Did singer Katy Perry humiliate a male model?

Katy Perry's heavy stockpiles are sexually harassed

Just a month ago, singer Katy Perry shared some of her songs "Dark Horse". The popstar will then be sentenced by a US court to a $ 2.8 million fine. Now she has to defend herself against new, serious prejudices. Men's model Josh Kloss tweeted on an Instagram post that they had humiliated me at one party.

Did singer Katy Perry hate male model Josh Kloss sexually harassing us for 10 years?

Josh Kloss got to know the singer 10 years ago in the screenplay of the "Teenage Dream" video clip. Kloss throws Katy before she complains to the entire team with the director that she should kiss her. He has filled himself with humility, explains the Male Model. Josh just needed that role, because he wanted to make money for his little daughter, and so said nothing. Later, months later, they both met at one party. At first everything seemed to run well, which the singer had embraced and welcomed most heartily. When he turned to imagine a friend, she had his hose and underwear sucked. Josh stated on Instagram that he is standing naked in front of all the guests.

Now, 10 years later, Josh Kloss is finally waiting to tell the story. They simply want to say that only those men who have power can sexually harass others. Even women with power can humiliate and rebuke others.

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Katy Perry Men's model humbly birthday party

The singer had not yet expressed herself to the cast. But your friends, including the party organizer, who even invited Josh to his birthday, defended them. Many fans also believe that this is a misunderstanding.

Actually, that should be the happiest time of your life to say: Before she left, she had left. Actor Orlando Bloom got to know them at the "Golden Globes" party, since both are a couple.

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