DIY Wardrobe - 7 easy instructions and many creative ideas and inspirations!

Wooden wardrobe fence build instructions Rustic living room

Self-built furniture is on the trend, as a rule it is much more economical and can also be tailored to your individual wishes and needs. A beautiful DIY wardrobe in the living room, however, is an eye-catcher and lends a unique, individual note to the entrance area in each apartment. Whether a hanging and space-saving wardrobe with estates, ropes or tubes or a freestanding wardrobe stand - the possibilities are endless. In this article we have many simple DIY instructions and the most creative ideas for your new wardrobe! Get inspired by our photo gallery and of course have a lot of fun in building!

DIY Wooden Wardrobe - Step by Step Guide

Wardrobe hooks self build simple ideas Rustic farmhouse living style

Whether your home is furnished in a rustic or modern style - wood furniture always looks good. The following we have for you a very simple and quick guide to DIY wood wardrobe.

Here's what you need:

  • Holzbrett
  • Winkelschleifer
  • Nylonbürste
  • Akkuschrauber
  • Schleifschwamm
  • little hooks
  • Schrauben
  • Bienenwachs
  • Schrankaufhänger

DIY wardrobe hooks easy upcycling ideas with wood

And that's how it was made:

  • First, clean the wooden board with the grinding sponge and the nylon brush and then smooth it.
  • Apply beeswax evenly and let dry for 10 minutes.
  • Mount the counter hangers on the back side of the wooden boards and make sure they are at the same height.
  • Measure the distance for the hooks and with a pencil point the screw holes on the wooden board and drill.
  • In the end, only the hooks need to be scraped and your wood wardrobe is already finished!

Add a DIY wardrobe from your accents

DIY Wardrobe If rope wardrobe racks do the same

Self-built furniture is in full swing this year and is a real eye-catcher. A DIY wardrobe from you would be the perfect complement to any home-style living room décor. And the best thing is that you don't have to pay for anything - you can find yourself at your next walk in the forest.

Therefore, the following materials are needed:

  • Birkenast
  • Holzkugeln
  • Leather cord or rope
  • Saw
  • smaller drills

Step by step instructions:

  • With the saw shorten the Birkenast at the desired length.
  • Then drill a hole with the drill at both ends of the axle.
  • At the end of the ropes or the leather cord tie a small knot and pierce a wooden ball.
  • Through the drilled hole, pass the other end of the cord into the birch box and pierce a further ball of wood.
  • Cut the cord, hang the wardrobe in a blanket and finish it!
  • If you wish, you can give your Flur an even more relaxed look by wrapping a beautiful light chain around the ax.

DIY wardrobe made of color fasteners and wooden boards - quick instructions

Wardrobe hooks creative ideas recyclable recyclable instructions pallet furniture

Did you have a few old clothes bumps in your basement? Who would it be if they could just refurbish and build a tall wardrobe?

Required Materials:

  • Clothes hooks made of wood
  • Drilling machine with wood drill
  • Stable cord
  • Schere
  • Heißklebepistole

And it's so easy:

  • With a thin wooden drill bit through each dressing bracket at the metal hook drill a hole.
  • Re-tighten the metal hooks.
  • A little of the cord is cut off and with the sticky gun attached to both ends.
  • Insert the cord through the hole of the first clothespin and tie it.
  • If you wish, you can pick up the cord a little, if you add small beads or other decorative elements, for example.
  • Removing the remaining garments and tying the ends of the cord to the last.
  • Now attach the finished wardrobe from dressing gowns to the blanket and finished!

Stylish DIY wardrobe look Kupferrohr

DIY wardrobe copper tube clothes rods self build instruction

Modern, raw and angular - the Industrial Living style is also in this year totally stated. Out of copper tubes, you will unbelievably make many and beautiful decorations that will put an incredibly beautiful accent into the apartment. In the following, we explain how you build a wardrobe out of tubes yourself.

DIY Wardrobe Copper - Required Materials:

  • Copper tube from the tree market with 22 mm diameter, 1 piece in length 2.5 m and 3 pieces in 1 m length
  • Fittings - 4 corner fittings, 2 T-fittings and 2 end pieces.
  • Rohrschneider
  • Grinding paper or a metal foil
  • metal Kleber
  • Zollstock
  • Soft pencil or felt pen
  • acetone
  • Lappen

Wardrobe Stange DIY Copper Tube Flur Decorating Ideas

Step by step instructions:

  • First, measure the copper tube with the Customs and the soft pencil and connect it with the tube cutter to the desired lengths.
  • Then, grind the ends of the copper tube with abrasive paper or any blemishes.
  • If your jackets are not dirty, you should thoroughly clean the tube with acetone or a metal cleaner and remove any grease residue.
  • A few glue in the fittings and on the copper pipe ends and fasten the parts together.
  • Here are the parts for the foot together: The short pieces stick to the daring ends of the T-fittings, and the end pieces have to come to the advanced ends. With the two corner fittings connecting the rear parts with one meter piece.
  • For the upper part at the ends of the last meter piece apply a corner fitting and stick one of the long parts. Just stick to the bottom ends and already your wardrobe is ready!

Beautiful DIY wardrobe made of leather

Wardrobe DIY easy upcycling ideas with folks

Wake up your old people to the new life by turning them into a nice wardrobe.

Required Materials:

  • 2 approx. 190 cm high ladder
  • 2 long wooden boards
  • Wooden curtain rod, about 150 cm long
  • 8 screws 4 mm x 35 mm for the floor
  • 8 Screws 3 mm x 20 mm for the connecting rod
  • Loopband 24 cm
  • Holzbohrer
  • Bleistift
  • Abdeckfolie
  • Schleifpapier
  • Farbe
  • Klarlack
  • Mouth and hearing protection

Wardrobe racks themselves build instruction upcycling ideas ladder

DIY Wardrobe from People's Guide:

  • First of all, the shoes cut the wooden boards with a single length to the desired length and then smooth the surfaces.
  • Remove the dust from the boards and then paint them with the clear coat. Complete dry welding, grinding with the grinding paper and again varnishing.
  • The people on the beds lay in such a way that they still run upstairs.
  • Lay the longer wooden board underneath the required holm and screw it firmly.
  • The shorter board and the upper spokes fasten.
  • With the side cutter, tie the loopband into two equal pieces.
  • On the upper rods, markers in the middle mark the garment rods and attach them with the holes and the smaller screws.

Cute DIY wardrobe for the nursery

DIY Wardrobe Kids' Room Playground Upcycling Ideas Funny

A pretty, self-built wardrobe is also a favorite decoration element in the nursery and offers you the opportunity to bring your children's order. In the following, we tell you how to build a colorful wood and plastic wardrobe yourself.

Here's what you need:

  • Holzbrett
  • Spray or acrylic paint in the desired color
  • a couple of plastic animals
  • second Kleber
  • Bohrer
  • Saw

Wardrobe Kids DIY Ideas lustif Children's room in blue stripes

And that's how it was made:

  • Replace the wooden board with the desired color or spray it and completely dry it - usually it takes at least 3 hours.
  • In the upper corners 2 holes should be drilled and cautiously the color in the holes is a little fresh.
  • If your kids still have more fun in the wardrobe, you could let them pick out the plastic ones themselves.
  • Carefully cut the animals with the saw in half.
  • With a ruler mark the equal spacing on the board for the animal knives and markers with a pencil.
  • Attach a few drops of adhesive to the animals and attach them to the wooden board.
  • For 24 hours, dry welding, hanging and the new decoration for the room is finished!

Wardrobe DIY instruction from an old door

Old door upcycling ideas easy home accessories flur rustic fixtures

From an old door, you can build a fancy wardrobe by hand.

Required Materials:

  • Old wooden door
  • Hand grinder or a grinding machine
  • Schleifpapier
  • The cloakroom hook
  • Lack
  • Pinsel
  • Small screws
  • Schraubendreher

Wardrobe pole Copper tube shoe from Wood Flur provide inspirations

Step by step instructions:

  • The edges and the front side of the door are thoroughly snapped in with the abrasive paper - so you can keep the new color well.
  • Remove dust and dirt with a damp cloth and leave for about 10 minutes to dry.
  • Smooth the entire door evenly and leave for at least 2 hours to dry.
  • With a pencil, mark the posts for the hooks and attach the holes.
  • Finally, attach the wardrobe hooks.

Pick up the old wardrobe stands

Wardrobes themselves build instructions Flur modern furnishing tips

Would you like to pop up your flirt a little and give me a new look that DIY ideas are just not for you? With a new paint, you can swivel from your old, boring wardrobe stands a modern and tantalizing cover element!

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