Defender 2020 - The new Land Rover model will finally be unveiled

matt green vehicle travels in the middle of the sand in the desert

It's finally there - Land Rover's new Defender 2020 is coming to market stronger than ever. After all the drama, all the teasers, all the photos and the breakthrough technical data sheets and presumptions, the manufacturer has unveiled the brand new Land Rover Defender 2020 in all its glory. Optically, the model still works, was not considered a significant departure from the versions of the one. In view of the many challenges that today's car designers are facing, these are still lying for decades to come. This is the first model around the turn of the 1980s. With regard to fuel consumption requirements and especially because of crash test standards, these changes are not surprising.

Defender 2020 by Land Rover

adventures in nature with a new model railcar in the river with canoeing

The basic ratios of both new models are a two-tier variant on the Defender 90 and a four-wheeler model named the Defender 110. The actual wheelbase amounts to 101.9, respectively, 119 inches. This one, which you can suspect, is finally from Land Rover. The curved bug and the many headlights have been pronounced new for the Defender 2020. We except our final verdict until we can see it personally. If you consider who Mercedes-Benz was working on, updating the G-Class for the modern, without sacrificing the cult style of the SUV, we could not do anything else if Land Rover wanted to come closer to the tradition.

Land Rover Defender 2020 infotainment system with auto-driven and water level display

Land Rover also ensures that buyers have many opportunities to adapt their appearance in Defender 2020 and their personal tastes. Seven metallic paints and 12 different wheels are available. Underneath are 18-inch rims in sweet optics, which are the first choice for real off-roader, and 22-inch rims that are the favorite of the Rodeo Drive sets. The new Land Rover Defender also offers a work-side protective sheath, which lends a metallic color to the metallic color and provides an additional layer of protection against scratches and dents.

Handrail and compact design

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If that is not enough, the brand new rail car offers English manufacturers a choice of four so-called accessory hearing packages. These have added developer features and details for different lifestyles. It gives the "Urban Pack", which provides more shine in the outer area. It also seems likely that insults have been thrown off by other car owners. In addition, it includes the "Explorer Pack", which contains a roof carrier and a laterally mounted wheel carrier, as well as a reserve cover, a radar cover and a black motorhome cover image. It still provides the "Adventure Pack", which also contains the recently mounted wheel carrier. It still had a 1.7-gallon pressurized water tank and an air compressor mounted on the trunk. Finally, it also gives a "Country Pack", which is composed of the above-mentioned elements, by including radar protection, flushing system and shiny rear abrasion plate.

landing capability of new defender 2020 land rover in the rock in the middle of the forest

Fortunately, everything else in the new model seems to be exactly what customers expected. The most important area is the railing facility. Each Land Rover Defender 2020 is delivered in series with a full-time all-wheel drive with low range, working on a solid basis, on which to build. The middle and the rear differential can be eliminated when required, while the standard ground response and the optional ground response 2 system optimize the vehicle for various types of surfaces, from mud over sand to snow.

back side of handrail in washer with tire and luggage carrier equipped

When the vehicle is set to rail height, the Defender offers 11.5 inches of ground clearance, an approach angle of 38 and 40 degrees, a turning point of 31 degrees and a maximum depth of 35.4 inches without snorkeling. The model is even smart enough to pull brakes and evaporate the water when you climb out of the depth. These statements mean that Defender 2020 should prove to be a worthy opponent against Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Land Cruiser in the country. You can even add an integrated windscreen or snorkel as a listening device.

Variants of Defender 2020 engines

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In the United States, at the start, the election gave way to two engines. Lower versions have the engine equipped with the 2.0-liter range turbocharger. This is found in the Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque and delivers 296 hp and 399 Nm of torque here. That's enough energy to start the car in 7.7 seconds from 0 at 100 kilometers per hour.

new model auto design for snow suitable land rover defender 2020

High-value equipment features the Mild Hybrid Inline 6 turbocharger of the latest Range Rover Sport. This delivers 395 PS and 550 Nm of torque, as well as a time of 5.8 seconds between 0 and 100. In both cases, the same eight-speed automatic controls the drive of all four wheels. This one comes in most Jaguar Land Rover models. It is equally as practically half the present-day Neuwagen. The drive string is strong enough to pull up to 3 tons.

Modern and multifunctional interior space

interior rover cockpit by land rover defender 2020 with multifunction steering wheel digital display 10 inch screen

In the interior, the Defender offers a lot of space, thanks to a standard bank in the first row of the Defender 90, which theoretically offers space for six people, to force themselves into the cabin. (The Defender 110 offers five-, six-, and five-plus two-seater configurations, the latter of which includes a small back seat.) It offers three types of Tri: a textile, a leather and a combination seat for both additional fittings. Open timber is an option for parts that are not padded, such as powder-coated or white lacquered metal.

car seat in brown and black in new land rover railing

The controls and technical details are in the first line of magnesium frames. This extends the width of the dashboard and makes Defender 2020 the stiffest Land Rover of all time. At the midpoint is a new Infotainment system called "PIVI Pro". This is based on a 10-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features. Land Rover claims it is simpler and more user-friendly than the previous variants of the company. Access measures provide no clear measure when you consider that former JLR infotainment systems are among the most frustrating in the industry. It also offers a digital 12.3-inch dashboard and an optional full-color head-up display. This provides the driver with information in a way that keeps his eyes closer to the road.

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