Design stretcher bars with sayings: ideas with watercolor, hand lettering and brush lettering techniques

Spice up your interior and give the wall more character with a self-made painting. We show you how you can design a stretcher with sayings. So you start the day highly motivated and get inspired when working in your home office. Or you can display your artwork in the living room and amaze your guests. Get inspiration from the ideas in the article and learn how to best use watercolor, hand lettering, and brush lettering techniques. By the way, you can also design stretcher bars with acrylic paints – we explain how it works. The DIY suggestions are really uncomplicated and are well suited to increase the subject of “painting”.

Design stretcher bars with sayings: watercolor lettering

Design V-frames with sayings Instructions with acrylic paint

The term “watercolor” describes the aqua painting technique. The word is derived from the English words for water and color. Special watercolor paints are used, which are first diluted with water and then applied with a brush to a canvas or a sheet of paper. The special thing about the technology is that, unlike acrylic or oil paints, it is slightly transparent and the surface shines through even after several layers of paint. Watercolor paints score with easy handling and are therefore perfect for complete beginners. They are perfect for painting landscapes and abstract motifs, but if it should be more precise, the experienced painters prefer to use oil paints.

Design stretcher bars with sayings Use watercolor technique

The watercolor technique has been particularly popular recently. This is due to watercolor lettering, which means that beautiful quotes in handwriting are conjured up on the canvas using watercolor paints and different techniques. There are of course some tricks, and we'll be happy to share them with you soon. In any case, it is important that you prepare well before brushing the letters. In the first place, watercolor lettering is not a handwritten letter, but a letter drawn in pencil. In many cases, you may even need to prepare a template first. For this purpose you need the following materials:

  • A mechanical pencil to draw the contours of the letters on paper
  • Smooth paper sheet
  • A black fineliner with which you can trace the contours.
  • Stains
  • Scissors in case you make a template and cut out the letters.

Design stretcher bars with sayings: Make Wartercolor Lettering picture yourself

Stretcher bars with watercolor technique create ideas for sayings and quotes

First we explain how you can conjure up an abstract watercolor picture with a beautiful message yourself. You can use watercolor or water colors. After the picture is finished, you should place it behind a glass pane so that the colors are preserved. Otherwise, the colors may fade over time. You still need the following materials:

  • 1 stretcher or optional for beginners: sheet of paper
  • Matching picture frames and glass
  • Watercolor or water colors
  • brush
  • Cling film or self-adhesive transparent craft film
  • Possibly a template for the letters
  • pencil
  • Fineliners
  • Scissors or better a cutter knife

Design stretcher bars with watercolor and hand lettering quotes

How to make the beautiful picture with a saying:

1. First create the template. Pick a short, inspiring saying or quote. Paint the letters on a sheet of paper and place the transparent film on top of it. Use the cutter knife to cut the letters out of the film and position them on the canvas.

2. Paint an abstract picture. A painting technique comes to the aid. It's called wet-on-dry. The brush is moistened and the watercolor paint is diluted and applied to the dry canvas. Put several layers of each color on top of each other. This technique works best if you select several tone-on-tone colors. So you can easily create a nice transition between the different colors.

3. Let the picture dry completely before you carefully and slowly remove the self-adhesive crafting film. In the end, the font should be left completely blank.

Design stretcher bars with sayings: Brush lettering made easy

Design stretcher with lyrics Hand lettering technology explained

Do you have a stretcher lying at home? Then the next idea comes up. We will explain how you can use the brush lettering technique. But first you should choose a longer saying or quote. It also looks very cool when you paint parts of the text of your favorite song on the canvas. We will explain to you shortly how you can master the lettering.

The first step to a successful lettering is to find the right lettering. It goes without saying that the decorations should not be missing. If you only want to paint the letters with one color, then you should rather do without 3D decorations. It looks a lot better if you choose a brush lettering style that is either completely without embellishments, or you can paint light reflections on the letters. The rule of thumb is that the shorter the text, the more ornate it can be. And vice versa, the longer the text is, the simpler it should be. Otherwise, it becomes illegible and quickly tires the eyes.

Beginners can opt for the so-called “fake calligraphy”. The text is not actually painted directly on the canvas, but rather the fake brush-lettering look. Choose text and lettering, draw the letters on the canvas with a pencil and then fill them in with ink and a brush. Connect the individual words with long ligatures. Brush lettering has numerous ligatures that are normally used to connect certain letters.

Design stretcher bars with sayings: hand lettering for beginners

Design stretcher bars with sayings Hand lettering for beginners Tutorial

In contrast to brush lettering, in which the letters are painted directly on the canvas with a brush, the contours are first drawn with a pencil and then filled in with a felt pen. There are only two rules to keep in mind. 1. The text should be easy to read. 2. The text should be in script. In general, the hand lettering technique is much easier than brush lettering.

We will soon be offering a hand lettering craft idea with which you can design a stretcher with sayings. You need the following materials:

  • Stretcher bars
  • Old street map
  • brush
  • Mod Podge
  • 1 sheet of paper
  • black marker pen
  • black fineliner
  • black pencil
  • eraser
  • Pastel pencil in dark blue or black

Design stretcher frames with sayings

First you should practice hand lettering and choose a popular lettering. Pick an inspiring but short saying about travel. For example, “Travel is an adventure” or “Your adventure is waiting for you”. Draw an arrow above and below the saying. Complete beginners can also download a template from the Internet, print it out and pause it. Experienced hand lettering enthusiasts will surely do the job without help. After the text and arrows are done, leave them aside and string the card onto the stretcher. You can also buy a stretched stretcher and cut and glue the street map. Brush the street map with Pod Modge. Now place the sheet of paper on the street map so that the writing is facing the map. Paint the back of the sheet with the pastel pencil. Remove the paper from the street map – the contours of the lettering should be on it. Color them with black fineliner if necessary. The new wall decoration is ready.

Design stretcher bars with sayings: Lettering with block letters

Stretcher art with fabric step by step

Would you like to design a stretcher with sayings, but don't trust brush lettering and have doubts that you can master the hand ring? Then lettering with block letters is for you. It is an uncomplicated variant, which is quickly conjured up on the canvas and which you can set in scene with a trick. You need the following materials for your craft project:

  • Jeans fabric, dark blue (you can also use blue linen fabric as an option)
  • Stretcher bars
  • Stapler and staples 24/6
  • Scissors or cutter knife
  • white chalk or white textile paint and brush
  • ruler
  • pencil

Stretcher bars with sayings create do-it-yourself ideas

How to take the picture: First cover the stretcher with the denim using the stapler. Draw the contours of the letters with the ruler and pencil and paint the letters over them with white textile paint or with chalk. Write a nice message and surprise someone on a special occasion with a loving saying like: “Love is all we need”.

Design the stretcher frame: paint a beautiful picture with acrylic paint and bouncelettering technique

Design stretcher with acrylic paint with children paint tips

A picture as a nice reminder of the first year with your baby. You can create a beautiful picture with acrylic paint. For this you need the following materials:

  • Acrylics
  • Self-adhesive film
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Covered stretcher or a sheet of paper
  • Freezer bag with zip, in which the stretcher or paper sheet fits

When painting the letters, you can use the bouncelettering technique. The letters are usually painted in block letters and oriented above or below the baseline. This makes the lettering much more interesting and automatically draws attention to it.

Design stretcher bars with acrylic paint. Label baby names

How to make the picture: First you should paint your child's name. First draw the contours of the letters on the self-adhesive film. Since the picture will be very colorful anyway, choose a simple print. Arrange the individual letters above and below the baseline and cut them out. Glue the letters on the canvas or on the paper. Apply acrylic paint in several places on the picture, place the stretcher in the freezer bag and close it. Now it's the little artist's turn – give the baby the picture and let him paint motifs with his fingers. When you are tired of painting, take the picture out of the bag and let the colors dry completely. Then carefully remove the glued letters and display the picture.

Design stretcher bars with sayings: Make an abstract spray pattern

Stretcher bars with sayings create splash ideas

We will soon explain how you can create an abstract spray pattern. You need the following materials:

  • Old newspapers or foil to cover the work surface
  • Water color or aqua colors
  • Self-adhesive letters
  • Old toothbrush
  • Disposable cup
  • brush
  • black ink

First stick the letters on the canvas and make a short and inspiring saying. It is best to opt for a simple publication. This is how the spray pattern is made: Put a little water in the disposable cup and soften the water color in it. Pay attention to the consistency of the color, it should not be too thin. Dip the bristles of the toothbrush into the watercolor and hold them over the canvas, then run a finger over the bristles. Keep going until you have evenly spread the spray marks on the canvas. Let the paint dry and then carefully remove the self-adhesive letters. Leave all words white until one. Color the selected word with black ink.

Lettering gives the artists another opportunity to create exciting pictures. In the photo gallery below you can find more examples of how you can create beautiful lettering art yourself. Let yourself be inspired!

Glue newspaper over the stretched stretcher and write a nice message on it using the hand lettering technique. Combine the letters with ligatures

Hand lettering on stretcher and newspaper instructions

The principle is the same as when crafting the stretcher with the street map, only in this case you need newspaper instead of a street map

Hand lettering on stretcher with sayings tutorial step by step

Design stretcher bars with sayings: craft idea with the brush lettering technique

Design hand lettering idea for stretcher with sayings

Shape letters on canvas with glue

Stretcher bars with sayings and glue create ideas

Hand lettering: Use different lettering with decorations in one picture

Design stretcher frames with acrylic paints and add sayings

First paint the surface with acrylic paints, then use ink and a brush to paint the motifs and lettering

Design stretcher bars with acrylic paint ideas to make yourself

Beautify the children's room with a homemade wall decoration

Stretcher bars with sayings create ideas for children

Watercolor image with hand lettering in different fonts

Stretcher bars with watercolor sayings help shape the hand lettering idea

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