Donut Torte zum Kindergeburtstag: Leckere Rezepte

Donte Torte himself makes glaze recipes

Lust auf etwas Süßes? A bundle and a nice torte is just one of the children's showers. Self-satisfied and fun-loving Leckereien guarantees care for enrollment in the childish. For this reason, we have put together several recipes for a Donut Torte for all the Hobby Baker. The fallen shape and the tough colors make for a real hooker under the guest's care. Get rid of the bones The thrill and enthusiasm you want to find and find, you will find a dunter who would like to try you out.

Recipe for delicious 3-bids - Donut Torte mit Zuckerglasur

Donut Torte Rezept lecker turn the floor

The first suggestion is for a Donut Torte with Zuckerglass. The wide bows are furthermore quite enlightened with decorations. The Torte has 12 slabs. You can back the birthdays or as a fuel for a family celebration. The Torte is also a perfect dessert for a garden party. Our fresh colors made them a refreshing buffet for a fresh note and for a firm mood in the care. You can also serve any kind of baking goods, as well as cover the backs with plastic foil and set them aside. As you can back the tortoises, you need a gugelhupfform.

Here are the Sutates for the Torture Beds:

  • 340 g ungesalzene Butter
  • 2 1/2 bags of Zucker
  • 5 Egg on room temperature
  • 1 EL Vanilla zucker
  • 3 Bags Mehl
  • 1 EL Natron
  • 1/4 EL Salz
  • 1 Bag Milch on room temperature

Under the Sutras for the Zuckerguss:

  • 6 Bags Zucker
  • 3 EL Vanilla zucker
  • 1 Tasse Rahmsahne
  • Lifebuoy: lime green, blue and pink
  • Zuckerstreusel in Regenbogenfarben

Donut Torte selber machen decoratie Idea

Zubereitung: The backofen on 180 degrees Celsius without enclosures. The Gugelhupfform simple. With the rack a stand mixer that smears butter and the zucker 4-5 minutes. These eggs still need to be worn and tainted with the Buttermasse. Pick up and clean the vanilla picker.

In a others mix Schüssel das Mehl, the soda and the salt. Abandonment with the Milk and with the Buttermasse portion-wise, till a homogeneous mass emerges. Fill in a thumb of tee in the one-grease shape and for 25 to 30 minutes back. Wrap up on room temperature, then run the first Tortenboden vorsichtig von der Form. The Backform is simple and the second and the third tortoise booths.

For the glaze the two bags of Zucker in Schüssel aufteilen. A single Schüssel an EL vanilla zucker dazbenben. Putting Rahmsahne in a hurry and taking a tile in each case. Clean the creamy foam. The marine sprouts in water dissolve and the lime green color in the earliest, the pine- in the sweat and the blue- in the shrubs bent and shattered.

Mostly streak the earliest tortoises with the limestone boundaries and stare with the zucker strings. Then the two tortoises flutter and streak with the blue zuckergus and stumble with zucker strings. Adjoining the shabby tortoises lying down and decorating with the pink zuckergus and the zucker strings. Weld the torte to room temperature for a half hour until the glaze is fixed.

Donut Torte mit Schokolade

Donut Torte zubereiten recipe quicker

The next recipe is for a Donut Torte with chocolate. The nasty Torte is fast forty and has 12 slots.

The nicer sutures for the torture cow:

  • Small round Loch-Kekse
  • Glaze for Cupcakes
  • Zuckerstreusel
  • Small Donuts as Tortendeko

The nicer sutures for the tortoises:

  • 2 Bags Zucker
  • 1 3/4 Bags Mehl
  • 3/4 Bag Cocoa Powder
  • 1 1/2 EL Natron
  • 1 EL Salz
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Tasse Milch
  • 1/2 Tasse Sonnenblumenöl
  • 2 EL Vanilla zucker
  • 1 Tasse kitchende Wasser

Before the Glaze:

  • 3/4 Pasta Oak, pasteurized
  • 6 Bag Pulverzucker
  • 1/2 Tasse Salz
  • 3 Bags Butter, Unsalted, on room temperature
  • 2 EL Vanilla zucker

Donte Torte himself do ohne backen

Replacement: The Backofen on 180 degrees Celsius, two round backs for torpedoes with 20 cm diameter. A large Schüssel mixes the Zucker, the Mehl, the Backsoda and the salt. The Egg, Milch, Sunflower Sauce and Vanilla Sucker hob and everything for 2 minutes with the stirrer clean a stand mixers. If you are cleaning the cooking water and filling in the quick stuff in the backforms. For turning minutes, weld for 10 minutes at room temperature. Then you can back those round logs. You can use one of them to handle one another and easily decorate it with the zucker glaze and with the zucker strings. Adjacent to the Zuckerguss mixing pasteurized egg yolks with the powder bucket and salt and for 5 minutes creamy stirring. Put the mixer on the most crumpled plunger and drain the crusty butter slowly. Connect the vanilla hopper and clean it for 8-10 minutes. Stripping the worst tortoises with the cream and emptying the second tortoises. Stripping with the glaze and decorating the donuts.

Donut Torte Decorations:

Donut Torte decorations fun ideas Filzblumen

Do you have local time and do you still want to sniff alternative to the donut cage? Dannet makes it easy, on one tumbler Donuts to arrange a more shocking torte and to decorate it. As the "Torte" really looks smoother, you can decorate a Zuckergus itself or decorate the donuts. Essible bleeds, Rahmsahne and Zuckerstreusel can decorate the Leckereien.

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