Delicious winter recipes from hearty to sweet: warm delicacies for cold days

In winter it gets hearty: Anyone who previously believed that the cold season didn't have much to offer culinary without fresh salads is wrong. In fact, winter offers all sorts of delicious delicacies, ranging from hearty cabbage dishes to healthy salads with classic winter vegetables to sweet treats from the oven. Many favorite winter dishes are surprisingly quick and easy to prepare. We offer you some ideas for delicious winter recipes!

Delicious winter recipes: Hearty, warming soups remain the winter favorite

Delicious winter recipes for soups. Tasty and filling ideas for lunch in the office

One thing is essential in the winter kitchen: a delicious stew. Winter soups are the classic in the cold season, because they warm you from the inside and also fill you up for a long time. There are many recipes, so everyone is sure to have their own favorite soup. By the way, a stew is always an excellent choice to let your creativity run free. The winter soups, of course, live from the vegetables you choose. In addition to root vegetables, potatoes, beets and carrots can end up in the soup pot. A great addition to any soup are onions, which bring the necessary flavor and sugar snap peas.
To make the stew taste pleasantly hearty, a little pork is finely diced.

Pay attention to vitamins in winter

Tasty winter recipes for healthy winter salads with red cabbage

While spring recipes and summer dishes are bursting with fresh salad and fruit, in many kitchens in particular the vitamin-rich preparation is forgotten in winter – completely without reason. Especially in winter, because of the wet and cold weather, it is particularly important to eat a vitamin-rich and healthy diet. During the winter months, the human defense system has to run at full speed and needs all sorts of vitamins to defy germs, bacteria and the short daylight. With a healthy and vitamin-rich diet, cold viruses can be successfully combated in the winter months.

Winter salads recipes with seasonal vegetables

Of course, seasonal vegetables should mainly be used for the winter dishes. These include beetroot and celery. Both can be stored very well and processed in many ways. But corn salad, fennel and radicchio can also be used excellently for winter salads. The necessary sweetness is brought by an apple that is cut into small pieces. To ensure that there is no lack of one or the other crunch effect, the salads can be rounded off with nuts and seeds as a topping.

The winter salad should always be combined with side dishes. Lentils, beans and chickpeas are ideal. These are nutrient-rich, but also fill you quickly and persistently. Furthermore, meat, cheese and fish are often served in winter dishes. Seafood of all kinds is also a good source of protein.

Delicious winter recipes: it doesn't have to be stew every day

Winter recipes for vegetable casseroles matching dishes for winter

Even in winter, of course, nobody wants to eat stew every day, although there are hardly any limits to the variety. Casseroles are a great alternative that is just as hearty and rich in vitamins. A hearty vegetable casserole is a tasty and healthy choice. As with soup, a wide variety of winter vegetables can land in bite-sized pieces in the baking dish. The whole thing is rounded off with a pour of cream and eggs, which is best seasoned with salt and pepper, so that the casserole gets a hearty note. A final cheese blanket ensures a great crust. It is best to use a really spicy cheese here, but it also melts well.

Delicious winter recipes: it doesn't work without cabbage

Delicious winter recipes for stews and ideas with seasonal vegetables

There are some types of vegetables that simply cannot be missing in winter. The classic is cabbage, which is transformed into a wide variety of dishes as white or red cabbage. Cabbage dishes are hearty, fill you up for a long time and are also very productive. There are different variants of how the beloved cabbage can be processed in winter. The cabbage roulades are certainly a classic, traditionally filled with minced meat, seared and served with a hearty sauce. Potatoes or rice are traditionally served with the cabbage rolls.

Cabbage can also be turned into a delicious stew. The fine strips of cabbage are often braised here for a long time so that they are pleasantly soft. Minced meat is also a popular ingredient in coal stew. For a pleasant sweetness, pepper cubes are mixed with the cabbage strips. The whole thing is seasoned with salt and pepper. A finely chopped onion together with the meat broth brings additional strength. For a fruity note, the stew is seasoned with tomato paste, sweet paprika powder and a teaspoon of sugar.

Delicious winter recipes for guests: fondue and raclette as the perfect choice for social evenings

Delicious and quick recipes for winter with cheese and ham

The short days and long nights can hit the mind every now and then in winter. It is all the more important to spend enough time with family and friends. How would this work better than with a delicious meal. There are two real classics for social evenings in winter, which have surely been on the table one or the other time in every family. We're talking about fondue and raclette.
Fondue and raclette are often served, especially on the holidays, when the whole family comes together. But both variants are also very suitable for other winter evenings. There are a number of foods that can be easily prepared with raclette and fondue. In addition to meat and fish, vegetables and seafood should not be missing here either.
The cheese fondue is even easier, but not less tasty. A few bread cubes are then dipped into the hearty, aromatic cheese. Small skewers can be prepared very well for the fondue. Fresh salad and a crunchy baguette are also best served.

Winter recipes Cheese fondue to prepare your own ideas

Raclette can also be served what tastes good to the individual. The aromatic raclette cheese is always used as the basis for the pans. The pans of the raclette can be individually topped. Vegetables and meat are just as suitable here as fruit. If it can be something extraordinary, then a raclette pizza is a very good choice. The dough can be prepared wonderfully and can be made with less yeast the day before. The dough is then placed very thinly in the pans and topped with tomato sauce, sausage, cheese, seafood and vegetables.

Prepare winter recipes with cheese raclette with camembert

So that the whole menu can actually be prepared in the raclette, sweet pans should not be missing at the end. Of course, basically any combination can be made here as well. However, there are some types of fruit that are particularly suitable for a raclette. This mainly includes peach, pears, figs and bananas. The different types of fruit each form the basic ingredient and are refined differently. For example, the peach is prepared with chopped pistachio, white chocolate and coconut chips. The coconut gives the pan a hearty note. The pears are served with walnuts, honey and a little gorgonzola. The contrast between sweet and hearty is particularly interesting.

Sweet treats for the dark season

Winter sweets Recipes for delicious cookies

In addition to many hearty dishes, sweet treats should not be missing in winter. Many of them can be prepared in a jiffy, practically between the door and the hinge. Especially in winter, people often have an appetite for sweets. This is no accident. In winter it is quite normal for the body to ask for foods that have a high calorie density.
But it doesn't always have to be chocolate, even if it is the fastest way to satisfy your appetite. Cake and pastry recipes, which come in very different versions, are also very suitable. A batter with baking powder, for example, is quickly prepared. It can be enriched with cocoa and nuts.

Prepare winter recipes yourself. Bake fruit bread

In the winter weeks, fruit bread is also popular, which is particularly aromatic and filling. It can be stored for a long time, so that it is often served all winter long, similar to stollen. A classic in winter that is delicious and very popular is the baked apple. Baked apples are a Christmas classic in themselves, but they still taste wonderful in the January and February weeks. The baked apple can be prepared excellently with winter apples. After removing the core, these are filled with marzipan, hazelnut, cranberries or raisins. Honey and cinnamon provide the necessary taste. The whole thing is very happy to be refined with a pinch of cardamom. The finished baked apples are best served with vanilla sauce. This can be easily made from milk, egg yolk and sugar.
After the apples have been filled, they are pushed into the oven for around 15 minutes and can cook at 170 degrees top and bottom heat. Then they can be served with the vanilla sauce.

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