Decorate your terrace in autumn with brightly colored flowers and accessories

In autumn, it pays to have the right accessories on the balcony or terrace to make relaxing outdoors even more pleasant. Make your outdoor living room a place where you can comfortably drink your coffee, even when the days get colder and underline the charm of this beautiful season with the right decoration. With their beautiful blossoms, autumn flowers also bring a happy play of colors to the terrace. Do you need some inspiration on how to decorate your terrace in autumn? Discover great ideas in our picture gallery!

Autumn terrace: the power of fabrics

Autumn patio decorated with heather pumpkins and soft cozy blankets

It doesn’t take much to create a cozy atmosphere on the balcony or terrace in autumn. Use the color palette of nature and enjoy the warm colors of the Indian summer even on gray autumn days. Wonderfully soft, cozy fabrics are a must when designing an autumn terrace and provide cozy warmth so that you can stay outside as long as possible! In the cold seasons, you can never have enough blankets and cozy pillows.

Decorate the terrace in autumn with cozy, soft fur blankets

Fur blankets create a feeling of cosiness on the autumn terrace

Fur blankets also exude a lot of comfort and cosiness! Most models today are made of artificial polyacrylic fibers, but look deceptively real and can be used universally. They are ideal both as a decorative element and for cozy cuddling on the sofa.

Autumn terrace: beautiful plants in bright colors!

Autumn decoration with flowers and pumpkins on the terrace

Look for autumn decorations for your balcony or terrace that embody the beauty of nature! The best way to decorate your patio for autumn is with seasonal flowers and plants. The most popular fall bloomers that look good in pots and tubs are asters, chrysanthemums, and heather. You can also use wicker baskets or pewter tubs as a planter! Homemade pumpkin vases also look very original and beautiful.

Grasses also convince as potted plants

African Pennisetum Pennisetum setaceum for the autumn terrace

Ornamental grasses are not only effective through their growth shape and texture, but also through the color of their stalks. Certain varieties score with a beautiful autumn color well into winter. A good example is the red bristle grass (Pennisetum setaceum), still called African or red pennon cleaner grass. The perennial grass with red leaves and fluffy ears is a real eye-catcher and looks particularly beautiful as a solitary perennial in pots.

Bouquets of dried flowers and grass

Ornamental grasses, cozy blankets and cozy materials are designed for the terrace in autumn

Even if gardening isn’t your forte, you can still enjoy the beauty of the ornamental grasses. A simple and beautiful decoration for the autumn terrace are filigree grasses or dried flowers in vases. This autumn decoration has a great effect on a table and can also last a very long time. Larger grasses, such as pampas grass, work best in large floor vases.

Autumn terrace: mood lighting

Decorate the terrace in autumn and create an atmospheric atmosphere with suitable lighting

Various light sources will create an atmospheric atmosphere on the terrace in the evening. In autumn, after the time change, it is already dark at 5 p.m. Soft light paper lanterns or small LED fairy lights are perfect for decorative lighting on a nearby tree, while torches are perfect for large planters. Candles light up the autumn darkness and create a cozy warm atmosphere. If you would like to hear the crackling of wood in the fireplace, you can also use candles with a wooden wick.

Suitable autumn decorations also for the dining table

Autumn decoration for the table at a brunch outside

The dining table on the terrace or in the garden is the perfect place for warm autumn parties and meetings with friends. If the weather permits, it is worth spending time in the garden. Let’s use every sunny moment of autumn to sit at the garden table and eat something delicious.

Wrap up the table for the autumn season!

Make tablecloth weights yourself with apples and jute for autumn parties

Decorate the garden table with a matching tablecloth and put seat cushions on the chairs for more comfort. So that the tablecloth is not blown away by the wind, it is worth using tablecloth weights. Incidentally, these can also be tinkered with natural materials such as stones, apples or mini pumpkins.

Enjoy the warm atmosphere of the golden autumn

Decorate the terrace in autumn with decorative cushions in brick red and candlelight

Combine fairy lights, lanterns, tea lights and paper lights for a beautiful effect

Design your terrace in autumn with flowers and lanterns

Make your terrace your favorite place in autumn

warm fabrics, earth tones and natural materials for the autumn terrace

With the right decoration, the autumn terrace invites you to linger

Metal candle holders and warm fabrics bring an autumn atmosphere to the terrace

Sisal rugs look cozy and natural

Sisal carpets and yellow ocher pillows and blankets on the autumn terrace

Artichokes are suitable as a decorative highlight

Autumn decoration arranged on the coffee table on the terrace

Warm yellow light creates a romantic mood

beautiful lighting with warm light creates a mood outside

Have a cup of coffee in the mild afternoon sun

dried grasses in a vase on the outdoor dining table

A warm blanket, hydrangeas and a lantern

Hydrangea in a tall bucket on the autumn terrace

In addition to the autumn flowers, fruits and vegetables are also perfect autumn decorations

Place a shelf made of wine boxes on the terrace and decorate it with a spicy taste

With their colorful blossoms, autumn flowers make it easier to say goodbye to summer

Place autumn bloomers such as chrysanthemums and heather heather on the terrace

The highlight of this autumn decoration is the combination of buckets and vases in different heights

A bouquet of dark red chrysanthemums in a tall vase

Red asters create a great contrast to the evergreen trees

red chrysanthemums and green bushes really come into their own in black tubs and vases

Make small arrangements from different autumn treasures

Autumn decorations on a pewter tray on the coffee table on the terrace

Soft, warm fabrics accompany you through the beautiful autumn

Boho terrace gets an autumn flair

Grasses inspire with their graceful shapes and texture

Boho terrace with bamboo furniture gets a tangy flair

Heather wreaths around lanterns have a romantic effect

Make a wreath out of heather and decorate a glass lantern with it

Pumpkins and chrysanthemums are high season in autumn

Natural materials like rattan and sisal are perfect for the autumn terrace

This winter garden invites you to linger

Decorate the conservatory with herbs and autumn flowers

The fluffy grasses move gently in the wind

Ornamental grasses and dried flowers as autumn decorations on the terrace

Bushes also fascinate with their autumn colors

Dwarf trees and ornamental grasses that turn red in autumn

Cyclamen and Eriken are hardy and can stay on the terrace even in winter

Erica and cyclamen are among the most popular flowers for the terrace in autumn and winter

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