Do vegetarians eat healthier? New study from London gives the answer

It has long been suspected that vegetarians eat healthier than meat eaters. A new study from the United States clearly provides evidence of this. The vegetarian diet consists largely of vegetables, fruits, dairy products, nuts and honey. These foods can meet your daily protein, iron, vitamins and minerals needs. That is why the diet is considered healthy.

Do vegetarians eat healthier? Well-balanced nutrition provides important nutrients

Healthy vegetarian diet with dairy products and eggs

A study by researchers from the medical university in Chicago, USA, compared the health of two test groups. The first group were vegetarians, the second – meat eaters. The researchers found that vegetarians had low blood pressure as meat eaters. They also had a healthy body weight with normal BMI and their kidneys were functioning normally.

Researchers from London published further surprising results. They conducted a study that also compared the lifestyle and health of vegetarians and meat eaters. After evaluating the results, it was also found that vegetarians have a significantly lower cancer death rate than meat eaters.

Are vegetarians healthier? According to researchers, it's not just about nutrition

Vegetarians healthier eat more fruits and vegetables

The researchers suspect that it is not only due to the diet, but also to the lifestyle. Vegetarians generally drink less alcohol, don't smoke cigarettes, and exercise. The meatless diet also offers many health benefits. It contains many phytochemicals that stimulate digestion and lower cholesterol. Meat eaters, on the other hand, eat fast food more often, smoke and do less exercise as a rule. Because of this, they have higher cholesterol levels and suffer more from cardiovascular diseases.

Why Vegetarians Eat Healthier New Study

The experts therefore recommend a balanced diet. Meat eaters should limit meat consumption to once a week and eat fish and seafood at least twice a week. They also recommend eating more fruits, vegetables, and nuts. A healthy lifestyle also makes sense: those who exercise and eat healthy foods every day also have a strong immune system.

The University of Chicago study

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