Designing a bathroom in white: ideas and combinations with white tiles

The bathroom is the first room we use when we wake up and the last one where we look for relaxation after a day of work and other activities. Decorated with attention and attention to the smallest detail, it will serve us for many years. The bathroom must be comfortable and functional, but the color scheme should not be neglected either. As with other living rooms, the colors have a great impact on our well-being. If you want to get the impression of spaciousness, cleanliness and freshness, you should design a bathroom in white. A white bathroom doesn't have to be boring or monotonous. With the right accessories and clever lighting, you can give the room a cozy and modern character. Check out these beautiful examples of a bath in white and get inspiration!

The advantages of color white in the bathroom

Bathroom white design relief tiles and wood as an accent

A white bathroom has many advantages. White looks clean and shiny, which makes the room feel flawless. The white color visually enlarges the room – the bathroom looks more spacious than it really is. This is particularly important for small bathrooms without windows. You can intensify this effect if you choose tiles with a glossy surface or cupboard fronts in gloss. White is also a soothing color and can also be combined in many ways. White – the most neutral color – fits perfectly with every type of wood, with all colors and with practically every furnishing style. If you want to change the decor in your bathroom frequently, the white bathroom is perfect for you.

bathroom white beige marble look and wood combine

The sanitary ware is white. White bathtubs, toilet bowls, bidets and sinks dominate the market. If we also choose white tiles and white bathroom furniture, we get a monochrome look that can quickly appear sterile. How can you make a bathroom where white dominates timelessly beautiful and attractive? Here are some ways you can combine colors, patterns, and materials to create a perfect bathroom in white.

The classic metro tiles as wall coverings

Bathroom white black with retro flair metro tiles, black fittings and wooden vanity

A nice way to create a fascinating bathroom in white is to use Metro tiles. The design is well known to many from the underground stations. These tiles have a smooth, shiny surface and pretty, beveled edges. They work perfectly as a subtle backdrop for the interior, but also give the walls more structure. Their narrow rectangular shape enables various configurations – horizontal, vertical, in a herringbone pattern or at a 90-degree angle (chevron) – and thus offers many design options.

Combine white wall tiles with patchwork floor tiles

white bathroom metro tiles for walls and patterned floor tiles

The Metro tiles are highly valued for their reserved appearance. So that the whole thing is even more inviting, they are usually combined with a colorful floor covering. With their attractive ornaments, for example, patchwork tiles make a real statement. The white walls and bathroom furniture bring out the attractive floor pattern wonderfully.

White wall tiles with relief

small, narrow bathroom with shower, 3D wall tiles and wooden vanity

Relief tiles are the perfect way to decorate walls without cluttering the bathroom. It is very popular for use in showers, but also behind the hanging toilet or the wash basin. Their geometric shapes give the areas a special character.

Bathroom in white and wood

Bathroom white wood combination wooden washstand with round countertop basin

Wood makes a white bathroom look warm and comfortable and can be integrated into the bathroom design in different ways. Wood-look tiles, for example, are perfect as flooring or bathtub cladding. A wooden washstand is a noble surface for an elegant, white countertop washbasin.

Bathroom in white and brown

bathroom brown white - dark wood with red hue and white wall tiles and beige floor tiles

Warm brown tones can break up the mirror-smooth white ceramic optically. You can sit on floor tiles in a dark wood shade such as cherry or walnut, or opt for brown floor tiles in authentic natural stone looks. Incidentally, brown also fits perfectly with the rustic furnishing style. Brown is rarely used as a wall tile, but it can be used to emphasize certain wall sections nicely.

Design bathrooms in white and gray

small bathroom in white, light gray and wood

Gray and white is the perfect color duo for minimalist, modern bathroom concepts. Gray tiles harmonize perfectly with glass and gloss surfaces as well as elements made of chrome or stainless steel. With these neutral colors as a basis, it is easy to give your bathroom more personality with colorful accessories and towels.

White marble-look wall tiles

bathroom white gray design modern tiles in marble look

Ceramic tiles in marble look have been in vogue for some time now and their elegance is undeniable. They look exactly like marble, but are much more robust and cheaper than natural stone. The tiles with this design give the bathroom a very chic touch.

Black and white marble are classically beautiful

Bathroom white black modern design with marble look tiles

Bathroom in white and beige

bathroom white beige design with stone look tiles and bathtub with glass wall

The neutral color beige also harmonizes beautifully with white. Cappuccino, sand, creme, greige – beige has many faces and, depending on the color, can appear refined and noble or fresh and close to nature. Natural travertine tiles, realistic stone effects, structured designs and even Moroccan patterns are perfect for a statement floor.

Black fittings are eye-catchers in every bathroom

small bathroom in white with shower accents in black

Matt black faucets are a nice way to set contrasting highlights in a white bathroom. A mirror with a black frame, black pendant lights, a shower with a black frame, a solid washbasin in industrial style – with these elements you can bring the modern loft style into your white bathroom.

small bathroom in white looks larger with black accents

The right lighting for the white bathroom

bathroom gray white design with led lighting white light 4000 kelvin

Light plays an important role in the white bathroom. If you want a cozy interior, reach for lights with a warm color (2500-3500 K). If you prefer a cooler and more functional light, use light sources with a color temperature of 4000 to 6500 K. To emphasize the brilliance of the white surfaces, the designers mostly use cool light.

bathroom white beige with glass wall modern lighting for mirrors and alcoves

With cleverly placed light accents, you give your white bathroom that certain something. A highly functional bathroom mirror with integrated lighting offers just the right brightness to apply make-up or shave. On the other hand, you can create a homely atmosphere with LED strips. These are usually attached in a wall niche or on a bath apron and generate a glare-free indirect light.

A large mirror lets the white bathroom shine even more

gray white bathroom design with accent wall in turquoise decorative branch in vase

A mirror can significantly change the appearance of a small bathroom because it makes the room appear much larger. It is best to choose a mirror cabinet that not only ensures storage space and order, but also creates this optical illusion through its large mirror doors. An extra light bar below can create a feel-good atmosphere.

Plants as decoration in the bathroom

bathroom white wood modern with built-in closet behind toilet

Plants make every room more lively and can also give the bathroom a homely atmosphere. If you want to use green plants in pots for decoration, you should rely on resistant, easy-care varieties. The most popular types of plants for the bathroom include mountain palm, sword fern, lucky feather (zamioculcas), orchid and single leaf. Decorative eucalyptus branches or a monstera leaf in a simple vase also cut a good figure everywhere.

White joints are difficult to clean?

Get joints white with simple means or alternatively repair them

The white bathroom is generally considered impractical, which is not true. The maintenance effort is just as great as with other tiles in bright colors. For white tiles, a joint color from the same color family is usually selected – white to a maximum of silver gray. In fact, white joints can turn yellow over the years, especially in the shower and bathtub area. Such discoloration occurs regardless of the joint color. Fortunately, there are already excellent active ingredients on the market to ensure the perfect condition of tiles and joints. Even if cleaning agents do not help, you can touch up the joints with a special jointing pin or an acrylic filler called Fugenweiss. After the treatment, the joints look like new.

The wall tiles with a wave pattern create a beautiful relief effect

bathroom white wood with bathtub and relief wall tiles

indirect light creates a pleasant ambience

narrow bathroom with sloping ceilings in white and light wood - led bar on bathtub

The mix of materials concrete and wood is currently also very popular.
The bathtub apron in cement look stands out

Bathroom modern with washing machine white gray and wood beautifully combined

The wall mirror with lighting seems to float in the air

bathroom gray white modern with walk in shower

The elongated metro tiles can be arranged in zigzag lines

bathroom beige white wall tiles laid in zigzag pattern

Black elements in the white bathroom convey a loft flair

bathroom white and black modern design with black accents

Light blue color for walls and ceilings

narrow wall tiles in white and light blue wall paint in the bathroom

Handles and fittings in brass look spice up the bathroom in white and gray

narrow long bath in white and gray accents in brass

Vintage bathroom in white, turquoise and light gray

Bathroom in vintage modern style gray and blue murals as decoration

The metro tiles can also be laid half-high

Bathroom with metro tiles in white half-high and gray-blue wall color

Decoration in green is a nice idea for a bathroom in white and brown

White and brown bathroom with walk-in shower

Idea for a small bathroom with a walk-in shower

small bathroom with shower and herringbone metro tiles

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