Decorative central buildings with these systems and equipment were tunnels

Central building with various materials for the garden and other insects

Not only men and the "big" animals lead during the summer heat. Also insects and, of course, those that get rid of breeches will drowsy and soggy yet another wet water. Do you really want to work hard at all the hearts, do you not find it? Still looking for a new original Decoration for your garden, is an easy-to-use toolbar for directions. With them, you will not get anywhere near a whisker, unless the insects are still watching. Underexposed, delicately saturates and provides for a bird's eye in the garden and thorns, to provide an annoying enclosure. If you read the earliest template of a branch office today, you will probably have been curious about it. We will meet you once and for all with various stickers, which you can easily build a central office. In addition to the instructions, you also receive some important tips.

Benefits of a train station

Beeen in the early morning and summer excellent flight options

The railway line is not just for the cars. Also, you can come to terms with your help. As long as more long trucks are used, the Nectar's legs are more likely to be unwound and to clog, to find refugees. The result is that the cars are comfortably housed in trinknapf or in the laundry room in the garden, in the children's pool or in the rain showers. Of course, the need for children's risk was raised. However, if you are building and installing a link, you can also block those bits from these washbasins. Most of all, when you first read bones in the garden, you can avoid erosion with the next child with excellent water. In addition, the water in the open is not used for drinks, but also for your stay at the Bienenstock.

Was it necessary?

Building links for the garden - Simple DIY projects for finishing

There container

Slide show is one of the most simple tasks, to build a dash for cleaning and to provide them with water. Basically, you need some one and a few decorative stones. As a container, one's scales or some counter are the best. The material plays no role. Porzellan, Ton und Metall are all minded. However, no metal should be used, roasted. Also, to be covered with plastic, if you were to build a Biennale, then it was proven that microparticle and water were abated.

Rough surfaces can better hold and drink nicks


As a stone, you can choose either smaller or smaller bricks, if you are building those railways. Even glass stone, which was used in conjunction with the construction of watercolor, is designed and designed to be very elegant, so in the sun can look sparkling and glitter. You can still find those stones when combined with other things like rind, buttocks or muscles, where hollow wonders on the water. It is also true for corks. It is so nice to be the ideal person to go on and give it to those who benefit. All these things serve to protect the bones from them. The water should not be too heavy, as well as be able to quickly break down and drink. Natural and natural materials are natural materials that can be used in plastic. Here again once again a list mit geeigneten Dingen:

  • Stone (Choose, Schotter, Flintstone)
  • Muscheln
  • Schneckenhaus
  • Stöcke und Rinde
  • Moos
  • glass pot
  • Corks (all corks or ships cut)
  • Tannenzapfen

Hanging Bienentränke building

Suspended central link building with slit form and crown of rein

For these efficient rail links, you need yarn, a glass shell or a round slab shape, small Kieselstein and a crown of sows (eg a wine slice). You can also bast one of the banners. If you are really nice, just bring one up. The inner Durchmesser des Cranses should be smaller than that of the form, which could not slip through the form. They will build on the following points:

First, cut four straight pieces of yarn. You will always have the longest, you will have to hang out the drinks and who should hang it. You can also easily build the railway line. Join this yarn around the crown. Staying Done About One Smooth Distance Move The Four Points End. Those others ends you can tie together. You can even attach the crown to it. Danach puts this waveform and tells that stone darin. You can even use water. By virtue of the fact that the Form is not fixed in shape, it can be easily solved and cleaned.

Idea with Vintage Counter on a Stand

Benchmark building with vintage counter and glass stones for erecting in the garden

For this idea, you can spoil a reputable vintage counter. It can say a single by the market or one counter, you still have on the databases or you buy one particular counter specifically. They also included new counter with interesting design. This one should be resounding, even more telling. When you meet these branch offices, you need it:

  • Cable-driven collection of metal or PVC (approx. 2.5 cm Durchmesser, heightened height plus 30 to 75 cm, which were stamped in the first)
  • a holzstab / -düll (30 cm long) - should fit easily into a glass, without a locker seat
  • Kleber
  • Glassstone in a more agreeable color

If you are able to build these railroad stations, you will be the first to get stuck and put them in the square, if you can. Thanks to a small piece of furniture (alternatively a piece of hollow or similar), keep it on the big wall and store it with a hammer in the very top, which you meet. The smaller stucco should be attached to the large rohr for the hammock slabs. So it doesn't bother you. If so, please put clothes on the counter of the counter and set the Holzstab. If you want to repair the clothes in the rough, be sure to repair them. Then you can count the counter in bright colors, which glass tiles in the counter and pick up with water. Are you thinking about it!

Bientränke selber build with windlight

From a wind light and obtuse counter a build-in serviceman builds

A central counter is great as a project designed, if you still have some old decorations and would like to meet relatives. This way, the most beautiful wind light, the long long woven in a cardboard. This wind light can be combined with an obstacle scale, which sometimes even lasts for a while, until more than once, not even giving away disposals. Make sure you have a strong robe when you meet these branch offices, and make sure you stay on the underside of the wind lights. They will then confirm the Obstacle Scales. As soon as clothing is tightened, you can fill the scales with shells (or others who were corks, stone or mortar) and water.

Idea for a custom container made of terracotta

One container for the water itself built with terracotta or ton and color

If you want to make a container yourself, you can do this with a terracotta or toothless flower and a large countertop. To this end, the counter is simply clicked on to the small top. At the same time, the frame can be sprayed with a beloved color. Familiarize yourself with the best in the market for suitable lime and spray. Load the suit at least 24 hours gut. Then you can move on and build the town hall, where you will be told.

Bienentränke bauen - There Ideal Standort

Terracotta Countertop, bundled with stones from glass as a benchmark and deck for the garden

When building a branch, you should naturally find the perfect location. This is ideally located in a sunny place and is prepared in the morning by the sun. It is so important, so that the warmth of the water can be warmed up. As a rule, it should be possible to warm and above all wind still. The more you launch the washrooms, the better. Then you have the option of attaching the legs to the stand and always erase it when you find it. In the best way, if you are willing to put a drink in the garden in the garden, those bones will close close to each other. Thanks again every time you think the scales are filled. Otherwise, one finds another one of the waterfalls and coming up with no more information as soon as possible.

Welches Wasser is best suited?

The beer for beer should not say much, though the bees will not drink

In principle, Leitungswasser is suitable. Whatever bees were not quite so late, they were said to be very grateful. In the washing machine, however, chlorine is contained, as the beans are present. As a matter of fact, please feel free to leave the pool. The dedicated monkey does not allow the water to be shredded with chlorine. You are more likely to be interested in the composition that comes directly from the search. Gern trinken Bienen Regenwasser. If you have a rainforest, you can also use the water and the container, as you build the wash basin.

The water for the bones can be targeted with salt or heather

Obwohl Zucker (no brainer Zucker!) And honey in the water to see bones, you should give no thought in the drink. The best thing about honey is the fact that typical illnesses have increased. The warm water can also take care of the bays in the streets. If you want to run the tanks with water, you can do more with the water, as you build the wash basin. One of these applies to one lot of 1 TL salt on 10 liters of water. Other minerals may also be used. Healing is very much to say. If you are concerned about the operation, you can also easily buy one bin.

Bienentränke bauen und pflegen

Easy to build with a countertop for blister and clay stones

Who also serves the birdbath, baths and drinks, should clean and wash a central gut and regularly clean it. Washing it upside down, caring for bones with water, is the gut in tuna, keime broadening. If the Trench is not more durable, good quality is required: diseases can become widespread and, as an example, supporting crops can make the perfect place for mules, so that the mucks in their garden can be prevented. Whenever the water swells, and cleans the container and the stones, take them all. It doesn´t bring you a good idea, if you build a train station, and again you do not have enough luggage.

Bienentränke kaufen

Intermediate buying with soft glass and supply container for water

Find the idea of ​​a train station in the garden and have no uncluttered desire to build a brand, you can just buy a forty one. In the Internet, there are various models that you can order and then you can make your home garden bite, on the terrace or on the balcony to shade. As well as supporting variants, as well as attached, you will soon find a suitable model quickly. The Tränke is the ideal place for an insect hotel, which you can build yourself.

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