch break and we often have to eat while standing. Even after a day's work, life is often hectic and intense. It is therefore not surprising that the majority of people try to save as much time as possible. For this reason, eating in fast food restaurants, bakeries or on the street is not uncommon. Therefore, people often ask themselves whether this type of eating habit could actually be harmful to health.

Is eating healthier while standing?

while standing eat unhealthy or healthier salad at home

Although studies on the subject are currently inadequate, many doctors believe that this type of eating is harmful to health. Accordingly, such a diet encourages us to eat up to 50% more food than in a sitting position. In addition, in most cases, people are doing something different at the same time, like walking the street or talking. In other words, attention is drawn to other activities.

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This unbundling based on external information influences the feeding process. Therefore, people take less time chewing and tend to swallow food too quickly, which destabilizes and disorientates the brain. As a result, the latter receives the wrong information that the body is receiving small amounts of food. So our stomach demands more food, which prevents the feeling of satiety.

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If chewing is not good, large bites can also enter the stomach, which can damage the organs. This mentality of eating fast can disturb the health of the intestine, no matter how healthy we eat. Experts therefore recommend eating while sitting and taking the time to chew well so that the brain can perceive the necessary information.

Special cases of consumption

healthy food with vegetables and fresh ingredients

So eating in a standing position is basically not a good idea. Nutrition experts, however, mention one exception: if you work in a sitting position all day, eating while standing is allowed during lunch. But to get rid of this unhealthy habit, here are three practical tips to keep in mind:

1. Try to create a relaxed culinary atmosphere. Prefer a cozy dining area and stand next to a window so that your eyes can wander and relax.

2. When you eat with your colleagues, avoid work-related conversations. In this way the mind can escape the daily stress.

3. Allow each meal to last at least 20 minutes. Eat slowly, chew carefully, and focus on the process. On the other hand, fast food can cause abdominal bloating.

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