Decorate bird cages in spring and for Easter with these 20+ inspirations

Surely you've seen a beautifully designed vintage bird cage somewhere before. And if you like romantic decorations, you must have fallen in love with him. Then it is time that you finally put together a bird cage decoration yourself. Of course, the basis is the cage. You can redesign it as you wish and for any occasion, so that it will always be useful. If you want to decorate a bird cage in spring, our ideas today could be a great inspiration.

Decorate bird cage in spring – the choice of cage

Decorate bird cage in spring - find and prepare the right cage

If you would like to decorate a bird cage in spring (or for another occasion), you have the choice between a real cage or a decorative cage, which was specially produced for this purpose, i.e. for decoration, and which was not once home to a bird. If you want to decorate an old bird cage (the bird cage is best of all antique), you may have to do a little restoration. Then it is best to sand off the old paint and clean it thoroughly.

Then the old cage can be painted as desired: pastel colors, but also gold, copper or white are the classics and particularly popular, but can also be replaced by other colors. Once the colors have dried, you can decorate the bird cage in spring.

Decorate bird cage with ideas for spring

Ideas with white tree blossoms and colorful butterflies

Below we have a few great ideas on how to design your own cage. Spring flowers are far from the only option this time of year. Regardless of whether you decorate the bird cage for a wedding, for Easter or for all the other days in spring – there are numerous variants available.

Artificial or flowers in the pot

Decorate bird cage in spring with artificial spring flowers

Seasonal flowers are of course best suited if you want your decoration to radiate spring mood. In the beginning, these can be typical early bloomers such as crocuses, tulips, daffodils and hyacinths and later peonies, ranunculus, primroses and others. Choose artificial flowers, keep them throughout the season and can be reused next year. If you insist on real flowers, it is best to use flowers in a pot.

Cut flowers

Decorate bird cage in spring with cut flowers in a vase

If you like to decorate your home with cut flowers, you can also use it to decorate the bird cage in spring. Simply use a vase that fits in the cage and place it together with the spring flowers. The decoration can be changed quickly if necessary and therefore also a great last minute idea.

Arrange branches discreetly

Decorate bird cage in spring with flowering branches and a candle

The pretty Easter bouquet is an important part of the Easter decoration and should not be missing in spring. But how about using a few branches for the bird cage decoration instead or in addition? In the picture above you can see a really nice example. It doesn't matter which branches you choose. They can also be artificial.

Decorate bird cage for Easter

Decorate bird cages in spring and Easter with colorful Easter eggs in the Easter basket

At Easter, you don't even have to use flowers to create a cage with the right mood. Simply fill it with Easter eggs, put a few Easter figures in it, or a bird's nest. Of course, this does not mean that a few flowers are not allowed here and there as well.

Bird cage round and romantic with gypsophila

Decorate bird cage with romantic gypsophila in spring

Another super simple idea is with gypsophila. If you want to decorate a bird cage for a wedding in spring or are simply looking for a neutral but romantic spring decoration, you are making the right decision. Fill the cage with the gypsophila and simply cut stems that are too long and stick out.


Hang up a cage in the garden and plant flowers

If you want to decorate a vintage bird cage, you can of course also use it outdoors. For example, put a planted pot in it. Right now, the garden is being gradually planted and upgraded with flower boxes. Your beautiful decoration in the bird cage should of course not be missing. The best way to hang up the cage is to place it on a side table, where it can come into its own.

DIY idea with floral foam

Simple DIY idea with flowers in romantic colors in a small cage

This idea, which even beginners can try, is fantastically beautiful and, moreover, extremely easy to make. Use a large or small cage and fresh or artificial flowers as you like. Otherwise you only need scissors and the craft project can start.

Decorate bird cage in spring – instructions

Decorating a bird cage in spring - simple instructions with floral foam and artificial flowers

The floral foam ring should not be too big or too small and should run as close as possible to the grille. Place it in the cage and start putting the flowers in from the outside. Alternate the flower types. Finally, put a few flowers in the foam from above so that it is hidden. Once you're happy with the arrangement, you're done.

Plant cage for garden and terrace

Garden idea with instructions - yellow cage with coconut fiber bowl

Place a bowl of coconut fiber in the cage to determine the correct size. The sides should not be too high so that you can then cut them off with scissors. Then fill the bowl with potting soil and plant the selected spring flowers. It is best to choose those whose flower stems are long enough to look out of the grid.

More ideas for decorating cages

Hanging bird cage decorate in spring with pretty flowers in purple and pink

Retro cage with LED candles and flowers

Suggestion for a large cage with a group of LED candles and flowers

Arrangement on a tray with bird's nest

Arrangement on a tray with vase and cage

Chicken wire cage decorated with bird's nest and artificial catkins

Decorate vintage bird cage in spring - chicken wire cage with Easter basket and pussy willow

Shabby chic idea with boho flair thanks to lace ribbon

Romantic vintage idea with little bird and lace ribbon

Subtle and beautiful for the garden with hydrangeas

Spring flowers in a pot in a hanging cage for the garden

Hang bird cages individually or in groups

Design the garden or hang cages in groups over the dining table

Easter suggestions with Easter eggs, Easter nests and flowering tree branches

Crafts and design for Easter - cages with Easter eggs, nests and branches

Decorate as a decorative bird cage in spring

Simply place fresh flowers in the cage and use it to make the terrace spring-like

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