Dyson V11 Compared to Previous Model V10 – Is It Worth the Price?

There are vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the market today that are considered to be the best and the Dyson V11 is a new example of this. According to the developers, the latest wireless model as the successor to the Dyson V10 is the best yet. It comes out with more power, cleaning time and a chic new digital display. So find out what’s new here and get your judgment on the cleaner with new extra features.

Wireless Dyson V11 at a glance

innovative technology in the new dyson v11 vacuum cleaner model

The Dyson V11 Absolute is the brand’s most expensive vacuum cleaner to date. This has a jazzy new digital display that shows you exactly how much cleaning time is left. The auto mode also adjusts the suction power in order to achieve optimum battery life and effortless cleaning. To top it off, the new product should be more powerful and have longer battery life than the V10 model. Dyson claims that its new V11 cordless vacuum cleaner is not only smarter, it also has 20% more suction power than its predecessor, the Cyclone V10. The new model looks similar to the V10 but has some pretty enticing updates that set it apart from its competitors. Most noticeable is the intelligent digital display, which not only shows battery life, but also refines estimates over time.

floor head with rotating brush cordless vacuum cleaner for cleaning carpets

The Absolute model also has an automatic cleaning mode that adapts the suction power to the type of floor. This saves you having to switch while optimizing battery life. But does the new vacuum cleaner really match its price-performance ratio? Find out how the Dyson V11 compares to previous models. Get an overview of what’s new to compare the entire range and find the best option for you. Read on to learn more about how it compares in terms of features and specifications.

Cordless vacuum cleaners in comparison

The Dyson V11 retains the design changes that consumers liked with the Dyson V10. These are, for example, the larger capacity and longer battery life, as well as a few other useful extras. So the most important additions are the following:

Digital display and time control – Both new models have a dynamic digital display. This will tell you which cleaning mode you are in, and it will count down the battery life from second to second, making recharging halfway around the house a thing of the past. According to Dyson, the V11 constantly monitors performance and adjusts battery estimates over time, taking into account the cleaning mode, tools used, and type of soil. The display also reminds you when the filters need to be cleaned. It also shows whether there are any blockages.

More performance and longer cleaning times – According to the manufacturer, the Dyson V11 has 20% more suction power than the V10. In the floor cleaning mode (in the eco setting) this can also take 60 minutes. That’s an improvement over the V10, which only lasts about 45 minutes. This makes the prospect of a full clean a real option for larger households. However, the additional runtime also means that charging takes an hour longer than the V10, V7 and V6 series, which are around four and a half hours. The new product has a digital motor and the most powerful battery to date.

Additional advantages

new extras such as a digital motor in the handle of the dyson v11

So at the heart of the vacuum cleaner is the upgraded digital motor, which now has a triple diffuser to improve performance. According to Dyson, the first two diffusers straighten the airflow and reduce turbulence. This increases the suction power, while the third diffuser is intended to reduce the noise level. The motor also uses pressure sensors to send information back to the microprocessor – the brain of the vacuum – up to 8,000 times per second. You will then be alerted to problems via the digital display. The motor also uses pressure sensors to send information back to the microprocessor up to 8000 times per second. You will then be alerted to problems via the digital display.

integrated display shows auto mode on digital display new model dyson v11

The more expensive Dyson V11 Absolute model has an additional trick up its sleeve: the auto mode. This only starts when you have attached the strong floor head and automatically adapt to different floor types in order to achieve the best cleaning results and to optimize battery life. The floor head has an additional digital motor and measures resistance to determine how much power is needed. As a simple but useful addition, the new accessory is pushed onto the cleaning tube so that you can carry two mini tools such as the splitting tool or the upholstery brush. This might not be that revolutionary, but it will save you climbing stairs and walking back and forth from your car when you have to clean in a difficult corner.

Practical storage

Storage of modern vacuum cleaners with wall mount practically at home

The V10 weighed a whopping 2.6 kg, while the V11 weighs just over 3 kg thanks to the larger battery. This is still pretty average for a cordless vacuum cleaner, so it’s not that big of a drawback. However, it is worth making sure you are comfortable with the cargo, especially if you can clean for longer. Neither the V11 nor the V10 can stand alone. So if you don’t fancy drilling the dock into your wall to charge it or leave your vacuum cleaner in pieces in a closet, Dyson has launched a new stand called the Dyson Dok. You can store your vacuum cleaner and accessories neatly in the docking station. Five additional tools are also included, including a cleaning tool for mattresses and a small soft dust brush for furniture and blinds.

new models of cordless vacuum cleaners in japanese store

Soon the Dyson V12 will also be on sale. For now, people can only speculate about what the successor will offer and what kind of new features consumers will see. The manufacturer has shown great interest in using powerful sensors to support the vacuuming process, so the functions of the V11 will probably be included in the V12. However, you have longer battery life and can use more powerful suction. This powerful suction gives you more freedom when cleaning all kinds of different surfaces. Ultimately, Dyson will certainly try to further improve the specific performance qualities of the current model while maintaining the excellent properties of the Dyson V11.

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