Designing the bedroom with purple wall paint: the many facets of the color

From delicately greyed mauve nuances to exquisite lilac: hardly any other color is as multifaceted as purple. It is the best choice for everyone who finds intense violet too dramatic and for whom dusky pink looks too sweet. The pastel tone appears noble and reserved at the same time and can be staged particularly effectively in the bedroom. This makes the sleeping area a real retreat. We will explain how you can design your bedroom with purple wall paint and reveal which combination partners are suitable.

Bedroom with Mauve wall paint: design for true trendsetters

Bedroom wall color mauve and white and pastel pink

The color palette of the color purple offers a suitable shade for every interior. Mauve, a violet shade with a gray undertone, varies from color-intensive to subdued. Together with bed linen in lilac and blue, this results in a combination with a cool effect. Paired with warm natural nuances, it forms a feminine ensemble. A bed headboard in anthracite, accessories in bronze and lighting in copper provide effective contrasts to the mauve wall.

Bedroom with wall paint in soft purple pastel tones

Bedroom wall lilac color modern design with blue

Restrained, subtle and yet playful: if you like it simple and modern, you can choose a wall color in purple pastel color. Together with white, purple is particularly worth seeing and adapts perfectly to puristic furnishings. Light gray furniture and accessories stand out particularly well from the purple color. Living accessories in natural nuances such as powder or nude loosen the modern living image and create a cozy atmosphere.

Bedroom with lilac wall paint and white accents in boho look

Decorate bedroom with lilac wall paint in boho style

The lilac wall color in the bedroom is charming and playful. Furniture in light gray can be perfectly staged together with lilac. White is also one of the most popular combination partners, because it bathes the bedroom in peace and balance. A white flowerpot and white picture frames make an impressive appearance in front of the lilac wall and a white beanbag next to it invites you to daydream. Color accents in cool steel blue prevent the room from looking too cute.

Bedroom with lilac wall paint: Confident and charming with a tone-on-tone color palette

Bedroom with wall paint in purple soft lilac shade on the wall

The spectrum of purple shades varies greatly: They range from trendy lavender with a bluish undertone to powdery old pink shades. A tone-on-tone color palette for the bedroom is summery and charming. The color scheme gently envelops the residents and inspires with a modern matt finish. The design offers the perfect background for retro classics and vintage finds from the flea market. A dark brown-red floor gives the room character and, together with a creamy deep-pile carpet, creates a harmonious atmosphere for well-being.

Bedroom with purple wall paint: purple on the wall, petrol blue as accent

Design the bedroom wall color in purple

It doesn't always have to be light purple shades: a wall in purple spreads a sensual flair in the bedroom. Together with petrol blue and pink, it forms an ensemble that exudes comfort and at the same time creates a relaxed atmosphere. Accents in anthracite are particularly good for the violet bedroom and add the finishing touches to the design. Incidentally, dark colors are no longer an absolute no-go for small rooms. Because they can produce a similar effect to very light colors and allow the spatial boundaries to merge. This enlarges the room visually.

Lavender and anthracite in the bedroom: opposites attract each other

Lavender and black and white in the bedroom ideas for wall design

Lavender lights up the small bedroom. The gentle nuance with a blue tinge appears light and airy and lets you dream of fragrant lavender fields. With anthracite, the modern color is an expressive combination partner. Gray blue, pigeon gray and dark blue blend harmoniously into the modern design, subtle powder gives the room warmth and comfort. Geometric patterns and furniture with clear lines subtly emphasize the contrasts.

Decorate the bedroom with lilac and ice blue wall colors

design a modern bedroom in lilac and blue and white

The combination of ice blue, lilac and silver makes the room shine. Ice blue is a real all-rounder and is ideal for large-scale use. The color scheme has a cool effect, but it relaxes the eyes and makes small rooms with many corners and niches appear spacious and open. Soft textiles made from natural materials loosen the minimalist color scheme and add a cozy touch to the furnishings.

Bedroom with purple wall color: light gray as a neutral combination partner

Design a modern bedroom in lilac wall color

Because of only one background color: gray can influence the mood in the room enormously and develops a different effect in addition to other colors. Saturated violet shades celebrate their grand appearance together with dove gray. Lilac also comes into its own when compared to a light gray wall. Black, dark blue and soft cream effectively round off the elegant color scheme.

Purple bedroom with beige, cream or ivory accents

Mauve and white bedrooms create ideas

At first the combination of purple and beige, cream or ivory sounds strange. But actually, earth tones of the pastel color provide harmonic contrasts. A purple shade with a gray undertone gently envelops the bedroom, relaxes the eyes and helps to reduce everyday stress. Furniture and accessories in white and dusky pink give the interior a vintage twist.

Bedroom with mauve wall color: accent wall in a niche or corner

Mauve bedroom wall color as an accent in the bedroom

Shades inspired by nature can vary widely. A mauve hue can therefore be light, dark, with a high pink or blue content, or have a smoky-gray tinge. The color on the color card can be deceptive. If you are not sure how a room looks completely painted in mauve, you should prefer an accent wall in a matt, muted color. Especially bedrooms with niches, corners or sloping ceilings tolerate an accent wall. Furniture, textiles and home accessories take up the trendy nuance and create a harmonious color scheme.

Two partitions in the bedroom

Combine bedroom with purple wall paint in pastel color with gray

Dove gray above, purple below: The color duo can be staged effectively in the vintage bedroom. The saturated purple shade with a blue undertone gives the room a touch of nostalgia. Warm earth tones such as burgundy and cream ground the cool-looking color duo and a duvet with floral patterns creates a playful, feminine and romantic ambience. Incidentally, such a wall design can visually enlarge the room or optically separate the area around the bed. As a rule, there is the dark shade at the bottom and the light shade at the top.

Color mix of taupe and mauve on the walls in the bedroom

Bedroom wall paint mauve ideas for wall design

Similar to Mauve, the wall color taupe is available in many shades. If you have the two colors mixed in the shop, you come home with a bold, expressive and yet homely mix. But be careful: You have to be very careful, because the fine nuance can only be combined with certain shades. Together with chocolate brown, light gray and white, the taupe-mauve mix can create a calming, relaxing atmosphere.

Bedroom with wall in mauve color create ideas

For real purists, the taupe-mauve mix with a gray component is ideal. When mixing, taupe remains in the background and only gives a warm touch as an undertone of the nuance. In combination with other puristic colors such as camel, cream, dove gray and white, the trend color can have a great effect. This way, textiles and materials come into their own better.

Mauve wall paint in the bedroom: an overview of modern color palettes

Bedroom with mauve wall paint create ideas

The color mauve is a real all-round talent and can be combined with other natural nuances. The interior designers like to use tone-on-tone color schemes that create smooth transitions between the individual nuances. Chocolate brown, mauve, lavender, dusky pink and gray are popular color partners in the bedroom. Those who are brave use accents in ocher.

Wall color lilac in the bedroom: an overview of the color palettes

Combine bedroom with light mauve and brown wall paint

Delicate lilac nuances also prove to be the perfect expressive background in the vintage bedroom. The color shows the playful floral patterns on the bedspread and the patina of the wooden furniture. Together with brown, blue, pink and gray, lilac forms a charming color scheme that brings a hint of times past into your own four walls.

Combine bedroom with mauve and powder paint

With a bluish, red or gray component: the wall color purple has many facets and is a true quick-change artist. Interpreted modern in a minimalist or puristic bedroom or rather charming for the sleeping area with a vintage touch: everyone can choose the nuance that best suits their own furnishings.

Lilac wall and gray ceiling in the bedroom

Let yourself be inspired by the designs in the article and create your own oasis of calm in soft purple or saturated violet tones. Experiment boldly with color schemes and motifs to find the right one for your own space.

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