Dirndl Hairstyles For Short Hair - The Most Beautiful And Easiest Ideas At A Glance!


It's finally weather - September is Oktoberfest time! In Germany, the People's Party has a very long tradition. Regardless of whether you prefer to relax in the beer bank or stroll through the festival grounds - during an Oktoberfest visit you should not miss the classic hairstyle and the appropriate hairstyle. Short hairstyles like a classic bob or lost pixie haircut lie this year full of trend. Do you have no idea how you could style your hair? In this article, we show you many wonderful and very simple Dirndl hairstyles for short hair, which will restore your femininity in a way that is attractive. Read on and get inspired!

Dirndl Hairstyles For Short Hair - The Most Important Tips For The Perfect Styling!


Damit Yours Your Octoberfest Hairstyle Really Gels And Holds For Long Time, We Give You Some Important Styling Tips!

  • Before braiding, you should thoroughly comb your hair. If they are not statically charged, we should recommend using an antistatic brush.
  • As freshly washed hairs have much lower volume, you should not wash them directly before braiding.
  • To maintain your hairstyle for the longest possible time, try to tie your hair together as much as possible. But if they work too hard, you can still lock them up a bit. That's why we recommend you to have a hair glue ever ready.
  • Use hairspray to fasten your hair quickly.

Simple Dirndl Hairstyles For Short Hair - The Braided Pony

Dirndl Hairstyles For Short Hair Long Bob Hairstyle Style Ideas

Do you have a long bob haircut and do not know who can style your hair for the Oktoberfest? Then you are very well advised with a braided, pony-like pony! If your patterns are long enough, you can also easily make different, delicate flowers - they give your look a unique, playful note. All you have to do is, your pony simply flee to a beautiful French soup and already be done!

Romantic Waterfall Braids round out your look completely

Waterfall soup haircuts themselves make easy Oktoberfest hairstyle ideas

The so-called Waterfall Braids (Waterfall in German) look super beautiful and are a refreshing option for anyone looking for Oktoberfest hairstyles for short hair. The interwoven rays hang down below and the gentle waves look like flowing water - from there also to the name. This hairstyle looks special with bob hairstyles or long hair looking gorgeous. And that's how it was made:

  • Pull a side sheave, separate one broad hair strand and divide it into two parts.
  • The foremost part about the other lay and then simply drop the two rays.
  • Take one new ray of cover hair and lay it on the first one.
  • Repeat this process for as long as you want to braid the hairstyle as far as desired.

Easy Dirndl Hairstyles For Short Hair - Braided Hairband

Dirndl Hairstyles For Short Hair Flower Haircut Ideas Oktoberfest

Beautiful and at the same time very easy - the braided hairband reads in less than 5 minutes and is perfect for the Oktoberfest!

  • Above two small rays in front of the head.
  • Straighten each strand and attach both ends with a hair gum or clean hair clamp to the back of the head.
  • Light beach waves make for an even more romantic look. By simply working the remaining hair either with a locking rod or with a smoothie.
  • Fix the hairstyle with hair spray, look Dirndl and it can get loose!

A peasant wreath is the perfect Oktoberfest hairstyle for short hair

Oktoberfest hairstyles easy braiding hairstyles easy instruction Self-removing blonde hair

Do you believe a wreath would only be suitable for longer hair? Then be violent! The hairstyle also looks good in a long Long Bob and gives your Oktoberfest look a lost and yet elegant note!

  • Seeing a Scheitel.
  • The hair in the French style from one side of the skirt to the nape.
  • Repeat the process on the other side as well.
  • The small rays, which are not simple, can easily be attached with hair clips and fixed with hairspray.
  • Either tie the hair in the neck to a small dot or braid it to the tips of the hair and attach with a hair gum.

Cool boxer spoons


These boxers look cool from our classic Dirndl hairstyles for short hair. The look has been seen in the last few months and even if you need it with your fingertip feel - the end result is a hingucker! In the following, we explain your step-by-step, how it works with safety.

  • See a scissor and divide the hair into two equal parts.
  • Brush your hair properly and lay it down.
  • Take one thin ray and divide it into 3 small ray.
  • Connecting the hair to a Dutch braid.
  • Stretch to the neck and attach with a thin gum.
  • Repeat the process with the other half of your hair and finish it!

Gretchenzopf Dirndl Hairstyle


The Gretchenzopf is a further beautiful and stylish hairstyle that complements your Oktoberfest outfit.

  • See one Mittelscheitel.
  • The hair on both sides braid and tie together with a little gum.
  • Close the two braided heads carefully and slowly fold down and stick them with the hairpin.

Add up your Oktoberfest hairstyle with a beautiful flower wreath

Dirndl Hairstyles For Short Hair Flower Wreath Hairstyles Ideas Pixie Haircut Style Easy

Flower wreaths are among the most popular hair accessories of the year. Whether from real flowers or as hair bands with artificial flowers - flower wreaths are a timeless classic in the world of Dirndl hairstyles for short hair. From light beach waves to beautiful sponges - the styling variations are endless and give you a wonderful, romantic look! The variant we have for you is for a half-open Oktoberfest hairstyle.

  • Put the flower wreath on your head and wrap small ribbons on the headband.
  • Repeat this process for as long as the band can not see anymore.
  • Work the rest of the hair with a locking rod and already done.

Wonderful Oktoberfest hairstyles with a hat

Oktoberfest hairstyle ideas for women's ladies' hat combine styling tips

Huts in all shapes and colors are fully on trend this year. If braiding hairstyles do not match your taste, then you are best advised with a custom hat - it rounds off your Oktoberfest look perfectly and does not need a particular hairstyle. Whether you opt for an open hairstyle or braid your hair for a deep look or head-to-head - so or so you look very chic!

Cool Hairstyles With Bobby Pins

Oktoberfest Hairstyles Short Hair Bobby Pins Hairstyles Ideas Pixie Hair Cut

No doubt a pixie haircut looks great, but when styling was done, unfortunately there were not so many options. However, with a pair of bobby pins or send flower-adorned hairpins for a change, take care of them.

However, Mowhak Zopf is a Hingucker

Wearing hairstyles for short hair step by step instructions is easy

The Mowhak hairstyle is still not so popular, but it is the perfect choice for all women who have an undercut hair cut. With this braid hairstyle, only the head is braided into a French braid and tied to a small duvet.

Oktoberfest Hairstyles for Fine Hair

easy Dirndl hairstyles for short hair instruction long bob hair cut

At the Oktoberfest it is primarily about drinking one beer and having lots of fun. If you have thin and fine hair, then the braiding hairstyles may not be the right one for you. We recommend you to wear your hair openly. Light waves or locks allow for even more volume and allow for very quick styling. Don't forget to use a hair spray - just stay there for long haircuts.

Oktoberfest hairstyle ideas simple flower wreath same crafting guide

Do you find all our ideas and suggestions repulsive, unfortunately unfortunately on two left hands? So why not just trust your hairdresser? Everything, if you had to, is in time to simplify a schedule and convey a picture of the desired hairstyle as a preliminary.

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