Cyanobacteria: Toxic algae were not found in the Baltic Sea centers

Sehr grows well in the central Baltic Sea for the coast of Denmark and Sweden

In the Baltic Sea, a more generous algae species has been depicted, displacing the people of the Polish shores, enthusiastic by scientists, who advocated in Krebs and Antibiotics. Easily deals with bladder genes, which are actually pure algae, which show Cyanobacteria mind. They became the worst line through the overshadow and nutrient that sticks and phosphorus water entrapped. In the case of a distinctive wind, you can see the potholes that form the coast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Extra-high temperatures and a shortage and wind have reinforced the algae blades, saw scientist. Das finniske Meteorologische Institut said that this July was the very best, it was even yawn.

"The environment goes on the way back, it was stolen, and it works like a Art Boomerang," said Hanna Mazur-Marzec, Professor of Oceanology Institute of the Academy of Sciences in Sopot in the southern coast of the Baltic Sea.


The Finnish Umweltinstitut SYKE said, the algae-utbruch, which was particularly striking in Finnischen multi-bushes in spores and so far into the Polish coasts, said one of the worst in recent years.

"In the hats, there is a period of five weeks, over the last 20 years," was soft. "Climate change and warming in the eastern sea and in the seine are the risk of cyanobacteria formation."

Toxin of Cyanobacteria poses a risk to the marine ecosystem - especially for muscles and flounder fish - and even for human health, so SICK.

People in Poland, Lithuania and Sweden are ruled by the hearing, cousin not swimming, in those algae. The bladder genes can be re-transformed into skin disorders.

Toxic Blaualgen can get rid of it

Some scientists think, however, that cyanobacteria are known as source-like compounds. With the help of these substances, the bacteria can be sensitively responded to by the mutagenic proliferation of bacterial resistance.

"This is a great deal of material to collect. In the last few years we have problems, "Mazur-Marzec. "You can get rid of one whole egg and algae."

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