DIY Gelatin Balls for Decorating Pastries - Guide and Cake Decorating Ideas

Make gelatine balls themselves as a cake for cakes and cupcakes

Whenever you want to bake and decorate torte, cupcakes or other desserts, you are always looking for new original torte deco ideas. And yet, the torture deco is quick and easy to make, without being less attractive to say, it is welcome! Such a decoration for torts and other nocturnal souls, as well, could be the lost gelatin balls, which did not look peppery and witty, but could even be recovered from ancestors, without sacrificing their special abilities. At the same time, the bubble-like balls look extremely complicated and are guaranteed to impress all guests. We are sure that you will now have a great desire to try out gelatin balls at once. Then you read and find out how you can do it yourself. We also have some pictures of torte and cupcakes, which are decorated with such bubbles of gelatin. So you also get a more accurate idea and a few ideas, how you could put together a lot of torture deco.

Gelatin balls to decorate

Watercolor cakes in colorful summer colors with matching balls of homemade gelatin

Cupcakes, cakes and cakes are just some of the treats that you can decorate with gelatin balls. In principle, all types of buildings are owned. But also pudding or various creams, as well as more delicious pastries to any Anlass can get the jelly balls as decoration, since they are taste neutral. There are no limits to fantasy. Combine to different sizes and of course colors and already obtain a fresh tortoise deco that is versatile. But who can repair those gelatine blisters? It's easier than you might think!

Make gelatin balls yourself

Gelatin balls with glitter effect as decoration on a small cake

They need:

  • possibly smallest hot air balloons in believeriger Farbe
  • Stäbchen (e.g. Schaschlikspieße)
  • gelatin Powder
  • a fireproof bowl
  • a spoon
  • Back fat (Beer)
  • Küchenpapier
  • still eat edible glitter, food coloring or other effects
  • a mug or a piece of styrofoam
  • Schere

Prepare gelatine balls with hot air balloons and glitter

  • Blow them Ballons in the desired size. They can also choose different sizes. As soon as you have the size you want, you are ballooning. Then add a second knot. This has the goal of pushing the air further and creating a rounded shape. Then, insert a skewer pin through the knots. Be careful not to break the balloon.
  • Prepare gelatine from the powder and cold water to. For three to four balloons you need about 4 EL cold water and 2 EL gelatin. Basically, the ratio is 2: 1, so 2 parts water and one part gelatin. Mix both ingredients and heat the thick mixture briefly in the microwave until it is liquid (about 10 seconds).
  • Now you can add glitter, food, streusel and other things. If you were able to shape the gelatin balls in a particular color, you would think that the gelatin of nature is unbelievable, it was also effect on the final color. Then you probably have to experiment with the mixes a little.

Inflate balloons and dive into the gelatin, resulting in bullets

  • With the help of kitchen paper, you spread a thin layer of fat on each balloon. In this way, the balloons later dissolve better from the gelatin balls.
  • Now dip the balloon into the liquid gelatin so that it is thinly covered. The area with the knots should not be congested. The closer you get to Gelatin, the better. Finally, you can even spray the balloon once more with glitter or other decorations to enhance the effect.
  • The finished balloons are actually placed in a mug or plugged into Styrofoam, without being touched. So leave them fixed overnight or at least 12 hours in a layer of gelatin. More than two layers, which should harden for 24 hours, are not recommended.

Wipe gelatin and cut and remove the balloon

  • If the gelatin balls are properly dried and hardened, you can remove the balloons. Simply cut here with a pair of scissors. The balloon should then collapse and release itself from the bullet. If you have to seal a bullet, do not frighten, because the gelatin is fortunately elastic and can be retracted.
  • Prepare the gelatin balls for up to two days before use and store them in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

Bubbles repair without spittle

Stretch balloons with fat, so they better solve the bubbles

This way of repair can also vary with other things. So, instead of using kitchen paper, you can use a brush to smudge the balloons with oil. But you always need to be careful not to absorb too much fat. You can then also wipe off the excess oil with kitchen paper or a clean cloth, leaving only a thin layer.

Idea for Gelatine Kugeln without Schaschlickspieße in salmon color

Even the spit for the manufacture of gelatine balls is not necessarily necessary if you have sufficiently rounded balloons inflated. Then you can easily hold on to the knots and dive into the gelatin. For drying, they simply place on a raised grid (e.g. grill grate), although the knots are still pointing and lying between the grid bars. This is a little more complicated, as the spec is the more comfortable variant.

Materials and ingredients for the DIY bubbles for decorating pastries

Elegant torte in black, gray and gold with spicy gelatin balls

Cupcake idea with homemade bubble and streusel as a tortoise deco

Shiny gelatin balls with metallic effect and chocolate sauce for the cakes

Romantic Ombre Torte in Rosa with Yellow Bubbles as Tortendeko

Romantic cupcakes with pink topping, starfish streusel and pink gelatin balls

Original torte with blue glaze and pink balls, streuseln and bubbles

Blue bubbles and dotted objects decorate the cupcakes for a party

Colorful Yellow Balloons for Birthday Bags for Kids

Those gelatin balls remind you of chewing gum bubbles and acting

Transparent and colorful bubbles on a white wedding shower for an embarrassing wedding

Insert the gelatin balls for curing upright in Styrofoam

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